Collection TitleHewett Cottrell Watson Papers
TitleHewett Cottrell Watson Papers
DescriptionVolumes contain botanical essays, 1831, bound manuscript floras, 19th century, compiled by J Montgomery, James Duncan, Elizabeth Warren, W Hillhouse, E G Varenne and F A Malleson, relating to plants found in Roxburghshire, Cornwall, Bedfordshire, Essex and Sussex, and botanical data, probably collected by Watson for his publications CYBELE BRITANNICA and TOPOGRAPHICAL BOTANY, c. 1850s-1870s.
Creator NameWatson, Hewett Cottrell (1804-1881)
Extent9 volumes
Administrative HistoryHewett Cottrell Watson was born in Firbeck, Yorkshire on 9 May 1804. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University, but did not complete his studies after discovering that his true interest lay in botany. He was made a Fellow of the Linnean Society in 1834, and served as botanist on HMS 'Styx' in a survey of the Azores in 1842. His strength lay in meticulously collecting scientific data on the status and distribution of British plants and presenting his findings systematically, avoiding the trend at the time to romanticise or poeticise botanical information. His principal publications were the NEW BOTANIST'S GUIDE, 1835-1837, 2 volumes, CYBELE BRITANNICA, 1847-1859, 4 volumes, and TOPOGRAPHICAL BOTANY, 1873-1874, 2 vols. He lived most of his life at Thames Ditton, Surrey, and died on 27 Jul 1881.
Custodial HistoryAccording to labels in the volumes, the collection formed part of Watson's library, and most, if not all, were passed to Kew Gardens after his death by J G Baker.
SeriesWAT/1 Manuscript essays
WAT/2 Bound manuscript floras
WAT/3 Bound manuscript floras
WAT/4 Botanical data entitled 'Cybele. Census of Species. H C Watson'
WAT/5 Botanical data entitled 'Cybele. Topgraphical Botany MSS. H C Watson'
ArrangementVolumes of essays and manuscript floras, containing earlier material, have been listed first as WAT/1-3. Two series of volumes of data follow, WAT/4/1-3 being the CYBELE, CENSUS OF SPECIES, and WAT/5/1-3 CYBELE, TOPOGRAPHICAL BOTANY.
Physical DescriptionBound volumes
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