Ref NoGB-110/JES/COR/11/48
TitleSamuel Goodenough, Deanery, Rochester, [Kent], to James Edward Smith, Norwich, [Norfolk]
DescriptionDivinity is his principal study but always delighted to be diverted by natural history. Justifies his alterations of Smith's Latin in his previous letter and discusses Greek and Latin philology. Dr Vaughan "in high vogue" in Rochester. Has altered the title-page for "Flora Graeca" [extant, on a separate sheet]; explains his decisions. Asks if [John] Sibthorp applied Theophratsus' and Dioscorides' names to his plants. Shall look for his sketch of "the air plant"; gathered his ideas of its physiology from [Engelbert] Kaempfer [(1651-1716), German naturalist] and his directions to the Duchess' gardener for its management led to its only flowering in England. Hopes Smith is not making too many species of lichen in the 'crustacei' and 'leprosi' divisions, asks if they have been watched from year to year in their changes. Instructing Lady Mary Thynne [(d 1863), wife of John Thynne, 3rd baron Carteret (1772-1849)] in botany; will request specimens of [Dawson] Turner for himself and her. Saw [Thomas] Marsham and [Alexander] Macleay [also spelt McLeay or M'Leay]; thinks Marsham "overpowered with too much business".
Date21 Nov 1804
Extent5 pp
Related MaterialFor Goodenough's alterations, see JES/COR/11/47.
Publn_NoteSmith, P (ed.), (1832). "Memoir and correspondence of... Sir James Edward Smith" London: Longman, vol 1, pp.545-548.
Finding_AidsDawson, W R, (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.
Creator NameGoodenough, Samuel (1743-1827)
GB/110/1/35Goodenough; Samuel (1743-1827); Bishop of Carlisle1743-1827
GB/110/1/311Vaughan; Walter (1766-1828); physician1766-1828
GB/110/1/24Sibthorp; John (1758-1796); botanist1758-1796
GB/110/1/79Turner; Dawson (1775-1858); banker, botanist and antiquary1775-1858
GB/110/1/17Marsham; Thomas (? 1747-1819); entomolgist? 1747-1819
GB/110/1/95Macleay; Alexander (1767-1848); entomologist and civil servant in Australia1767-1848
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