Ref NoGB-110/JES/COR/11/6
TitleSamuel Goodenough, Ealing, [Middlesex], to James Edward Smith, a la Croix de Fer, Rue St Denis, Paris, [France]
DescriptionReceived Smith's letter of 8 September. Account of discoveries found on his expedition with [William] Curtis along the Essex coast from Maldon to Harwich via Mersey Island. Insects included: 'Typha major'; 'Festuca fluitans'; 'Sphex fissipes'; Smith's 'Cantharis miniata'; a great variety of 'Coccinellas', 'Muscae', 'Cardui', and 'Cerasi'; many 'Ichneumon', particularly 'Ichneumons sarcitorius'; several new bees including one with red thorax and blue abdomen, fasciated with white; many of 'Sphex'; new 'Chrysis', and 'Carabi'; collected between 50 and 100 new insects. Plants included: 'Lepidium ruderale' on the sea marshes along the coast; Hudson's 'Dactylis cynosuroides' and 'Poa loliacea'; 'Lolium bromoides'; 'Sasola fruticosa'; 'Brassica campestris'; 'Atriplex laciniata'; 'Atriplex serrata'; 'Chara flexilis'; 'Ruppia maritima'; 'Aegilopsincurva'; and 'Bunias cakile', amongst many others.

Excited for Smith's return on account of the new [Linnean] Society; has not been able to see Sir Joseph Banks. Thanks Smith for 'Agrostis minima'. Would be grateful for Smith to acquire any of his desiderata for him, particularly 'Gnaphalium luteoalbum', and 'Origanum'; asks if Smith comes across 'Origanum aegyptiacum' or 'Origanum syriacum' to have "very correct" drawings made of them. Has not seen [Thomas] Marsham since returning from Essex on account of Marsham's bad leg and his own painful boil. Advises Smith to think on conchology when he nears the Mediterranean and informs him of an Egyptian correspondence at Leghorn that may result in 'Origanum aegyptiacum'. Preparing a complete list of Linnaean nomenclature through all classes from 'Mammalia' to 'Lapides' for publication on Smith's return to England.
Date25 Sep 1786
Extent4 pp
NotesSmith replied 21 Oct [1786]
Publn_NoteSmith, P (ed.), (1832). "Memoir and correspondence of... Sir James Edward Smith" London: Longman, vol 1, pp.183-185.
Finding_AidsDawson, W R, (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.
Creator NameGoodenough, Samuel (1743-1827)
GB/110/1/35Goodenough; Samuel (1743-1827); Bishop of Carlisle1743-1827
GB/110/1/9Banks; Sir; Joseph (1743-1820); Baronet; Naturalist and patron of science1743-1820
GB/110/1/17Marsham; Thomas (? 1747-1819); entomolgist? 1747-1819
GB/110/1/331Curtis; William (1746-1799); botanist and entomologist1746-1799
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