Ref NoDC/149/154
Collection TitleRBGK: Directors’ Correspondence
TitleLetter from H.H.[Hsen Hsu] Hu to Sir Arthur William Hill, from the Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States of America
DescriptionIn working on his book on Chinese genera of Phaenogams, Hu failed to locate one of their common, ornamental Musa. It is widely cultivated in southern and south-eastern China and grows north up to the Kiangsu province. It has a cylindrical trunk and a pendulous inflorescence with dull, purple, pruinose bracts and short, umbonate, angular, inedible fruits. At first he thought it was Musa basjoo [Japanese fibre banana] and that is what the Japanese botanists take it to be, for the latter is also known as the most hardy of ornamental bananas. However, when comparing the description and picture of the latter in the BOTANICAL MAGAZINE he noticed it is different. He failed to locate it in PFLANZENREICH, Baker's monograph and an article in the KEW MAGAZINE. He wonders if Hill or Mr Dunn, who resided in Kwangtung many years, can give him any information. E.H. Wilson cannot tell him about it. The collection work conducted at their University at Nanking into the interior of Chekiang province is very satisfactory. The most interesting recent finds include: Torreya jackii, Pseudotsuga japonica [Japanese Douglas-fir], Halesia macgregorii, Alnus jackii, and Vitis fagifolia. He has almost finished his book, which consists of 1100 pages, about 1850 genera and 3600 species.
Creator NameHu, Hsen Hsu
Date9 Mar 1925
Extentone page letter comprising one image
CopiesDigital images available: TIFF; KDCAS3473; 1 image
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