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TitlePhoto portrait album of the Members of the Polygraphic Club - presented to B.D. Jackson
AdminHistoryBenjamin Daydon Jackson (1846-1927) was a botanist, taxonomer and fellow of the Linnean Society.

He was born to Benjamin Daydon Jackson (Sr.) and Elizabeth Gaze on 3 April 1846 in Southwark, Surrey and started his career in secretarial and accountancy work. His interest in botany, however, led to his involvement with Kew and the British Museum where he collected specimens for them. At the age of twenty-two he was elected into the Linnean Society in 1868 and became the Society's Botanical Secretary from 1880 to 1902, the General Secretary from 1902 to 1926 and the Curator of Linnean Collections in 1926. He was well known for his literature and works of reference on the subject of Botany including the 'Guide to the Literature of Botany,' 'Vegetable Technology: a Contribution towards a Bibliography of Economic Botany' and the 'Kew Index,' as well as being an authority on Carl Linnaeus. In 1907 he received an honorary Ph.D. and A.M. from Uppsala University, Sweden, and the Order of Knighthood of the Polar Star in recognition of his achievements. Jackson passed away on 12 October 1927 in Westminster Hospital due to injuries he suffered from being hit by a motor-car on Buckingham Palace Road.

The Index Kewensis was published by Jackson between 1893 and 1895. It was intended to be an index recording all the scientific names of flowering plants from the time of Carl Linnaeus to the year 1885 according to their species and genera. The project was directed by Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911), a fellow botanist and director of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, and funded by Charles Darwin (1809-1882), who had expressed an interest in funding a project devoted to biological science before his death. The first version of the index contained 400,000 names, but further supplements were published to compensate for the addition of new plant names.
DescriptionPhoto album containing portrait photographs of members of the Polygraphic Club, most of which are labelled. The album was presented by the members to B.D. Jackson "in remembrance of his valuable services as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer for ten years ending in 1904", and is signed by Theo. Compton (President) and W.F. Miller (Secretary) on behalf of all of the members. Photographs of the following individuals are included:

[0.] Theodore Compton ('1904, aged 88')
1. Theodore Compton ('a few years later')
2. Edward [T] Compton
3. Miss Tomlin
4. S. Bertha Corbett
5. [Francis C. Fox?]
6. Edith M. Lister (TS insert 'Polygraphic Club Mrs C.E. Sharpe, Woodroffe, Portarlington Road, Bournemouth')
7. Theodora E. Clark
8. S. Thompson Clothier
9. Elise Button (at spinning wheel)
10. T. Beaven Clark
11. Dora Keel (TS insert 'Polygraphic Club Mrs Frederick Keel, 47, Castelnau Mansions, Barnes, S.W.')
12. W Dawes [?] T. Dawes
13. Miss Pedder ? (TS insert 'Miss A. Pedder 13, Somerset Place, Bath')
14. B. Daydon Jackson
15. T.W.M Lund (TS insert 'Rev. T.W.M. Lund 59, Croxteth Road, Liverpool')
16. E. [Harris?] [Grafton?]
17. Freda Button
18. S. Thompson Clothier, John B. Clark, Esther B. Clothier (having tea at a table outside)
19. Ada Warner
20. William F. Miller
21. [W Sharpe ?] (Mrs)
22. [Jane] Jackson
23. Elsie Warner
24. Annie M. Mann (and girl)
25. [Margihita?] S. Compton
26. John B. Clark
[27.] Annie [Nostin or Rostin?]
[28. ] H.M. Tatham (with 2 dogs), Kirkby Lonsdale
Extent1 photo album
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NotesPotential conservation problems
Creator NameJackson, Benjamin Daydon
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