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TitleColonel William Appleton Salter
DescriptionThese are the papers of Colonel William Appleton Salter (d.1946).

William Salter's first introduction to Salvationism was through a fellow Quaker who had been converted at Bristol Circus corps in 1881 but his own conversion did not take place until 'many years later' (1892) through a friend he met at Pharmaceutical College in London. Inspired by his friend's preaching, Salter volunteered himself for officership and despite several refusals, was eventually admitted as a cadet at the Stratford Garrison out of Regent Hall corps and served his first appointment at Keswick. Following this, he served in northern Italy for three years under 'Papa Schoch' [Colonel Ferdinand Schoch] and Captain Mary Hoe; in the Foreign Office of the Overseas Department in London; and then as under-secretary for the eastern or missionary section in London. In 1915-1916 he accompanied Colonel Charles Rothwell to China to expand Salvation Army work there, during which time he also visited Korea and Japan. He was later ordered to return to China in 1917 to 'take charge' until the first Territorial Commander (Commissioner Charles Jeffries) could arrive. After the arrival of Jeffries, Salter stayed on as Chief Secretary for a short time and then returned to London to serve 'eleven years of steady work' in the Overseas department, and briefly filled the place of Chief Secretary in South America post-retirement on 12 May 1946. He is featured in the 'Fighting in many lands' series of biographies of pioneer salvationists (see X/8).

The papers in this collection are all letters sent by Colonel William Appleton Salter to 'My dear People' between the commencement of his first trip to China on 1 November 1915 and his return from his second trip on 6 March 1919.

The papers are arranged as follows:

WAS/1 'My dear People' letters
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