TitleFulwood Cottage Homes, Bole Hill Lane (later Blackbrook Road), Lodge Moor, Sheffield
AdminHistoryIn 1902, the Ecclesall Bierlow Poor Law Union purchased a rural 22-acre site on Bole Hill Lane at Fulwood on which to erect a children's cottage homes development. Construction of the homes began the following year, although it appears not have have been completed until 1912. The commemorative foundation stone for the scheme was laid on 9 Oct 1903 by the Chairman of the Guardians, William Aldam Milner. Construction of the project appears to have continued until 1912, at a total cost of £18,086. The architects were Messrs. Holmes and Watson of Sheffield, and the building contractors were Messrs. Wilkinson and Sons of Heeley.

The children's homes were pairs of semi-detached houses, each half accommodating six boys and six girls together with a house-mother. The initial phase of the scheme provided places for 78 children, with the final total of ten homes able to house 240. The houses were, as was often the case in large cottage home sites, placed around a central green. However, the homes on the Fulwood site were mostly arranged to face south, effectively laid out as two rows rather than forming a circle. There was also a lodge and a master's house with a committee room and stables.

The first children were transferred to the Cottage Homes on 30 Sep 1905, 108 children being accommodated in 14 homes.

In 1930, the Fulwood Cottage Homes came under the care of the Public Assistance Committee of Sheffield Corporation and by 1940 were absorbed, with other residences, into the City of Sheffield Children’s Homes.

With the onset of war in 1939 it was announced that Thornsett Lodge (later known as Thornseat Lodge) on Mortimer Road, Bradfield, would house infants from Herries Road Nursery in case of emergency. After the Second World War, Thornsett Lodge was used as an adjunct to Sheffield Corporation’s cottage homes at Fulwood.

The Fulwood Cottage Homes were closed in 1960; after which the buildings were used as a girls' approved school (Moorside), and later as private housing.
DescriptionRegister of children adopted, 1902 - 1924 (CA612/1) [restricted access]
Punishment book, 1905 - 1960 (CA612/2) [restricted access]
Wages books (2 vols), 1914 - 1926 (CA612/3-4)
Visitor's books (2 vols), 1894 - 1954 (CA612/5, 7)
Deputation book, 1924 - 1948 (CA612/6)
Date1902 - 1960
Extent7 items
AccessConditionsSome of these items includes references to named individuals (including children) and their personal circumstances. Consequently these records are closed to public inspection for 100 years under the Data Protection Act (exempt under section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act). Please refer to Sheffield Archives for advice on how to access the restricted items.
RelatedMaterialSheffield City Archives:
Registers of children, with particulars, including where sent on discharge (CA41/37-38), 1905 - 1936 [restricted access].

Sheffield City Council: Public Assistance Committee Signed and Draft Minutes, 1929 - 1942 (CA-PAC) [restricted access].

Sheffield City Council: Social Welfare Committee Signed and Draft Minutes, 1942 - 1948 (CA-SWE) [restricted access].

Sheffield Local Studies Library:
Marjorie Dunn, For the love of children: a story of the poor children of Sheffield and of Fulwood Cottage Homes, 1988 (362.7 SST)
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