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TitleColoured drawings of some English fungi - E.F. Noel
AdminHistoryEmilia Frances Noel ( - 1950) was the youngest child and third daughter of the Honourable Henry Lewis Noel, whose father was the first earl of Gainsborough. His cousin was the third earl of Gainsborough, an amateur botanist who had collaborated with A.R. Horwood in writing the 'Flora of Rutland and Northamptonshire'. The Noel's family homes were in Rutland and Lincolnshire.

Emilia Noel attended Somerville College, Oxford, before going on to study at Swanley Horticultural College where she received prizes for the best diary of garden work and the best notebook of advanced botany. She was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society in 1905 and was among the twenty or so senior female members. She travelled extensively and visited places including Egypt (in 1892) India, Kashmir, Europe, America, North Africa, Ceylon [Sri Lanka], South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Java, Lombok and in around 1938 she visited the Canaries and West Africa. She kept detailed diaries of the plants that she encountered on these trips. She registered for the Women's War Service in World War I and travelled extensively in England between World War I and World War II. In [1905?] she published a book on the plants of Kashmir and some notes on the country. Noel died on 19 March 1950.
DescriptionNotebook entitled 'Coloured drawings of some English fungi' by E.F. Noel containing details and watercolour drawings of fungi seen, including locations and dates.

List of fungi drawings:

1. Lepiota excoriata - Bulstrode Park, 1 Jul 1924
2. Lepiota procera - In dry grass, Towyn, Aug.
3. Tricholoma sejunctus - Epping Forest, Nov. 1927
4. Lepiota clypeolaris - On ground near Chestnut Thicket, Letchworth, Aug.
5. Lepiota acutisquamosus - Kew Gardens, Aug. 1922
6. Pholiota aurea - Spruce wood, Wymondham, Leicestershire, Sept. 1927
6a. Rozites caperata (Pholiota caperata) - Among heather, Aviemore [deleted], N.B. (North Britain, ie. Scotland), Sept. 1927
7. Pholiota flammans - Pinewood, Aviemore, 1927
8. Cortinarius violaceus - Kerrysmouth, Scotland, 1927
9. Cortinarius cinnamoneus Fr. Mixed wood, Rothimurchus [sic], Sept. 1937
10. Cortinarius pholidus - Rothiemurchus, 1927. Gills at first violaceous
11. Cortinarus phaenus - Rothiemurchus, 1927
12. Cortinarius prasinus - In wood, Rothiemurchus, 1927
13. Cortinarius quadricolor - On birchstump, Aviemore, 1927
13a. Cortinarius cyanopus - Beech wood, Temple Guiting, Glos.
13b. Cortinarus mucosus - Rothiemurchus
14. Cortinarius armillatus - Among moss under birch, Aviemore
15. Tricholoma saponaceum - Wood, Abernethy, Pileus only
16. Tricholoma vaccinus - Kenwick, Lincolnshire, 1924
17. Tricholoma nudum - Under Spruce, Kenwick, Lincolnshire, 1924
18. Inocybe rimosus - In grass, Aviemore, 1927
19. Inocybe fastigiata - Rothiemurchus pinewood, 1927
20. Hypholoma velutinum, - Mixed wood, on the ground, Kenwick, Lincolnshire, Sept. 1918
20a. Hypholoma velutinus - Kenwick wood, Lincs., 1918
21. Hypholoma lacrimabundus - In grassy ride, Legbourne Wood, Lincolnshire, 1918. Ooozing blue-coloured watery drops
22. Clitocybe flaccidus - Among beech trees, Epping Forest, Sept.1934
23. Gomphidius viscidulus - Kenwick plantation, Lincs., 1925. Flesh spongy, yellow
24. Cantharellus Haughtonii - Near Spruce trees, Kenwick Park, Lincolnshire, Nov. 1924
25 top. Hygrophorus calyptraeformis - Field, Legbourne stream, 7 Oct 1927
25 bottom. Hygrophorus calyptraeformis - Field, Legbourne, Lincs.
26. Psilocybe spadiceo-griseus - Kensington Gardens, Nov. 1925.A gregarious clump but stem separate; Lancaster Gate
27. Psilocybe spadicea - Wood, Temple Guiting, Glos., Sept. Specimen with centre of stem crinkled.
28. Mycena - On leaf, Wimbledon Common. Nov. 1925. Deformed.
29. Psathyra corrugis - On ground, Legbourne, Lincolnshire, 1924
30. Coprinus aratus - Under Sycamore, Kenwick Park Sept. 1925. [Includes lengthy handwritten notes]
31. Coprinus domesticus - In outer larder, Coggles, Brede, Sussex, 1917
32. Anellaria separata - On old straw heap, Legbourne, Lincolnshire, 1923. Pileus glossy
33. Schizophyllum commune - Epping Forest, Nov. 1928
34. Hydnum imbricatum - Rothiemurchus, Sept. 1927
35. Fomes lucidus - Growing on prostrate Willow, Epping Forest, Nov. 1918
36. Boletus sinescens (sic) - Growing under shelter of overhanging rock, Bettyscoed [sic], Sept. 1924. Uncommon
37 top. Boletus felleus - Clapham, Sussex, Aug. 1927
37 bottom. Boletus felleus - Clapham, Sussex, 9 Sept 1927
38. Helvella elastica - In nut wood, clay soil, Brede, Sussex
39. Lycoperdon excipuliforme - Fir plantation, Kenwick Park, Lincolnshire, 1924
Extent1 notebook
Related MaterialMS/25, MS/26, MS/27, MS/28, MS/29. Her diares with sketches are at the Royal Geographical Society and some of her drawings of plants of Kashmir are at Liverpool University.
PrevRefNoMS/93 (duplicate number)
AcquisitionPresented to the Linnean Society by E.F. Noel on 9 March 1948.
Creator NameNoel, E.F.
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