TitleSheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce
AdminHistoryThe Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce (SJCC) was formed in 1927, the third such organisation to be established in the country after Lincoln and Birmingham. It was Sir Arthur Balfour who introduced the idea of the formation of a Junior Chamber to the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, and also discussed the possibility with Sir Gilbert Vyle, who had been instrumental in the establishment of Lincoln JCC in 1925. An organising committee was duly formed and, after the first general meeting of members on the 24th October 1927, the official inaugural meeting and election of SJCC's first President (Horace Cahill) took place at Firth Hall in Sheffield the following day, 25th October.

Membership was initially open to young men between the ages of 17 and 30, with a retiring age of 35, who were members or employees of any local firm or company (provided they were not proprietors, senior partners or directors). These rules were revised after two years to permit membership up to the age of 38, with retirement at 40 and without any restriction against employers.

The SJCC had 235 members by March 1928, making it the largest junior chamber in the country. Attendance at meetings, however, had fallen within a few months of the inaugural meeting. In response to this, membership was extended in 1931 to male school leavers, and a number of "projects" were initiated with the aim of increasing members' participation in Chamber activities. Early projects included a review by various committees of the state of Sheffield trade, the provision of maps of the city in the Victoria and Midland railway stations, and "Sheffield Week" (first organised in 1933) involving demonstrations, displays, processions, concerts, band performances, garden fetes, dances, galas, organised tours and an exhibition of manufacturing processes and products. It was in 1933 that the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce agreed to allow retiring members of the junior chamber to become associate members of the chamber of commerce for five years.

The business of the Junior Chamber was and is controlled by a Council. Within its first year of existence the chamber established four deliberative committees: Trade and Tariffs, Law & Parliamentary, Commercial & Technical Education, Local/Civic Affairs. Other committees were formed in the following years, but by the end of 1931 it was felt that the multitude of committees and the uncertainty of meeting dates were not satisfactory. It was agreed there should be only five deliberative committees (the original four plus 'City propaganda').

The management structure has also included an Executive Committee, General Purposes Committee, Benevolent Fund Committee and Social Committee. For a number of years SJCC also had a Retail & Distribution Committee, and from 1964 a Public Speaking Committee.

In 1965 SJCC organised its first annual Lord Mayor's Parade, largely financed by fees from businesses and other organisations entering floats in the Parade. Other projects have included organising clean-up and improvement schemes for the industrial stretches of the River Don, and work with children including outings, hospital visits, playgrounds and training in safe cycling techniques.

SJCC hosted the Junior Chambers of Commerce National Conference in 1947, 1966, 1977 and 1996, and in 1985 hosted the European Conference.

SJCC belongs to the Yorkshire Regional Group, formed in 1955, and in the 1980s it was described as the largest junior chamber in the country. Its constitution of 1986 stated that the objects of the SJCC were (a) to encourage and provide opportunity for young men and women to take an active interest in commercial, industrial, educational, civic and social subjects and problems, and (b) to develop powers of leadership through training. Membership was open to anyone aged between 18 and 38 who was seeking engagement in industry, commerce, trade, the professions or national or local government.
Management, 1929 - 1995 (SJCC/1)
General Meetings, 1945 - 1977 (SJCC/1/1)
Council, 1968 - 1993 (SJCC/1/2)
Committees, 1929 - 1995 (SJCC/1/3)
Executive, 1954 - 1979 (SJCC/1/3/1)
Law & Parliamentary, 1929 - 1939 (SJCC/1/3/2)
Local Affairs, 1936 - 1962 (SJCC/1/3/3)
Business and Economic Affairs, 1963 - 1977 (SJCC/1/3/4)
International Affairs, 1964 - 1969 (SJCC/1/3/5)
Public Speaking, 1968 - 1982 (SJCC/1/3/6)
Civic Affairs, 1968 - 1969 (SJCC/1/3/7)
Retail & Distribution, 1969 - 1977 (SJCC/1/3/8)
BBC Radio Sheffield Project, 1977 - 1978 (SJCC/1/3/9)
Management & Leadership Development Sub-Committee, 1986 - 1995 (SJCC/1/3/10)
Administration, 1982 - 1994 (SJCC/1/4)
Secretary’s Papers, 1982 - 1994 (SJCC/1/4/1)

Finance, 1953 - 1995 (SJCC/2)
Annual Reports, 1953 - 1994 (SJCC/2/1)
Accounts & Financial Statements, 1977 - 1995 (SJCC/2/2)
Cash Analysis Books, 1987 - 1995 (SJCC/2/3)
Benevolent Fund, 1987 - 1990 (SJCC/2/4)

Membership, [1960s] - 1985 (SJCC/3)
Membership Books, 1973 - 1985 (SJCC/3/1)
Slide-Tape Recruitment Programme, [1960s - 1970s] (SJCC/3/2)

Promotion, 1952 - 1991 (SJCC/4)
Newsletters, 1952 - 1991 (SJCC/4/1)
Publicity, 1954 - 1984 (SJCC/4/2)
Photographs, [1980s] (SJCC/4/3)
Presidents' Year Books, 1959 - 1963 (SJCC/4/4)

Lord Mayor’s Parade, 1966 - 1996 (SJCC/5)
Working Files, 1966 - 1996 (SJCC/5/1)
Photographs, 1982 (SJCC/5/2)

Youth Parliament, 1984 - 1989 (SJCC/6)
Organising Files, 1984 - 1985 (SJCC/6/1)
Accounts, 1989 (SJCC/6/2)
Photographs, 1986 (SJCC/6/3)

Conferences, 1977 - 1996 (SJCC/7)
Conference Bids, 1977 - 1995 (SJCC/7/1)
Conferences Hosted in Sheffield, 1985 - 1996 (SJCC/7/2)

Competitions, 1960 - 1993 (SJCC/8)
Project Award Entries, 1960 - 1993 (SJCC/8/1)

Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce Ladies Association, 1970 - 1985 (SJCC/9)
Minutes, 1970 - 1985 (SJCC/9/1)
Treasurers’ Papers, 1975 - 1985 (SJCC/9/2)
Scrapbooks, 1979 - 1984 (SJCC/9/3)

Miscellaneous, 1954 - 1998 (SJCC/10)
Project Files, 1970 - 1976 (SJCC/10/1)
Publications, 1954 - 1998 (SJCC/10/2)
Date1929 - 1998
Extent280 items
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'Report to the Policy Committee of Sheffield Corporation on the future of the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation' (SJCC: 1970?) (386.46 SSTQ)

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'The Hub' Vol.1,no.1 to Vol. 24 no.7, 1952-1976 (380 S Vol. 1-24)

'The New Hub', April 1976 - February 1977 (380 S 1976-1977)

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Mary Queen of Scots Festival - schedule of events and other attractions (SJCC: [1970]) (MP 3085 M)

Lord Mayor's Parade programmes, 1977-2000 (394.5 S 1977-2000)

Denison-Edson, Paul, 'The Golden Years: A Commemorative Booklet illustrating the first 50 years of the Sheffield Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1927 - 1977' [SJCC: 1977] (382.094274 Q)
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