Ref NoDC/149/155
Collection TitleRBGK: Directors’ Correspondence
TitleLetter from Sir Arthur William Hill to Professor H.H.[Hsen Hsu] Hu, from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
DescriptionIn reply to Hu's letter of 9 Mar [see letter folio 149/154], concerning the ornamental Musa commonly cultivated in southeast China, Hill has no specimens in their Herbarium that agree with the description Hu gives. Hill has asked Mr Dunn, but he does not recollect the plants. If Hu can send a photograph of the plant and dried specimens he would be glad to examine it. The specimen must include the apex and base of the leaf, bracts with male and female flowers, and ripe fruit. Hill is interested to hear of Hu's botanical explorations into the interior of the Chekiang province.
Creator NameHill, Sir Arthur William
Date25 Mar 1925
Extentone page letter comprising one image
CopiesDigital images available: TIFF; KDCAS3474; 1 image
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