The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust's archive and library collections are divided into three main sections.

You can search the entire collection by either entering a term into the search box from the main page or by clicking on the Advanced search option.

To just search the archives of the Royal Shakespeare company select Search theatre archives.

To just search the local archives, mainly relating to Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area, click on Search local archives.

To just search our library book collection click on Search library collection.

Help on searching
You may enter your search words in upper or lower case.

You can search entire records by entering your search words in the Any Text box or search specific fields such as Title by entering your terms in those boxes.

The more boxes that you fill in the more precise your search becomes.

When you have completed as many boxes as you can, click on the Search

General catalogue searching hints and tips
Person and place names may vary in spelling and so you may need to try alternatives in order to find all relevant records

If you do not get the results you expected, check your spelling or try a simpler, less specific, search.

Wildcard Searches
The asterisk (*) can be used to make your search more flexible, for example:

Entering 'school*' will find 'schooling', 'schoolmaster' as well as school

The wildcard can be used to find variant person and place names:
'M*rston' will find 'Merston', 'Marston' etc.,
'Shak*' will find 'Shakespeare', 'Shakspere' etc.

RSC Performance Database Search
This database contains information about productions by the RSC and its predecessors from 1879 to the present.

Cast lists have been entered and are searchable by person, role, venue, play title and year.

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