Ref NoGB-110
TitleLinnean Society of London
AdminHistoryThe Linnean Society of London is the world’s oldest active biological society. Founded in 1788 by Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828), who was its first President, the Society takes its name from the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) whose botanical, zoological and library collections have been in its keeping since 1829. These unique collections are of continuing fundamental importance as a primary reference for taxonomy. They are enhanced by the Society's own rich library and archives which provides key resources for research.

Members are drawn from all walks of life, and represent the full range of professional scientists and amateurs alike with an interest in natural history. The Fellowship is international and includes world leaders in each branch of biology who use the Society's premises and publications to communicate new advances in their fields.
Description<p>The archives of the Linnean Society fall in to 4 main categories: </p>

<p>Papers of Carl Linnaeus (Ref: GB-110/LM)</p>
<p>The correspondence and manuscripts of the Swedish botanist and father of taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) whose biological specimens were the basis for the Linnean Society being established in 1778. </p>

<p>Papers of Sir James Edward Smith (Ref: GB-110/JES)</p>
<p>The correspondence and manuscripts of the founder and first president of the Linnean Society, Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828). </p>

<p>Collected archives (Ref: MS)</p>
<p>Papers produced by, about or owned by Fellows of the Linnean Society, including manuscripts, artwork, diaries, notebooks and correspondence. Cataloguing of these papers are ongoing.</p>

<p>Domestic archive</p>
<p>Records created by the Linnean Society in the course of its activities, including minute books, financial records, correspondence and election records. The following series are in the process of being catalogued and can be found in the archive catalogue: Certificates of Recommendation (Ref: CR), Society Papers (Ref: SP), Loose Letters (Ref: LL) and Bound Letters (Ref: BL).</p>

<p>Cataloguing of the Society's archive collections is ongoing with new records being added on a regular basis.</p>
Date1788 -
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