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TitleDiary entries, Dr J S Muir of Selkirk, 7-12 September 1914
DescriptionMonday September 7
Knocked up at 2:50 am to see Mrs Thomson, Sunderland. Cycled there moonlight but foggy. Lovely day S.E breakfasted at 9 called on Steadman about getting Vair Turnbull on relief committee. Then cycled down to Muthag Street, Curror Street and Sunderland. Back to meeting of Relief Committee in County Buildings at 12. Some town cases after. In House from 2:30. Got some worms and put them in moss. Good many people in at night. Heard from Gulland* about Stewart. He is fairly satisfied. Harvest in full swing and good deal taking in. Cutting nearly over except on late places.
* George Lovell Gulland (1862-1941); C.M.G., M.D., F.R.C.P., Professor of Medicine, Edinburgh University

Tuesday September 8
Dense fog this morning: followed by fine day. E had bad attack of - breach & choking when taking saline this morning. Must have taken too much last night. Message to Greenhead "immediately" as Johnstone had been kicked by a horse. Cycled out to find that the accident had happened a week ago! Came round by Ashybank, Buccleuch, N Sunderland & Forest Road & toun. Finished by 1.30 & spent a few hours reading up Red X [Cross] work. At 5.50 got phone to see Mrs [Ruckbie] Yarrowford. Cycled up in 28 m & back in 26.5. War news very absorbing decisive battle going on east of Paris.
* Alexander Ruickbie sometimes Ruckbie (about 1834-1926) and Jane Ruickbie nee Watt (about 1842-1917) lived at Lewinshope, Yarrow, 1911 census and Alexander was noted as 'occupier' at Yarrowford, 1915 Valuation Roll

Wednesday September 9
Another misty morning but today it hardly even cleared up. There was just a little sun about 2.30 at between 5 & 6 there was a heavy shower. Very calm E. Motored to Harewoodglen, Philiphaugh, [Linden] Muthag Street, Ashybank & Broomhill when I lunched at 1 to meet Wm Ly- & his wife from Glenholm. Walked home. Met Red X [Cross] detachment in evening & had some bandaging & knots. The first of the weekly prayer meetings in connection with the war was held message to Oakwoodmills to see Peter. There was some thunder last night.

Thursday September 10
Attended Mrs Isaac Perez who had a S [son?] at 2.15. Got back to bed at 3.15. Warm & hazy with some thundery looking clouds. No rain beyond. Few heavy drops. Cycled to Oakwoodmill, Muthag Street, Dunsdale & Ashybank [Selkirk]. Thence I cycled via Boleside to Galafoot, Easter Langlee, Langshaw, Threepwood, Lauder, Carfrae Mill, Thirlestone, Eagle Inn, Houndslaw, Bassendean, Legerwood, N Morriston & Earlestone. Got back a little after 7 above Lauder stopped to smoke & found to my disgust the Thermos smashed & half my tea gone. It must have been the jolting on the rough road. New bits of road were the 5 mile from Carfrae Mill to the Lauder & Gordon Road & from Houndslow to the Gordon Road the whole days riding came to 54.3 miles. It was very hot from Langlee to Lauder.

Friday September 11
Definitely cooler, wind round to NWW: some rain in incoming but fair after. Wind strong was called up at 12.30 for Margaret, Falside, Curror Street, but didn't need to go down. Was not out of the town all forenoon but went out to Winterhall at 3:30 to arrange about the work of the Red X [Cross] detachment tomorrow. I had tea with Dunlop. Got letter from Patrick*. Dora 'Phoned at night that she was coming out tomorrow with a friend.
* Patrick Rodger Stewart Muir (born 8 November 1879)

Saturday September 12
Showery day and still cooler than yesterday. Had intended going out to [Whitmuirhall] with the Red X but it looked so threatening that I postponed it. Motored to Harewoodglen & Oakwoodmill & in the afternoon to Faldonside to see Chas* in response to a phone from Boleside Police Station. Dora & her friend a Miss McDonald who trained with her at [Chalmers*] came at 12 but had to leave again at 5.50 as she was ordered to Craig Leith Hospital.
* Charles Woodger died at Faldonside Lodge aged 82
** Chalmers Hospital, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, adjacent to the Royal Infirmary
TermMedical personnel
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DS/UK/8270Gulland; George Lovell (1862-1941); C.M.G.; MD, F.R.C.P.; Professor of Medicine, Edinburgh University1862-1941
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