Ref NoSBA/250
Acc NoA/03/27
TitleState of the Process of Division of the Commonalty of Wilton, Robert Langlands of that Ilk v Henry, Duke of Buccleuch and others, with plan
DescriptionIndex refers to production of parties' titles for Robert Langlands of that Ilk, William Scot of Brieriehole, James Scot of Easter Heip, Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, Thomas Wilkieson of Chesterhall, John Scot of Whitehaugh, James Dickson of North Croft, Walter Scott of Harden, John Murray of Philiphaugh, Robert Scot of Cowdhouse [Scott of Coldhouse], Adam Scot [Scott] of Galalaw, John Chisholm of Stirkshaws, Henry, Duke of Buccleuch, Robert Oliver, shoemaker in Hawick, David Knox in Burnfoot, John Ormiston, brother-german to Robert Ormiston of Boonraw, Thomas Turnbull of Fenwick, Francis Allan in Roughheugh, James Hill in Roughheugh, Walter Scot, carrier in Hawick, and Adam Scot, mason in Hawick.
Includes 'Map of Wilton Common', 1864, coloured, with scale and key.
Appendix includes copy letter of Gideon Scot of Falnash, chamberlain to the Duke of Buccleuch; account of measure and value etc.
Other witnesses: James Robson of Cala-burn or Mervinslaw Moss, mentions inter alia Salonside, Wester Grundiston [Groundistone?], Woolaw Moss, peat cutting, Stintin-burn, Adam Cuthbert, John Lamb of Drinkston, common hirsel [sheep grazing or sheep], soum [Scots. number of livestock], grass-mail or wages [rent for grass], water of Ale tenants, head-room, Whitehaugh, cattle from Highlands going southward, pp 37-40; Mungo Armstrong, cooper in Hawick, served Robert Corsar, tenant of 1/3 of Overhall, Andrew Marshall of Langlands, William and Walter Scot and James Irvine, pp 40-41; Walter Hume of Whitehaugh, 60 years ago herded the nolt [Scots. plur. cattle, sing. ox] at Whitehaugh, ; George Graham in Appletreehall, aged 61, SPACE
Access StatusOpen
NA150Calaburn Farm/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA149Whitfield aka New Whitefield/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA148Old Whitfield aka Old Whitefield aka West Whitfield/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA147Woolaw aka Cheese Well aka Chease Weel (Spring)/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA140Stirches aka Stirks [aka Stirkshaws ?]/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA145St Boswells Fair Road (linear feature)/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders/346299,617096
NA142Minto/Minto/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA143Fenwick/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA141Chesterhall/Bowden/Ettrick and Lauderdale/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA137Whitehaugh Park aka Whiehaugh/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA138Harden aka Harden House etc/Roberton/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
NA169Groundistone aka Greendistane aka Grundiston/Hawick/Roxburgh/Roxburghshire/Scottish Borders
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