TitleHandtool Manufacture During the Industrial Revolution: Sawmaking in Sheffield c.1750 - c.1830
AuthorBarley, Dr Simon L
DescriptionDissertation in 2 volumes
Contents include:
List of tables, figures
Maps and illustrations
Purchasing power of the pound sterling
Chapter 1: Introduction and review of the literature
Chapter 2: Sources
Chapter 3: Sawmaking in England outside Sheffield
Chapter 4: Factors influencing the establishment of saw manufacture in Sheffield c1750 - c1800
Chapter 5: The first Sheffield saw manufacturers 1757 - c1800
Chapter 6: The entrepreneur Joseph Wilson
Chapter 7: The sawmaking business of Joseph Wilson
Chapter 8: Growth of the Sheffield saw industry in the early 19th century
Chapter 9: Conclusions
Appendix 1: Hand saw manufacture
Appendix 2: Common types of saw (illustrations)
Appendix 3: Steel, types and grades
Appendix 4: The crucible steel melting process
Appendix 5: Extract from the diary of Samuel Schroder (London visit)
Appendix 6: Extract from the diary of Samuel Schroder (West Midlands visit)
Appendix 7: Jar's account of sawmaking at Winlaton, 1758
Appendix 8: Russian visitors to saw making in Sheffield, 1759
Appendix 9: Letter from John Milson of Birmingham to John Wilson of Sheffield
Appendix 10: The book keeping methods of Joseph Wilson
Appendix 11: Joseph Wilson sales ledger (sample)
Appendix 12: Wilson, prices of finished saws (short)
Appendix 13: Wilson, prices of finished saws (long)
Appendix 14: Wilson's shipment to Baltimore
Appendix 15: Wilson's shipment to Jamaica
Appendix 16: Account of William Rodgers in Ledger 17
Appendix 17: Wilson stocktaking, 1774 (sample)
Appendix 18: Number of saws at wilson's stocktaking
Appendix 19: Calculation of amounts of crucible steel used by Wilson in saw manufacture
Appendix 20: Beardshaw purchase of saw business
Appendix 21: Beardshaw ledger (period 1) (sample, summary)
Appendix 22: Beardshaw ledger (period 2) (sample, summary)
Appendix 23: Beardshaw (period 1) prices of long and circular saws
Appendix 24: Beardshaw (period 1) prices of finished short saws
Appendix 25: Beardshaw, Prices of saws at different stages of manufacture
Appendix 26: Beardshaw stocktaking (sample)
Appendix 27: Spear & Jackson ledger 1828-9 (sample, summery)
Appendix 28: Spear & Jackson, prices of finished saws
Appendix 29: Premises of sawmakers and ohers
Appendix 30: Children born to men in Sheffield, saw and some other trades, 1742 - 1781
Appendix 31: Patents by sawmakers, or related to sawmaking
Extent2 Items
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