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Useful Links

The Children’s Society Website
A good source of information about the organisation’s current work. Includes a section about the history of The Children’s Society (accessible via the ‘ About Us’ tab) and occasional blog posts with a historical theme.

Hidden Lives Revealed Website
Created and maintained by The Children’s Society Records and Archive Centre. Contains a wealth of information about the organisation’s history and archive, including a selection of digitised material. Also includes information about our Including the Excluded and Unexplored Riches in Medical History cataloguing projects, which have been funded by the National Cataloguing Grants Scheme and the Wellcome Trust respectively.

Hidden Lives Revealed Facebook Page
An excellent way of keeping up to date with the work of the archive, learning more about the history of The Children’s Society and finding out about interesting new blog posts relating to the archive.

Hidden Lives Revealed Links Page
Provides links to a selection of websites relevant to the history of childcare and related social issues.

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