What are acceptable searches?


Simple Search


The simple search looks for words in the Author, Title, RefNo and Description fields of the Catalogue database. It is accessed via the “Google-style” search box at the top right of the Home page.


Type the word you wish to search for into the box and click the Search button.


You may wish to combine search terms in your simple searches using the Boolean “and, or, not” searching options:


+ represents Boolean And, meaning the search result must include this word.

- represents Boolean Not, meaning the search result must exclude this word.

| represents Boolean Or, meaning the search result may include this word.


For example:



Searches all fields for the word 'Railway' and excludes any records with the word 'Station' from the search results.


Advanced Search


The advanced search enables you to choose and combine fields to search in. Unlike quick searches, advanced searches do not require you to enter command syntax such as the Boolean symbols.


Any Text

This field allows any combination of text to be entered and will search all records with your search included in the text, e.g. by entering the search “workhouse” the database will search for all records with the word “workhouse” appearing in them.



Enter full archive collection reference e.g. for the Edward Thomas collection enter D112. Please note that just entering a basic collection number will not return results.



Enter title of item here to search title field of entries in the catalogue. If you are unsure of the title of an entry please use the “Any Text” field.



Enter text here to search the description field of entries only. If your search is unsuccessful try the “Any Text” field.

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