TitleJames Bagshaw Ltd, Transfer Manufacturers
DescriptionRecords of the firm of J. Bagshaw Ltd., transfer manufacturers. The firm produced, from engraved plates, paper transfers which etched the pattern on steel surfaces when used with a specialist agent, the firm's invention. The transfers were used mainly for trademarks, occasionally for ornament. The firm was founded about 1841 and close down in 1971 because the ingredients for the special agent were no longer available.

MD6219 J. Bagshaw Ltd.: Order books for all customers. From the orders it can be seen that the various firms exported to South America, Russia, the east, Canada etc.
1. 1841 - 1849 (there is a reference to an earlier book not now extant)
2. 1849 - 1866
3. 1867 - 1886
4. 1901 - 1907 (Includes a number of French customers)
5. 1907 - 1910 (Includes a number of French customers)

MD6220 J. Bagshaw Ltd.: Order books for Taylor Brothers, saw, file and edge tool manufacturers of Adelaide Works, Sheffield, principal customers.
1. 1867 - 1886 (a few notes at the beginning include payment of 3 legacies from Charles and Mary Inman 1877 - 1879)
2. 1887 - 1895
3. 1895 - 1904

MD6221 J. Bagshaw Ltd.: Items to illustrate the process.
1. Printed illustrations of saws made by Taylor Brothers for their Indian and eastern trade, all the blades with marks etc. etched by Bagshaw's transfers (No date).
2. Book of specimen transfers. (No date)
3. Specimen die, the design made up from several separate pieces made for Taylor Brothers. (No date)
4. Printed leaflet with instructions for using the etching transfers. (No date)
Datec.1841 - c.1910
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