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TitleLetters and papers of John Jamison
AdminHistoryJohn Jamison (1776-1844), the eldest son of Thomas Jamison, was an Australian physician, landowner, and constitutional reformer. He trained as a surgeon and joined the Royal Navy in 1799. Whilst he was a physician in the hospital ship Gorgon with the Baltic Fleet, in 1809, he successfully treated an outbreak of scurvy in the Swedish navy. To show his gratitude, the King Charles XIII of Sweden made Jamison a knight of the Order of Gustavus Vasa on July 1809. Jamison was also knighted by Britain's Prince Regent on May 1813 and was appointed Inspector of Naval Hospitals and Fleets.

Following the death of his father in 1811, Jamison inherited a number of grazing properties near Sydney, 1000 acres near Penrith, as well as some city property. After his arrival in Sydney, he became associated with the public and official affairs of the colony. He was active in organisations which aimed to improve agriculture and the protection of the grazing interest, becoming a founder, in 1822, and president of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of New South Wales. He was the founder and first president of the Northern Districts Stock-owners' Association in 1837.

Jamison had an interest in natural history and took with him a 'collector of natural History productions' on his explorations of the Warragamba in 1818 and sending specimens to England. Between 1811 and 1840 he was member of the Wernerian Natural History of Edinburgh, Société d'Histoire Naturelle of Mauritius, and the Australian Museum and the Botanical Gardens Committee.
DescriptionCorrespondence of John Jamison (JJ). Unless otherwise stated, letters are addressed to Jamison.

1. Government house. 1833 Jul 25. [Letter badly damaged] About a complaint by Mr Abott against Superintendent McKae and transmitted by JJ to the Colonial Secretary.

BOYD, B. (To Lady Jamison)
2.[Writing not legible].

3. Brookes' Club. 1834 Mar 22. Complains about the work he has undertaken and his treatment.

4. L'lle Maurice. 1831 Apr 1. [In French] Encloses minutes of three meetings of the Societe d'Histoire Naturelle, together with copy of letter recording his election as Correspondant Member.

5. Lin Soc. 1827 Jun 5. Expresses Society's thanks for the gift of birdskins et al.

6. Lund. 1808 Oct 23. Appalled at needless waste of manpower lost through ignorance and negligence; only the King can confer Honorary Degrees so he has written to him asking that Mr. Duke be made an M.D.; asks for three favours on JJ's return to England.
7. Lund. 1809 Feb 16. JJ's letter has left him uneasy; does not understand the King's refusal to give Duke an Hon. M.D.; he agrees not to pursue the matter.
8. Lund. 1809 Oct 16. Letter and book not received; enquiry being started on Hallman's conduct and there is enmity against JJ; suggests JJ asks the Minister in Stockholm to appoint him (Engelhart) to watch over JJ's interests.

9. London. 1827 Nov 16. Biological chatter.

10. London. 1846 Dec 5. Introduces Archibald Michie who wishes to emigrate to the Colony; hopes JJ can help.

11. Stockholm. 1809 Aug 1. Has been promoted Rear Admiral and will now set off to join the flotilla; glad to hear of JJ's promotion to Commander and of Ross's knighthood.
12. Oregrund. 1809 Sep 18. The expedition and the fact that it was broadly successful; about the war and the medical treatment; had just heard that the Russian pretensions were such that there was little hope for peace.
13. 1810 Feb 25. Confirms that all Patents had been despatched; astonished that JJ has not received his; he is pursuing the matter; international politics.
14. 1810 Jul 1. Has received the boxes Dr Duke sent him; friendly chatter.
15. 1812 Oct 25. Has recovered from illness; political chatter.

16. London. 1827 Jun 6. Thanks JJ for his hospitality; about his return to England via Chile and Peru.

McLEAY, ALEXANDER [also spelt Macleay or M'Leay]
17. London. 1804 Mar 6. JJ elected Fellow of the Linnean Society. [Lifetime subscription £21].

MANGIN, B.C. [?]
18. London. 1839 Nov 13. Asks JJ to use his influence with George Cipps and have his friend, John B. Halden, appointed unpaid Magistrate of the Colony.

19. 1810 Jun 22. [In French].

20. Plymouth. 1829 Mar 20. Is sending a box of articles to a relative, James Risk, who had been banished to the Colony; hopes that JJ will afford him indulgence.

21. Gosport(?). 1839 Dec 27. [Illegible].

22. Hobart Town. 1823 Mar 31. JJ elected Member of Wernerian Society of Edinburgh.

23. Norfolk Island. 1804 Aug 14. Confusion about payments made and payments due; is being posted to Port Dalrymple.
24. Sydney. 1807 Jun 29. (To Lady Jamison) Acknowledges receipt of £50; asks for £250 by return of post.
25. 1846 Dec 24 [?]. [Illegible]. [File copy? On verso copy of letter to Lady Jamison]
26. London. 1805 Jan 23. ADMIRALTY ORDER to JJ to take service as Physician of a Squadron under the command of Admiral Saumarez.
27. Stockholm. 1809 Jul 3. DIPLOMA of the Knight of the Order of Wasa, awarded by Charles XIII, King of Sweden. [In Swedish, with two translations into English].
28. L'lle Maurice. 1830 Dec 7. CERTIFICATE of Membership of Societe d'Histoire Naturelle.
29. Sydney. 1844 Nov 21.. LICENCE TO LADY JAMISON to depasture Crown lands
30. Sydney. 1846 Aug 26. LICENCE TO LADY JAMISON to occupy waste lands of the Crown in New South Wales.
31. St. Andrews. 1898 Mar. DIPLOMA from St. Andrews University awarding JJ the M.D. [In Latin].
32. New South Wales. 1843 Nov 24. RETIREMENT. Half-Pay and Retired Pay; Form Navy Vote No. 14; declaration by JJ and confirmation by W. Russell, Magistrate.
33. Cape of Good Hope. 1806 Jan 10. CAPITULATION. Copy of Articles proposed by Lt. Col von Prophalow and signed by Prophalow, Major Gen. Baird and Home Popham. [Badly damaged]
33.Cape of Good Hope. 1806 Jan 18. CAPITULATION. Jansen and signed by Jansen and Brig. Gen. Beresford. Copy of Articles proposed by Lt. Col [Damaged]
34. Ten damaged envelopes.
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Creator NameJamison, John (1776 - 1844)
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