TitleParliamentary Acts and Deeds Plans (Estate Plans)
DescriptionThirty-one hand-coloured, lithographed sheets, showing the route of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, and various South Yorkshire branch lines, in the Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley areas.

A title page lists the Parliamentary Acts associated with each line, the names of the railways and the length of each line. The combined length of all the lines listed is given as 57 miles, 3 furlongs and 6.45 chains. This page is signed by E. Rose, Secretary, and Henry Fowler, Surveyor, and dated 1887. The volume lacks its original front and back covers.

Each drawing is colour coded to denote land and buildings belonging to the Railway Company, properties purchased by the Company (and for which deeds and conveyances were examined), and land sold by the Company. The names of private land owners/vendors, accompanied by a 'parcel' number, are also included. The plans provide a good level of detail, and in addition to showing the railway line, roads, footpaths and other rights of way, they show private, commercial and industrial premises, railway stations and associated buildings, rivers and canals, locks and bridges, as well as smaller details such as level crossings, signals, mile posts, incline marks, lamp posts, gates, cranes, chimneys, culverts, ponds, drains, colliery spoil tips and gas holders.

A number of the plans include printed or manuscript notes added at a later date, most obviously from the 1890s. These relate to the purchase/lease of land by the Company (giving the names of parties, dates of conveyance, annual rent), rights of way, responsibilities regarding upkeep and repairs, agreements to work and construction, the geographical limits of the Company's maintenance responsibilities, as well as notes on geological and topographical features.

Each page includes a title and sheet number, and in some cases the length of the section illustrated has necessitated dividing the plan into two or sometimes three parts on the page (which folds out).
Paper on linen.
Scale: 2 chains (132 feet) : 1 inch

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 1)
Land between Broad Oak Lane and Pot House Lane, Sheffield; showing Dolphin Street, Pinfold Lane, Chippingham Street, Shirland Lane, Swallow Row and Church Street. Shaded area denotes area of Parkgate seam of coal under land at Darnall, purchased by the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway from Nunnery Colliery Company Limited in October 1888. Costs are noted.
Also shows Woodburn Junction, Attercliffe Junction, Sheffield Canal, Attercliffe Station, Brown Bayley and Dixon's steel works, South Yorkshire Iron Works Company, Cooper's Vulcan Iron Works, Wilkinson Chemical Works, Clifton Steel Works.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 2)
Land between Tinsley Park Road, Greenland Road and Attercliffe Common, Sheffield. Also shows Broughton Lane, Surbiton Street, South Yorkshire Iron Works Company, Cooper's Vulcan Works, Wilkinson's Chemical Works, Broughton Lane station, Sheffield Canal (and Greenland arm), Tinsley locks, lockhouse and pumping station, Tinsley Hotel, G. E. Hodgkinson Carbrook Forge and Bessemer Steel Works, W. Cooke and Company (Limited) Tinsley Iron and Steel Works.
Includes a note stating that Samuel Roberts by deed dated 14 June 1884 conveys to the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway all mines and minerals under the Carr Brook estate.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 3)
Land between Tinsley and Meadow Hall stations, Sheffield. Shows Highfield, Crowther and Company Wire Works, Sheffield Canal and the River Don, Tinsley rolling mill, Meadow Hall, Tinsley Junction east and west, Meadow Hall road (part).

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 4)
Meadow Hall Road, Woolley Wood and beyond Grange Lane Station, showing the Ecclesfield/Rotherham boundary, land sold to the Yorkshire Engine Company Limited, the Talbot Hotel, Meadow Hall junction, Meadow Hall Station, the Railway Hotel and Grange Lane Station.
2 plans.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 5)
Land in the vicinity of Ecclesfield Station, showing the station, road to Ecclesfield, Brick and Tile Works, Smithy Wood, Chapeltown to Thorpe Hesley road, ironstone pits, timber bridge and coal wharf (disused).
2 plans.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 6)
Chapeltown Station and beyond Westwood Station, showing both stations, Sheffield to Barnsley road, Ecclesfield/Tankersley parish boundary, Newton Chambers and Company Limited sidings, Tankersley to High Green road, Tankersley Colliery sidings. Includes a note: "Pilley sidings purchased by Company from letter signed December 9th 1889 from Mr. Williams accountant."
2 plans.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 7)
Vicinity of Birdwell Station, showing Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery pit/sheds, Birdwell Station and goods yard, Wortley/Pilley to Hoyland road, Darfield/Tankersley/Wath-upon-Dearne parish boundaries, Barnsley to Sheffield road, Rockingham Gas Works, a reservoir, Rockingham Pits (now Chambers and Company Limited) coke ovens.
2 plans.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 8)
Vicinity of Lower Blacker and Dovecliffe Station, showing Hoyland Silkstone branch line, Wath-upon-Dearne/Darfield parish boundary, Lower Blacker, Dovecliffe Station, Hoyland to Worsbrough road, the road to Jump.
2 plans.

Sheffield, Tinsley and Aldam Junction (Sheet No. 9)
Railway junctions/crossings in the vicinity of the Dearne and Dove Canal and Aldam Mill, showing the Smithy to Wombwell road, the Wombwell to Barnsley road, Aldam Mill, the river Dove, the Dearne and Dove Canal (and lock), Wombwell Main junction, Aldam junction, New Oaks junction, the Worsbrough Railway branch.

Tinsley to Mexborough (Sheet No. 10)
Tinsley Station to Steel Peech and Tozer Bessemer Steel Works, showing Tinsley Station, river Don navigation, Tinsley Rolling Mills, river diversion and locks serving the Tinsley Rolling Mills, the Sheffield to Rotherham road, site of (Tinsley Old Cut) canal, Steel Peech and Tozer Bessemer Steel Works, the Midland Railway line, Ickles Rolling Mill.
3 plans.

Tinsley to Mexborough (Sheet No. 11)
Rotherham centre and environs, showing Rotherham (Central) Station, River Don, Midland Railway line, Ickles Corn Mill, Ickles lock, Masbrough Station, Midland Railway (Sheffield and Rotherham) line, Rotherham Station (Midland Railway terminus), flint mill, Masbrough Works (Iron and Steel), Rotherham Glass Works, Masbrough Old Brewery, Gas Works, Rotherham All Saints church, Rotherham Flax Mill, Shambles, Wheat Mill House, Masbrough Main Street, Victoria Road, College Road, Brinsworth Street, Westgate Street, Rotherham Bridge, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham Iron Works and goit.

Tinsley to Mexborough (Sheet No. 12)
Vicinity of Parkgate Station, Greasbrough parish, and Aldwarke and Rawmarsh stations, showing the Rotherham to Greasbrough road, North Field House, North Field Iron Tyre Company Limited, Rawmarsh road, Dun Navigation, Parkgate Station, Earl Fitzwilliam's canal, Midland Railway line, Parkgate swivel bridge, lime kilns, brass foundry; Aldwarke Station, Aldwarke Colliery coke ovens, Rawmarsh/Ecclesfield parish boundary.
Includes note regarding MSLR's agreement with John Brown and Company Limited, 1882, relating to roadways and the extraction of coal; also the area of land leased to John Brown (from 1877) and the annual rent.
3 plans.

Tinsley to Mexborough (Sheet No. 13)
Midland Railway line, Roundwood Colliery, Ecclesfield/Rawmarsh parish boundary, River Don, Kilnhurst Mill, line of horse ferry over River Don, Kilnhurst lock, Dun Navigation (Kilnhurst Cut), Kilnhurst Pottery, Rawmarsh/Wath-upon-Dearne parish boundary, Kilnhurst Station, Ship Inn, brass foundry, Kilnhurst lock.
2 plans.

Tinsley to Mexborough (Sheet No. 14)
Vicinity of Swinton Station, showing Dun Navigation (Swinton and Mexborough cuts), Dearne and Dove Canal, Swinton Iron Works, Kilnhurst lock, Ellison and Company Chemical Works, Swinton Junction, Swinton lock, Swinton Station, Don Pottery Works, Swinton Board School, Pottery Lane, Bridge Street, Swinton engine shed, River Dun, Mexborough Station.

Thorne Branch (Sheet No. 15)
Area between Thorne Junction and Thorne Station, showing Thorne Branch line, Thorne/Hatfield parish boundary, Stainforth and Keadby Canal, J. Burr Chemical Works, White lane, Thorne Station, Thorne to Selby road.
2 plans.

Barnsley Coal Railway (Sheet No. 16)
Stairfoot Station to Old Mill Lane bridge (Wakefield road), showing New Oaks Colliery, Stairfoot Station, Wombwell to Wakefield road, Doncaster to Barnlsey road, Hull and Barnsley Railway branch, Dearne and Dove Canal, Stairfoot to Barton Grange road, River Dearne, Darfield/Royston parish boundary, Pontefract to Barnsley road, Midland Railway line, Silkstone/Royston parish boundary, Oakwell Junction and line of Oakwell branch, Guy Senior's malt kilns, Barnsley Gas Works, Barnsley to Wakefield road.
Four hatched areas denote land containing unworked coal, as per agreement between Charles Cammell and Company Limited and the MSLR Company, 25 July 1888.
2 plans.

Barnsley Coal Railway (Sheet No. 17)
Rosa Colliery, Royston, to Wharncliffe Woodmoor Junction, showing River Dearne, Rosa Colliery, Winter Colliery, Wakefield road, Smithy Lane, Wharncliffe Carlton Colliery coke ovens and sidings, East Gawber Colliery coke ovens, sidings and tram road to spoil bank, Barnsley to Staincross and Wakefield roads, Staincross Station, Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery branch line.
2 plans.

Barnsley Coal Railway (Sheet No. 18)
Lee Lane level crossing, Royston, to Notton Station, showing Staincross to Royston road, Occupation bridge, Notton Station, Staincross to Wakefield road.
3 plans.

Barnsley Coal Railway Extension (Sheet No. 19)
Royston Station to Ryhill Station, showing Royston Station on the Midland Railway line (Leeds to Sheffield section), Barnsley Canal, Royston/Felkirk parish boundary, Monckton Main Colliery branch/junction, tram line to Ryhill Colliery, Felkirk to Wakefield road, Felkirk/Wragby parish boundary, Ryhill Station, Aire and Calder Canal.
2 plans.

Barnsley Coal Railway Extension (Sheet No. 20)
Aire and Calder Canal crossing to the junction with the Great Northern Railway line, showing the canal, Wragby/Crofton/"Nostel, or Wragby" parish boundaries, north and south junctions with the Great Northern line.

Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 21)
Start of Worsbrough branch railway to the vicinity of Moor End Wood, Silkstone, showing Worsbrough branch and tunnel, Silkstone tunnel, Penistone to Silkstone Station road, Nether Royds Wood, Silkstone to Blacker Hill road, Moor End Wood.
2 plans. Printed as Worsborough.

Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 22)
Bridle Road level crossing to Spencers Bleaching Works, Silkstone, showing roads to Dodworth, Wentworth Colliery Junction, Strafford Colliery, Smithy Wood Lane, Buck Lane (Stainborough to Barnsley), Spencers Bleaching Works, Silkstone/Darfield parish boundary.
2 plans. Printed as Worsborough.

Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 23)
Vicinity of Worsbrough Reservoir, showing Hound Hill Lane, Kendal Green, Wigfield, Haverland Lane, Worsbrough Reservoir, River Dove.
Printed as Worsborough.

Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 24)
Vicinity of Worsbrough and Worsbrough Dale, showing Worsbrough Reservoir, Worsbrough Mill, Sheffield to Barnsley road, River Dove, Dearne and Dove Canal, Dearne and Dove Steel Company, Gaulker Lane, charcoal works, Worsbrough and Worsbrough Dale Gas Light and Coke Company Limited, Dark Lane, Canal Road, coke ovens, Lewden level crossing, Barnsley to Dovecliffe Station road, Swaithe Colliery.
2 plans. Printed as Worsborough.

Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 25)
Vicinity of Wombwell Main, Aldam and Newoaks junctions, showing Wombwell Main Colliery branch, Smithy to Wombwell road, Worsbrough Railway branch, Aldam Mill, Dearne and Dove Canal (and lock), Ash Inn on the Wombwell to Barnsley road, River Dove.
Printed as Worsborough.

Stampers Hill Branch (Sheet No. 26)
2 plans. First plan duplicates the first part of MD7787/1/24 (Worsbrough Branch (Sheet No. 24)). Second plan shows the line [?Stamper's Hill Branch] to the west of Worsbrough Reservoir (part of which duplicates MD7787/1/23), showing also the River Dove leading to the reservoir.

Elsecar Branch (Sheet No. 27)
Elsecar Junction to Lund Hill Colliery branch, showing South Yorkshire Railway line, Pontefract to Sheffield road (Elsecar level crossing), the start of the Elsecar branch line, Dearne and Dove Canal, Wombwell Lane, Nubeck Dyke, Wath-upon-Dearne/Darfield parish boundary, Dearne and Dove Canal (Elsecar Branch), Elsecar Junction (of the Dearne and Dove Canal), Knoll Beck Lane, Lund Hill Colliery buildings, Gortonwood Colliery branch.

Elsecar Branch (Sheet No. 28)
Vicinity of Hemingfield and Simon Wood collieries, showing Dearne and Dove Canal (Elsecar Branch), Wath-upon-Dearne/Darfield parish boundary, Basin Farm, Smithy Bridge lock, Smithy Bridge Lane, Storey lock, Tingle Bridge, Tingle Bridge lock, Hemingfield Colliery and canal basin, Hoyland Silkstone Colliery tips, coke ovens, Cobcar lock, lime kiln lock, top lock, Simon Wood Colliery, Elsecar Corn Mill, Elsecar Forge branch, High Elsecar and Lidgett collieries branch, Elsecar Gas Works, Elsecar Forge, Wath-upon-Dearne to Hoyland road.

Grange Lane Branch (Sheet No. 29)
Grange Lane Station to Grange Lane Colliery, showing Grange Lane Station, Grange Mill and goit, Barber Wood, Grange Colliery, coke ovens, gas works.
2 plans.

Hoyland Silkstone Colliery Branch (Sheet No. 30) and Wath Curve (No Sheet Number)
2 plans.
1) Hoyland Silkstone Colliery branch, showing colliery, tramway and spoil bank. Printed note: "Hoyland Silkstone Colliery Branch railway - transfer and assignments of branch railway from Messrs. Wells, Birch, Ryde and Company Limited for term of 42 years from August 1875."
2) Wath curve, joining MSLR at Manvers Main Colliery to the Midland North Eastern Railway at Dearne Junction (and passing under the Midland Railway). Shows Wath-upon-Dearne/Adwick-upon-Dearne parish boundary.

Carlton Branch (Sheet No. 31)
Barnsley Coal Railway showing the start of the Carlton branch (off the Barnsley Coal Railway), Mooroyd Wood, line denoting end of the MSLR Company's property and continuation of the line to Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery. Includes a printed note on the agreement between the MSLR and Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery Company relating to the construction and use of sidings, etc., 19 November 1873.
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