TitleFrom the High Pennines The story of an Alderson Family from the 17th Century to the dawn of the 21st embracing Bellairs, Bradshaw-Isherwood, Mackenzie, Hodgson and Bland.
AuthorAlderson, Marmaduke
DescriptionRelates to Archives Acc. 2005/105 & ADC collection


The High Pennines

Simond of Muker

High Ewbank - Richard, William & Jonathan Alderson

Elizabeth Alderson and the Bible Boys of Keld

Christopher “Gardener” Alderson - Rector of Aston and Eckington

Rev. Jonty Alderson and the Hodgsons

Jonathan Alderson, soldier and farmer

George Henry William Alderson

Charles Bellairs

Henry Bellairs “ The Great,” sailor, solider, priest

Abel Walford Bellairs

d’Albini and Bellairs

The Mackenzies, Isabella of Angouleme and Charlemagne

William Seaforth Alderson

Julia and the Blands

The Canadian brothers and Aunt Annie Keatinge

Frank George Seaforth Alderson and Cicely Bray

Into the 21st century

Family tree

Bibliography and sources


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