Alternative Reference numberJC/284
TitleA Record of Privileges of the towns of Nottingham and East Retford [Nottinghamshire], dated at Nottingham; whereby Richard Wodde, Mayor of Nottingham, Thomas Thurland, John Squyer, John Plomptre and other burgesses certified that Henry II, son of Matilda Empress, granted to the burgesses the rights enjoyed under Henry I ...
Description... that was, "Tol and Theame and Theolonia" from Thurmedeston [to check] to Newerk, and from all who crossed the Trent, and from beyond Rempeston [to check] to the river Radford in the north, and from Bekerisdyke; and that the burgesses of Nottingham released to the burgesses of Retford their "Theoloneum" [toll] from the bridge of Newerk to Donerbeck where it meets the Trent, and from Epurston and from Mirild bridge and other places towards Nottingham, whence the men of Nottingham had taken toll.

Date: 4 Apr in the 6th year of Edward IV.

These customs were confirmed, 3 Edward III [to check], at Nottingham, in the presence of William Herle and others, the King's Itinerant Justices.

Vellum: one skin, seal missing.

Notes: endorsed is a note to the effect, that this document was produced 17 Jan 1823, in Attorney General v Bailiffs and Burgesses of East Retford and other defendants. Tol means originally the right of tallaging one's villeins; theame the right of taking the firstfruits of their stock; theoloneum the right of taking toll, possibly from passers-by.
Date4 Apr [1466]
Extent1 item
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