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TitleCorrespondence of George Newport
AdminHistoryGeorge Newport FRS (1803-1854) was an English entomologist.

Newport was born on 4 February 1803 in Canterbury to William Newport (1777-1843), a wheelwright, and Sarah Gillham. He was apprenticed to his father at the age of 14. From a young age he became interested in natural history and in 1825 became a member of the Canterbury Philosophical Society, as well as delivering short lectures before the members on Mechanics and Entomology. When the Society opened a new building in 1826 he worked as the Curator for 2 years. Following this he was apprenticed to a surgeon, Mr Weeks, at Sandwich, and then enrolled at University College, London, attending medical classes. He became a member of the College of Surgeons in 1835 and was appointed House-Surgeon to the Chichester Infirmary. He later went in to general practice in London but eventually withdrew from the profession to devote his attention to the study of sciences. He was President of the Entomological Society of London 1843-1844, a member of the Linnean Society, and also a member of the Royal Society. He died on 6 April 1854 in London.
DescriptionContains correspondence of George Newport, dated 1831-1862. Unless otherwise stated all letters are to George Newport (G.N.). Correspondents include:

1. 1842 May 7. Bruxelles. G.N. is thanked for copy of the Saw-fly of the Turnip.

2. 1840 Feb 9. London. Asks if G.N. approves of proof sent to him.

3. 1847 Jul 6. London. Congratulates G.N. on receipt of pension.

4. 1831 Jan 30. Gateshead. Heraldic arms for G.N. sketch.

5. 1837 Oct 30. Salford. Chatter (letter torn).

BELL, Prof. Thomas to [?]
6. 1844 Oct 22. London. Testimonial for G.N..

BELL, William
7. 1862 Dec 27. Oxford. Venison for dinner on the morrow.

BENNETT, John J to Dr. Forbes, J.
8. 1844 Aug 12. London. Testimonial for G.N..

BOWERBANK, James to Sir James Clark
9. 1844 Oct 24. London. Testimonial for G.N..

10. 1842 Dec 2. Halle. Testimonial for G.N..

10a. [No date] - - "An Epitaph over the Marquis of Anglesea's Leg" [Anglesey].

CARPENTER, Prof. William B to [?]
11. 1844 Aug 17. Ripley. Testimonial for G.N..
12. 1847 Jul 1. London. Congratulates G.N. on being awarded a Government pension.

DARWIN, Charles
13. 1851 Jul 24. Down. Wishes to borrow a pair of G.N.'s special scissors so that he can have a pair made.
14. 1851 Aug 12. Down. Returns the scissors; has been to the Exhibition.

DAVEY, Thomas
15. 1853 Jan 26. Canterbury. Thanks G.N. for the books.

DE MORGAN, Campbell
16. 1851 Sep 19. Grateful for copy of G.N.'s paper.

16a. 1851 Jul 1. London. Lord John Russell thanks G.N. for copy of paper from the Phil. Trans. of the Royal Society.

17. [no date] - - Asks G.N. to defer visit.
18. [no date] - - Will be pleased to visit G.N..

FARADAY, Michael to Dr Forbes, J.
19. 1841 Dec 29. London. Asks if Forbes will call in Webster and form an "opinion whether he is muddled with drink or ill".

20. - Jun 28. London. A pity G.N.'s pension is only £100; however, better than nothing.
21. - Aug 23. Ayr. Letter to G.N.: asks G.N. to see Sir James Clark before he goes to the Queen.
22. 1844 Oct 20. London. Open testimonial for G.N..
23. 1854 Apr 10. London. Letter to Mrs Wilson: late brother's pension; asks for facts about his life for an address by the President of the R.S..
24. 1854 Apr 14. London. Letter to Mrs Turmaine: grateful for the offer of G.N.'s medals; suggests return of gold medals.
25. 1854 May 21. London. Letter to G. Turmaine: G.N.'s silver medals to be returned.

26. 1847 Apr 12. New York. Elected Foreign Member of the American Agricultual Association.

27. 1844 Aug 10. B.M. To Dr Forbes: testimonial for G.N..

28. 1844 Feb 15. Paris. About to leave Paris.

HOPE, Frederick William
29. 1844 Jun 21. - G.N. invited to dinner.
30. 1844 Aug 5. - To [?]; testimonial for G.N..

31. [no date] - - Enclosure from Dr. Prichard.
32. 1852 Aug 7. - Has been appointed Manager, Ethnological Dept., Crystal Palace; Hawkins recommended as a modeller.

33. 1847 Mar 2. London. " consideration of the eminent services rendered by Mr Newport to Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, his Admission Fee and Yearly contributions to the Society be remitted".

MILNE, Edwards, H.
34. 1843 Apr 9. Paris. Testimonial for G.N..

35. 1847 Dec 18. - Tells G.N. he would be elected Member Correspondant of the Linnean Society of Lyon.

35a. [no date] London. To Wm. Keppish: notification of address.
36. 1847 Mar 4. London. To Bennett, J.J.: thanks Council of the Linn. Soc. for remitting fee and annual contributions.
37. 1847 Jul 2. London. To Russell, Lord John: thanks the Queen for his bounty.
38. 1847 Jul 3. London. To Russell, Lord John: a slightly modified redraft of letter 37.
39. 1851 Jun 27. London. To Russell, Lord John: encloses paper from the Transactions of the Royal Society.
40. [no date] - - Thanks the American Agricultural Association for election as Foreign Honorary Member and apologises profusely for being so late with his acknowledgement.
41. [no date] - - To Clark, Sir James: testimonial for Dr Robert E. Grant; summary of G.N.'s own publications.

42. 1850 Nov 26. Southampton. Arranging with G.N. to visit London. Lodging must be clean.
43. 1851 Jul 3. - Must delay visit because of an "....inopportune stomach-ache of an octogenarian fretful old lady, a descendant of no less a personage than Sir Matthew Hale....".

OWEN, Richard
44. 1844 Oct 25. London. Testimonial for G.N..

45. 1851 Jan 5 Dover. Congratulates G.N. on being awarded R.S. medal and pension.

PRICHARD, J to Dr Latham
46. - Dec 23. London. Will be happy to sign Certificate.

READ, Thomas
47. 1838 Oct - - Invitation to dine (in verse).

RETZIUS, Anders to Dr Forbes, J
48. 1846 Aug 4. London. Astonished by G.N.'s poverty; pleads with Forbes to help; hopes the Queen will help.

ROGET, P.M. to Sir James Clark
49. 1844 Oct 24. London. Testimonial for G.N..

50. 1846 Nov 21. London. Presence requested for election of Council and Officers.

RUSSELL, Lord John to Sir James Clark
51. 1847 Jun 28. - Confirms that the Queen has granted G.N. £100 annual pension.

S., L., Mrs
52. [no date] - - Invitation to G.N. and Ellis to dine; chatter.

SIEBOLD, Charles
53. 1848 Dec 7. Freiburg. Entomology.
54. 1849 Nov 26. Freiburg. Entomology.

55. 1854 Mar 2. London. Confirms his appointment with G.N..

56. 1847 Dec 13. Lyon. G.N. elected Membre Correspondant of the Society.

57. 1844 Aug 8. London. Testimonial for G.N..

58. 1847 Nov 16. Windsor. Royal Grant of pension, £100 per annum.

WARE, John
59. 1847 Oct 23. Boston. Sending G.N. a bottle containing specimens of the Earwig; chatter.

60. [no date] B.M. Entomology.
61. [no date] B.M. Entomology.
62. 1842 Oct 11. B.M. He and Doubleday have each subscribed sixpence to obtain for G.N."a living 'Maggy with the many feet'".
63. 1849 Jan 15. B.M. Accepts invitation for self, Wing, Baird and Waterhouse (part Latin).

64. 1849 Aug 21. Canterbury. Books missing from library; value of a gold watch with unusual Mechanism.

65. 1845 Feb 19. Erlangen. G.N. elected Corresponding Member of the Medico-Physical Society of Erlangen.

WINE, William
66. [no date] B.M.. Entomology.

YARRELL, William
67. 1853 Sep 16. London. Thanks G.N. for sending copy of paper on Spermatozoon.

68. 1847 Dec 9. Clapham. G.N. invited to dinner to meet Trübner et al..
69. 1853 Oct - - Transmits report.

70. A drawing of Will o Wisp, three drawings of heraldic arms and four drawings in colour. One of each are the armorial bearings of John Forbes. One is an early version of the Entomological Society's arms.

71. Twenty-one coloured heraldic arms on one sheet, all in the name of Newport.

72. Two Newport family trees.

73. Six I.O.U.s signed by G.N. et al; four of the same date by G.N. to George, Charles and William Philpot and Thomas Wilkinson, co-signatories of the first two I.O.U.s..

74. Photocopy taken from the Kentish Gazette & Canterbury Press, dated 1937, Oct 9; obituary of G.N..

There are 10 miscellaneous items in the file between 74 and 75, including 4 letters, 10 envelopes and a packet of wheat seeds.

75. A printed appeal for subscriptions for a memorial tombstone for G.N. in Kensall Green Cemetery. Signed by seven distinguished scientists. Dated April 25 1854

76. An address in poetry by G.N. on the occasion of laying the foundation of the Canterbury Philosophical and Literary Institution (two copies).
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NotesLetters have been assigned numbers, and the numbers are included in the listing above.
AcquisitionDonated to the Linnean Society in October 1961 by H.M.T. Mason and her sister [C.E. Millar], along with manuscripts and a portrait of Newport.
Creator NameG. Newport
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