Ref NoDC/149/156
Collection TitleRBGK: Directors’ Correspondence
TitleLetter from H.H.[Hsen Hsu] Hu to Sir Arthur William Hill, from Department of Botany, National Southeastern University, Nanking, China
DescriptionLast month Hu ordered his assistant to send 226 numbers of authentically named specimens collected by their collector, Mr R.C. Ching, from Chekiang [Zhejiang], Tokein [Fujian] and Kiangsu [Jiangsu], three south-eastern provinces where they have collected intensively for several years and have made striking discoveries both in new species and new 'stations' of distribution. New species they have found include: Torreya jackii, 'Torreya sargentii', Zephyranthes tsouii, Ostrya rehderiana, Cercis chingii, and Halesia macgregorii. Among new stations, he mentions: Pseudotsuga sinensis, Tsuga chinensis, Fagus engleriana, Ormosia dubia and Emmenopterys henryi. In contrast with the generally entertained view, the flora of south-eastern China and Formosa is not essentially distinct from that of central and western China. They are now publishing the first fascicle of ICONES PLANTARUM SINICARUM, consisting of 50 large sized drawings. They hope this work will come out at the end of Jan 1927. They will be glad to exchange the above mentioned herbarium specimens and work for publications from RBG Kew. They shall send hereafter, named herbarium specimens when they receive identification from Germany and America. They would like Hooker's ICONES PLANTARUM from Volume XXXI up to date, the INDEX KEWENSIS supplement 1911 to present, and a complete series of the BULLETIN OF MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. They would also be obliged if Hill could help them to obtain Curtis' BOTANICAL MAGAZINE. The Arnold Arboretum, New York Botanical Garden, Tokyo Imperial University and several other institutions have donated their complete publications. They are receiving a complete set of Dr Rock's seeds, collected in Yunnan and Sino-Tibetan borderlands, as Dr C.S.[Charles Sprague] Sargent promised to help them in developing their institution as the centre of botanical research in China. Hu is sure Kew, as the leading botanical institution in the world, will be ready to help their young institution, which is under financial difficulties. Annotated.
Creator NameHu, Hsen Hsu
Date30 Nov 1926
Extentthree page letter comprising three images
CopiesDigital images available: TIFF; KDCAS3475; 3 images
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