Ref NoGB-110/JES/COR/11/65
TitleJames Edward Smith, Norwich, [Norfolk], to Samuel Goodenough
DescriptionGrateful for Goodenough's comments on "Flora Graeca" manuscript, discusses use of 'Atho', corrected by [John] Hawkins to 'Athone', and other Latin. Laments the loss of Goodenough's critical letter on his "Introduction to Botany", a similar thing occured when the Duke of Portland franked a letter to him on his "[Sketch of a] Tour [on the continent]". Pleased that Sir Abraham Hume is to become a FLS. Dawson Turner grateful for Goodenough's correcting [of the name 'Griffithsii' to 'Griffithsiae'] and it shall be published in "English Botany" as 'Griffithsiae'. His wife has relapsed into her rheumatic illness. Lord Seaforth an "excellent & very acute man". Directs Goodenough to [Aylmer Bourke] Lambert for news of [Richard] Salisbury stealing a figure of 'Byblis' from Sir Joseph Banks.
Date6 Apr 1808
Extent4 pp
Related MaterialFor letter from Lambert notifying Smith of theft of 'Byblis' and others see JES/COR/6/63; JES/COR/11/65.

Smith, J E, (1807). "An Introduction to Physiological and Systematical Botany." London: Longman.

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Publn_NoteSmith, P (ed.), (1832). "Memoir and correspondence of... Sir James Edward Smith" London: Longman, vol 1, pp.565-566.
Finding_AidsDawson, W R, (1934). "Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of The Linnean Society - Part I. The Smith papers: The correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Sir James Edward Smith", London: Linnean Society.
Creator NameSmith, Sir James Edward (1759-1828)
GB/110/1/205Hawkins; John (1761-1841); traveller and geologist1761-1841
GB/110/1/115Hume; Amelia (1751-1809)1751-1809
GB/110/1/11Smith; Sir; James Edward (1759-1828); Knight; botanist1759-1828
GB/110/1/79Turner; Dawson (1775-1858); banker, botanist and antiquary1775-1858
GB/110/1/161Smith; Pleasance (1773-1877); benefactor of the Linnean Society1773-1877
GB/110/1/225Mackenzie; Francis Humberston (1754-1815); Lord Seaforth, Baron Mackenzie of Kintail; army officer and colonial governor1754-1815
GB/110/1/25Lambert; Aylmer Bourke (1761-1842); botanist1761-1842
GB/110/1/15Salisbury; Richard Anthony (1761-1829); botanist and horticulturist1761-1829
GB/110/1/9Banks; Sir; Joseph (1743-1820); Baronet; Naturalist and patron of science1743-1820
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