Ref NoDC/149/159
Collection TitleRBGK: Directors’ Correspondence
TitleLetter from Sir Arthur William Hill to H.H.[Hsen Hsu] Hu, from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
DescriptionHill acknowledges Hu's letter of 30 Nov [see letter folios 149/156–158], the two pamphlets and 226 specimens collected by Mr Ching from the provinces of Chekiang [Zhejiang], Fukien [Fujian] and Kiangsi [Jiangxi]. He was interested to learn about the new species and that the flora of South Eastern China and Formosa [Taiwan] is not very distinct from that of Central and Western China. Hill notes that Vol 31 is the latest volume of ICONES PLANTARUM, although another will be out shortly. The INDEX KEWENSIS is the property of the Clarendon Press at Oxford and the BOTANICAL MAGAZINE is the property of the Royal Horticultural Society. In exchange for the plants specimens, however, Hill would be able to send a certain part of the KEW BULLETIN. He values that specimens at £6.15.9 and so would be willing to send either a partial set of KEW BULLETIN or a money order for this amount. With regard to further supplies, Hill would be grateful if Hu could contact him in advance, so that he can order the required amount.
Creator NameHill, Sir Arthur William
Date27 Jan 1927
Extentone page letter comprising one image
CopiesDigital images available: TIFF; KDCAS3476; 1 image
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