Alternative Reference numberJC/1054
TitleLocal Bills and Acts

(i) A Case, in relation to the making the River Dun navigable [River Don]. No date.
(ii) An Act for regulating the proceedings in personal actions in the Court Baron of the manors of Sheffield and Ecclesall, co York, 1756.
(iii) An Act for planting trees on parts of commons, by mutual consent. No date given, but probably about 1755.
(iv) An Act for the administration of the Government, in case the Crown should descend to any of the children of His late Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales, [1747]
(v) An Act for regulating the commencement of the year, and for correcting the calendar. No date given, but the change in the calendar began 1st January, 1752.
(vi) (vii) Two further prints of (ii) above.
(viii) An Act relating to the mineral customs, in parts of the High Peak, Derbyshire, 14 & 15 Vic. cap. cxiv.-7th August, 1851.
(ix) An Act for repairing and widening roads from Little Sheffield through Hathersage, Hope, and Castleton, to Sparrowpit Gate; and from the guide post near Barber's Fields, Cupola, through Grindleford Bridge, Great Hucklow, Tideswell, Hardgate Wall and Fairfield, to the sign of the Angel in Buxton, 35 George III 1795.
(x) An Act for repealing certain Acts, and consolidating in one Act certain roads near Sheffield, on the Derbyshire side, 6 George IV Session 1825.
(xi) An Act for inclosing lands [inclosure / enclosure] in the township of Ecclesall, 19 George III 1779.
(xii) An Act for inclosing the commons etc. within the manor and township of Ecclesfield, and the soaks or districts of Southey and Grennofirth, 24 George III, 1704.
(xiii) An Act for dividing and exonerating from tithes certain lands in Ecclesfield, 51 George III, 1811.
(xiv) An Act amending the regulation and government of the Company of Cutlers within the liberty of Hallamshire, and of their journeymen and apprentices, 31 George III, 1791.
(xv) An Act for making new streets and improving other streets in Sheffield, 9 & 10 Vie. cap. cccxlviii, 3rd August 1846. The Schedule contains lists of owners, lessees, and occupiers, etc. [improvement act]
(xvi) An Act for supplying water for Sheffield, 2 George IV cap Iv, 29th May 1830. The schedule contains lists of owners and occupiers,
(xvii) An Act for regulating the proceedings in the Courts Baron of the Manors of Sheffield and Ecclesall, 48 George III cap 103, 18th June 1808.
(xix) A further print of (xiv) above
(xx) An Act to regulate the cutlery trade in England, 59 George III cap 7, 23rd March 1819 [Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire]
(xxi) An Act for making the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, 55 George III cap Ixv, 7th June 1815.
(xxii) An Act for uniting the Sheffield Gas Light Companies, 7 & 8 Vic. cap xlv, 4th July 1844.
Date1704 - 1851
Extent1 item
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