Ref NoDC/149/160
Collection TitleRBGK: Directors’ Correspondence
TitleLetter from H.H.[Hsen Hsu] Hu to Sir Arthur William Hill, from Biological Laboratory of The Science Society of China, Nanking, China
DescriptionHu acknowledges Hill's letter of 27 Jan and his kind offer to send part of the KEW BULLETIN [see letter folio 149/159]. Since Hill cannot afford to send the complete set of the KEW BULLETIN in exchange for the 226 specimens Hu originally sent, he offers to send a further 250 specimens of woody plants to make up the value. The specimens were collected by his assistants Mr Keng in Southern Chekiang and Mr Huang in Nanchuan of Szechuan. The collections are very interesting and he provides a list of some of the plants, which include: Gaultheria laxiflora, Elaeagnus viridis, Wikstroemia brevipaniculata, Photinia amphidoxa, P. davidsoniae and Pyracantha gibbsii. The Southern Chekiang collection is particularly interesting, as many are the first to be recorded in Southeastern China. The specimens have been named by Mr Alfred Rehder. Hu has not yet received the seed list that Hill sent him after receiving the seeds of Torreya jackii and Halesia macgregorii. He is now sending out the proof sheets of ICONES PLANTARUM SINICARUM and will send Hill a copy when it is out.
Creator NameHu, Hsen Hsu
Date9 May 1927
Extentone page letter comprising one image
CopiesDigital images available: TIFF; KDCAS3477; 1 image
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