TitleRetford, St Joseph, Roman Catholic Parish
AdminHistorySt Joseph's Church lies at the southeast of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam on Babworth Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire.

A Mass centre served variously from Oldcotes, Worksop and Gainsborough was founded in 1861.

The Iron Church (known as the 'tin tabernacle') was opened 17 Jun 1895.

The Mission at Queen Street was founded in 1898.

The present church was opened in Jan 1959 (to replace the Iron Church) and consecrated on 24 Jun 1970.

St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church is in the Bassetlaw Deanery of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam (Province of Liverpool).

Composite registers, 1877 - 1937 (CATH31/1)
Registers of baptism, 1918 - 1945 (CATH31/2)

Other records (unlisted):

Mission cash book, 1926 - 1943 (CATH/31/18)
Parish account book, 1966 - 1971 (CATH/31/19)
Stock book of the Guild of Our Lady and St Anne, 1940 - 1941 (Contains texts of a few sermons) (CATH/31/22)
Notebook containing notes and essays on matters of the day [possibly by Fr Finneran], late 1930s (CATH/31/23)
Church notice book, 1940s - 1950s and Legion of Mary case book (banns not entered), 1941 - 1942 (CATH/31/24)
Parish bulletins, 17 Oct 1965 - 5 May 1974 (CATH/31/25)
Two files of papers, photographs, newspaper cuttings, legal documents, letters, architectural drawings etc. relating to the history of the parish from the 1890s onwards, c.1894 - 1982 (CATH/31/26)
File marked 'History of Retford Catholics Madonna Painting by Guido School Crucifix by Steven Sykes' (includes photographs), 1951 - 1958 (CATH/31/27)
File marked 'Church Organ 1969' (CATH/31/28)
File marked 'Flower Festival 9 - 11 May 1969' (CATH/31/29)
File marked 'Parish Mission 1970' (CATH/31/30)
Five files relating to the church and sanctuary alterations, 1968 - 1976 (CATH/31/31/1-5)
File relating to the Parish Social Centre and Hall (including architectural drawings, plans and specifications), 1972 - 1976 (CATH/31/32)
File relating to the sale of the presbytery and hall, 1972 (CATH/31/33)
File relating to the building of the new presbytery (including architectural drawings, plans and specifications), 1971 (CATH/31/34)
File relating to the Parish Council, c.1983 (CATH/31/35)
Twelve files of documents (including architectural plans and drawings) relating to the School (CATH/31/36)
Date1877 - 1983
Extent4 items (registers only)
AccessConditionsRoman Catholic Church records less than 50 years old are subject to access restrictions. Please refer to a member of staff for advice on how to access information in restricted records.
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