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TitlePocket notebook 1755-57 No. 4 - John Ellis
AdminHistoryJohn Ellis FRS (1714-1776) was a British linen merchant and naturalist. He was the first to publish a written description of the Venus flytrap in a pamphlet titled "Directions for Bringing over Seeds and Plants from the East Indies and Other Distant Countries" (1770). He imported numerous American seeds and was particularly interested in the problems connected with transportation of plants and seeds. The "Natural History of Many Uncommon and Curious Zoophytes", written with Daniel Solander, was posthumously published in 1786. Ellis was a correspondent of Carl Linnaeus who described him as "a bright star of natural history".
DescriptionA vellum pocket-book with tuck-in flap, in use by Ellis from 1755-1757, containing business and scientific memoranda. Five copies of Alexander Watt's bookplate; 2 slips of paper regarding certain shipments to America; half-leaf with the diagnosis of Halesia are loose in this MS.

Inside cover:
John Ellis, Lawrence Lane, Cheapside [m. J. E; & address (no name)] at Barton Hall in Stanbridge magna near Rochford Essex.

1r. [Notes.]
1v. [Notes.]
2r & v. [List of plants.]
3r. To get for Lord Limerick [Plants & Seeds.]
3v. Jan 26 1756. Lord Limerick
4r. [Notes.]
4v & 5r. [Drawings of flowers, with dissections]
5v to 10r. [List of plants in "C. Grays Garden at Fulham 1756". Authorities include L.sp. Pl.] All other pages are crossed through.
10v to 11v. "Linnaeus's manner of classifying the Fucus's". [compared with Ray's].
12r to 13r. "Plants sent by the Chester Waggon to Mr Putland. Sept 1756.
13v. Plant list.
14r. [Notes and sketches of Tobacco, Nicotiana]
14v & 15r. Species of Cartaegus [Lat. & English]
15v & 16r. Species of Sorbus & Mespilus [Lat & Engl.]
16v & 17r. Species of Mespilus [contd.]
17v & 18r. Species of Mespilus [contd.]
18v. [Draft note in pencil.]
19r. [Blank.]
19v to 21r. Rhus species [Latin & English] [loose leaf (plant).]
21v to 25r. [Notes and sketches of Oaks.]
25v to 26r. Sorbus. [Notes & sketch.]
26v. "November 8 1756. J. Putland in a box of Jacobea & Mexican Lillies & sweet scented Cyclamens." [List of plants.]
27r. "Lord Limerick" [Plant list.]
27v. [Notes.]
28r. [Sketches of leaves.]
28v. [Blank.] [A leaf has been torn out.]
29r. [Blank.]
30r. [Plant notes and details of payment to Abraham Pratten.]
30v. [Receipts from "Dr Lucas Lecturer". Chemical notes.]
31v & 32r. "Extract of a Letter from Dr. Schlosser to J. E. dated from Ludgvan near Penzance in Cornwall, September 15, 1755.
32v & 33r. "Mr P. Collinson, 19 September 1755, Falmouth."
33v. [Note on Mr Hewer.]
34r. [Continuation of Lucas, notes from his lectures.]
34v & 35r. [Plant lists.]
35v. [Note.]
36r-38r. "Doctor Gardens seeds sowd by Mr Gray Fulham p Capt. Cheesman-from Carolina." [List.] [List dated 19 June 1755.]
38v. Details of payment to Mr Yates, dated September 1756.
39r. "To precipitate indigo..."
39v & 40r. [Rhus species. Latin & English.]
41v. [Plant names.]
42r. [Drawings of a flower.]
42v. [Toxicodendron notes.]
43r. [Drawing of same ?]
43 v. [Blank.]
Extent1 volume
Publn_NoteA page by page transcription of the notebook can be found in "Part IV -Calendar of the Ellis Manuscripts" by Spencer Savage, held at the Linnean Society Library.
Creator NameEllis, John
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