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TitleIndex Kewensis papers (part 2) - B.D. Jackson
AdminHistoryBenjamin Daydon Jackson (1846-1927) was a botanist, taxonomer and fellow of the Linnean Society.

He was born to Benjamin Daydon Jackson (Sr.) and Elizabeth Gaze on 3 April 1846 in Southwark, Surrey and started his career in secretarial and accountancy work. His interest in botany, however, led to his involvement with Kew and the British Museum where he collected specimens for them. At the age of twenty-two he was elected into the Linnean Society in 1868 and became the Society's Botanical Secretary from 1880 to 1902, the General Secretary from 1902 to 1926 and the Curator of Linnean Collections in 1926. He was well known for his literature and works of reference on the subject of Botany including the 'Guide to the Literature of Botany,' 'Vegetable Technology: a Contribution towards a Bibliography of Economic Botany' and the 'Kew Index,' as well as being an authority on Carl Linnaeus. In 1907 he received an honorary Ph.D. and A.M. from Uppsala University, Sweden, and the Order of Knighthood of the Polar Star in recognition of his achievements. Jackson passed away on 12 October 1927 in Westminster Hospital due to injuries he suffered from being hit by a motor-car on Buckingham Palace Road.

The Index Kewensis was published by Jackson between 1893 and 1895. It was intended to be an index recording all the scientific names of flowering plants from the time of Carl Linnaeus to the year 1885 according to their species and genera. The project was directed by Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911), a fellow botanist and director of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, and funded by Charles Darwin (1809-1882), who had expressed an interest in funding a project devoted to biological science before his death. The first version of the index contained 400,000 names, but further supplements were published to compensate for the addition of new plant names.
DescriptionThe volume contains letters, notes and other memoranda relating to the development and compilation of the Index Kewensis. It features notes written by Benjamin Daydon Jackson, as well as correspondences and exchanges he had with Joseph Dalton Hooker, Maxwell T. Masters, John Kirlew, John Saunders, Augustus Kanitz, George Nicholson, Walter Tompkins, Harry Williams, John R. Jackson, William Saunders, Filmer Brothers & Co., W. Robinson, Alph De Candolle, T.F. Knight, Thomas Charles Knight, Pewtress & Co., Emma Darwin, Thomas Staple, F. Darwin, John Ball, Alfred Whitehouse, Harrison & Sons, Spottiswoode & Co., A.R. Waller, N.L. Britton, James Porter, Dulau & Co., Horace Hart, W.T. Thiselton-Dyer, J.N. Rose, John Lubbock, Florence H. Woolward, Clarendon Press, Hans Schniz, James Britten, L. Wittmack, A.B. Rendle, Henry Trimen, James Murie, H.H. Rusby, George Vasey, G.H. Darwin, E.G. Baker, P. Lyttelton-Gell, Henry Frowde, W.S. Darwin, E.M. Holmes, C. Bennett, G. Gibelli, C.E. Doble, William & Son, P. Archerson, S. Motlet, C. Davies Sherborn, P. Tauberg, N. Baillon, M. Busyman, Henry L. Vilmorin, L.H. Bailey, Oxford University Press (OUP), F.P. Forbes and C. Hemsley.

Subjects include stationary requirements, cost estimates, applications for employment, funding payments, queries, illustrations, invoices, proofs, drafts, reports, paper samples, lists of names and general chatter.

The numbers to the side of each item correspond to the page of the volume where items have been pasted. Letters by correspondents shown in capital letters are to Jackson unless otherwise indicated in brackets. All letters beginning with the addressee in brackets are from Jackson.

The volume also contains letters, which are not pasted down. These can be identified by the page number and a letter of the alphabet (e.g. 1a., 1b., 1c., etc.).

1.1896 Mar. Written memorandum by Jackson, defending himself from criticisms of the published Index. "I had a perfectly free hand at first, and it was only gradually that I was obliged to adopt certain methods, some of which were against my judgement, and in spite of my protestations, and have since the issue of the work earned the condemnation of all who use the book ...".

2. HOOKER, JOSEPH DALTON, Kew, 1881 Dec 12. Compilation of new edition of Steudel's Nomenclature; suggests £200 per annum.

2a. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1881 Dec 13. Letter received; will visit Kew on the following day; proposed financial terms.

3. Possible contents of the Kew Steudel.

4. Stationery requirements for the Kew Steudel.

5. Written procedure for compiling the new edition.

6. Written procedure of Nomenclature; stationery requirements.

7. Estimated sheets to be allowed for each letter of the alphabet.

8. Blank sheets.

10. HOOKER, JOSEPH DALTON, Kew, 1881 Dec 22. Darwin approves Jackson's estimate of costs.

10a. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1881 Dec 23. Will now start laying his plans; written specimen page.

12. MASTERS, MAXWELL T., London, 1881 Dec 26. Delighted to hear of the enterprise; will help if possible.
KIRLEW, J., London, 1881 Dec 25. Seeks employment; 16 years of age.

13. SAUNDERS, JOHN, London, 1881 Dec 30. Seeks employment for one of his sons.

14. KANITZ AUGUSTUS, 1882 Jan/Feb. Observations and suggestions about the new Nomenclator botanicus.

15. NICHOLSON, GEORGE, Kew, 1882 Jan 3. Little to report about youths who could be employed by Jackson.
TOMPKINS, WALTER, Kew. Specimen of hand-writing.

16. WILLIAMS, HARRY, Kew. Specimen of handwriting (unsigned).

16a. (To Robinson, W.) New Steudel; no decision yet made.

18. JACKSON, JOHN R., Richmond, 1882 Jan 4. Recommends 13-year-old Frederick Barwick as a possible employee.
SAUNDERS, JOHN, London, 1882 Jan 5. Not advisable to take elder son from his present occupation but could send younger son for interview. Cutting from Nature (1882 Jan 5); Darwin will supply funds for new Steudel Nomenclator.

18a. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1882 Jan 11. Will visit Kew to discuss scheme of operations.
HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1882 Jan 14. Encloses cheque for £150.

19. Part of private and confidential letter; no date (from J. MORIE)

20. HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1882 Jan 16. About the Steudel contents.
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, London, Jan 16. Suggests he practises writing before he enters Jackson's employment.

21. FILMER BROS., London, 1882 Jan 18. Asks what size boxes are required by Jackson.
FILMER BROS., London, 1882 Feb 1. Has not received reply about box sizes.
FILMER BROS., London. Visiting card.

22. Illustration of different kinds of boxes.
ROBINSON, W., London, 1882 Jan 28. Hopes to see Jackson about work to be done.

24. CANDOLLE, ALPH DE, Geneva, 1882 Feb 8. (in French) About the new Steudel addition.

26. JACKSON, JOHN R., Kew, 1882 Dec 13. Reminds Jackson of young clerk he recommended for employment.
FILMER BROS., London, 1882 Apr 2. Cloth stationery boxes ready for delivery.
SAUNDERS, JOHN, London, 1882 Jun 5. Sorry Jackson is dispensing with the services of his son.

28. KNIGHT, T.F., London, 1882 Jun 6. Suggests a replacement for Saunders who is leaving.
KNIGHT, THOMAS CHARLES, London, 1882 Jun 6. He is 15 years old; offers his services.
FILMER BROS., London, 1882 Jun 30. The boxes await carrier.
HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1882 Jul 18. Encloses cheque for £100.

28a. PEWTRESS & CO., London, 1882 Mar 15. Invoice for stationery, £6/19/0.

28b. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1882 Jul 8. There remains only £11/16/10; requires further instalment.

30. Cash records.

30a. (To Hooker, J.D.) Llanberis, 1882 Jul 16. Asks Hooker to retain cheque until he returns.

32. HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1882 Oct 14. Darwin's contribution is £262 for first year, £208 per annum thereafter.

34. BDJ'S third quarterly report in "work undertaken".

35. JACKSON, JOHN R., Kew, 1883 Jan 8. Has found two boys to work for Jackson; one of them is not quite 13.
Account of expenditure. 1883 Jan.

35a. DARWIN, EMMA, Beckenham, 1883 Feb 8. (To Hooker, J.D.) Encloses cheque for £200.

36. GARDENERS' CHRONICLE, 1883 Jan 27. Article about Helianthus Aestheticus [highlighted].

38. HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1883 Jul 19. Apologizes for delay in sending cheque.
STAPLE, THOMAS, Richmond, 1883 Jul 23. Asks Jackson for testimonial for his son.
DARWIN, F., Down, 1883 Aug. (To Hooker, J.D.) Encloses cheque for Jackson.

39. Additional text to be inserted in the proofs.

40. First proof of Jackson's introduction to the Index.

42. Draft by Jackson giving a background to the second edition of the Index.

44. Pattern of various typefaces, approved 1888 Oct 16.

44a. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1884 Feb 14. Encloses report and asks for audit of accounts; more money needed.

44b. DARWIN, F., Cambridge, 1884 Feb 27. (To Hooker, J.D.) Encloses cheque for £100.

44c. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1884 Feb 29. Acknowledges cheque for £100.

44d. 1884 Apr 12. Pencilled draft of letter,

44e. DARWIN, EMMA, Beckenham, 1884 Sep 1. (To Hooker, J.D.) Encloses cheque.

44f. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1884 Sep 2. Explains how the young boys will carry on working during his absence.

44g. (To Hooker, J.D.) London 1884 Sep 2. Acknowledges cheque for £110.

44h. (To Hooker, J.D.) London 1885 Mar 25. Asks if remittance has yet arrived.

44i. DARWIN, F., Cambridge, 1885 Mar 23. (To Thiselton-Dyer, W.T.) Has seen Jackson's report; will ask his mother to send cheque.

44j. DARWIN, EMMA. (To Hooker, J.D.), Cambridge, 1885 Apr 1. Encloses cheque for £100.

44k.(To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1885 Apr 4. Acknowledges cheque for £100.

44l. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1885 Sep 14. More money required.

44m. (To Thiselton-Dyer, W.T.) London, 1886 Sep 30. More money required.

44n. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1886 Dec 12. A maximum of three years required to complete the Index for press.

44o. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1887 Sep 20. Amounts due in July and September.

44p. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew 1887 Sep 28. Acknowledges cheque for £87/10/0; asks for date when MS is required for geographical revision.

44r. BALL, JOHN. (To Thiselton-Dyer, W.T.), London, 1884, Jun 5. About Genus Ammosperma.

44s. BALL, J., 1885. Encloses paper representing the views of Hooker and others.

44t. HOOKER J.D., Kew, 1886 Jun 3. He, Dyer, Ball and Olive will discuss progress with Jackson.

44u. HOOKER J.D., Kew, 1887 Jun 6. Suggests meeting be delayed.

44v. BALL, J. (To Hooker, J.D.), London, 1886 June 26. Has not heard from him; chatter.

44w. BALL, J. (To Hooker, J.D.), London. Encloses first attempt at title page for discussion.

44x. BALL, J. (To Hooker, J.D.), London 1887 Jul 4. About revision of the Nomenclator and adoption of abbreviations for names of authors cited.

44y. From Library of Royal Society To Herbarium, Kew. 1887 Jul 4. List of books forwarded.

44z. Geographical Abbreviations.

44A. Codex Botanicus Darwinianus.

44B. Draft of title page, in Latin.

45. Two samples of paper.

46. WHITEHOUSE, ALFRED (for Taylor and Francis), London, 1888 Oct 24. Estimate for printing Botanical Dictionary.

47. HARRISON & SONS, London, 1888 Nov 10. Asks for information in order to provide estimate for printing Botanical Index.

48. Sample of paper.

49. SPOTTISWOODE & Co., London, 1888 Nov 10. Estimate for printing.

50. Sample of paper.

51. HARRISON & SONS, London, 1888 Nov 21. Estimate for printing.

53. Geographical Abbreviations, written and printed.

55. First proofs of Index.

56. WALLER, A.R., London, 1888 Dec 11. Application for employment; hopes to work with the Index.
BRITTON, N.L., New York, 1889 Aug 12. Copy of Antikon in Columbia deficient by fascicles 6-10.

56a. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1887 Nov 23. Encloses last quarter's report and asks for more cash.

56b. BALL, J. (To Hooker, J.D.), London, 1887 Dec 9. About contents of Index.

56c. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1887 Dec 17. Acknowledges receipt of cheque.

56d. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1887 Dec 31. Asks Hooker for more cash.

56e. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1888 Jan 9. Acknowledges receipt of cheque; sorry but cannot attend meeting with Ball.

56f. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1888 Apr 28. Encloses quarterly report; asks for cash.

56g. BALL, J. (To?), London, 1888 May 5. About species described by Prof. Ascherson.

56h. HOOKER, J.D., Kew, 1888 Jul 23. Will soon return from Cambridge.

56i. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1889 Apr 3. Encloses quarterly report; asks for cash.

56j. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1889 Jul 10. Encloses quarterly report; asks for cash.

57. Part of record; species and numbers.

58. Numbers of sheets and pages; arithmetic.

60. Estimate of costs.

62. Estimate of costs.

64. PORTER, JAMES, (To Hooker, J.D.) Cambridge, 1890 Mar 25. Terms under which the Syndics of the Press will undertake publication of the Index.

64a. (To HOOKER, J.D.) London, 1890 Jan 15. Has been ill with flu; encloses report and asks for cash.

65. Arithmetic.

66. Cambridge quotation. Estimates compared.

67. Species and numbers.

68. Species and numbers. Minutes of meetings.

69. Costs per sheet.

70. Shorthand.

73. DULAU & CO., London, 1890 May 19. Will be glad to meet and discuss Index.

74. Annual amounts [received?] in years 1822 - 1890.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1890 Apr 3. Considers that printer's proposals are well worth developing.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1890 May 26. Cost of printing the Index; Cambridge Syndicate.

76. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1890 June 16. Asks Jackson to forward enclosed to Prof. Price.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1890 June 26. Report on favourable meeting with Clarendon Press.

76a. HART, HORACE (OUP) [Oxford University Press], Oxford, 1890 Jun 17. Encloses page proof of Index.

76b. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1890 Jun 17. Is sending Prof. Price selected portion of MS.

76c. THISELTON-DYER, W.T. Part of letter, no date, no addressee.

76d. PRICE, BARTHOLOMEW, Oxford, 1890 Jun 19. MS arrived safely.

76e. HOOKER, J.D., Wotton-Under-Edge, 1890 Jun 20. Encloses specimen page; not too pleased, but at the OUP price he would accept.

76f. PRICE, B., Oxford, 1890 Jun 21. Invites Hooker to meet him at the Athenaeum.

76g. HART, H. (OUP), Oxford, 1890 Jun 24. Is returning the MS.

78. Plans for despatch of sheets.
1890 Sep. Detail of revision of proofs.
HOOKER. J.D., 1890 Oct 16. Encloses cheque; hears from D. [Darwin] that his father made only a verbal request that his family keep up payments after his death.

80. List of four pages of names under heading Combretum.

82. List of four pages of names under heading Comesperma.

84. Printed proof page of names with headings Combretum and Comesperma.

85. Printed proof as on p.84, corrected by reader.

86. Revised page proof as on p.85, corrected by printer.

86a. Six page proofs showing corrections and revision.

88. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Jan 2. Has asked Mrs Darwin for subsidy; encloses his own contribution of £7/10/0.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Jan 7. Encloses cheque of £62/10/0 from Mrs Darwin.

88a. HART, H. (OUP), Oxford, 1890 Sep 12. Encloses proofs of first four pages of Index. [listed 86a in volume]

89. Two suggestions for title page of Index.

90. Four suggestions for title page of Index.

91. Two suggestions for title page of Index.

92. Two suggestions for title page of Index.

92a. (To Hart, H.) 1890 Oct 1. Corrections to specimen pages.

92b. HART, H. (OUP), Oxford, 1890 Oct 4. Queries corrected proofs.

92c. Four pages of proofs, corrected.

94. ROSE, J.N., Washington, 1891 Jan 4. Asks for prospectus of Index.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Jan 29. Encloses cheque; "The lad" requires more editorial supervision.

96. Two pages of arithmetic and costs.

97. Costs.
Kew, 1891 May 29. Testimonial for Kirlew, J., who is leaving Jackson's employment because of completion of Index.

98. KIRLEW, JOHN H., London, 1892 May 13. Is seeking employment at Imperial Institute; seeks help from Jackson and Mr Morris.
LUBBOCK, JOHN(?), London, 1891 Jun 17. Will write to the Speaker.
LUBBOCK, JOHN(?), House of Commons, 1891 Jun 18. Speaker's reply is fairly promising.
PONSONBY, EDWARD, House of Commons, 1891 Jun 18. About employment of Kirlew.

100. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Jul 3. Encloses cheque; uneasy about the length of the work.
Cost per sheet.

101. WOOLWARD, FLORENCE H., Grantham, 1891 Oct 17. Sends additional names, references and earlier dates of the genus Masdevillia.

102. Two lists of names and details of Masdevillia.

104. Draft letter to Hooker about mistakes in the text.

104a. (To Clarendon Press) Kew, 1890 Nov 4. Asks whether specimen type sheet will be kept standing.

104b. CLARENDON PRESS (To Hooker, J.D.), Oxford, 1890 Nov 5. Note will be considered.

104c. HART, H. (OUP), Oxford 1890 Nov 5. Encloses 12 proofs of first sheet.

104d. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale 1891 Nov 16. Has bronchitis so cannot go to herbarium; anxious about collation of species.

104e. Proofs of first eight pages of text.

106. (To Hart, H.) London, 1891 Nov 21. Sheet B received; there will be many alterations.
HART, H. (OUP), Oxford, Dec 24. Christmas will cause delay; first sheet printed.

106a. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1891 Jan 1. Last quarter's report enclosed; cheque awaited from Mrs Darwin.

106b. DARWIN, EMMA (To Hooker, J.D.), Cambridge, 1891 Jan 6. Last quarter's report enclosed. Encloses cheque and the memoirs of Mr Mallet; chatter.

106c. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1891 Jan 7. Acknowledges receipt of Mrs Darwin's cheque.

106d. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1891 Apr 1. Encloses quarterly account; requests final instalment from Mrs Darwin.

106e. (Hooker, J.D.) London, 1891 Apr 9. Acknowledges receipt of Mrs Darwin's cheque.

106f. SCHINZ, HANS, Zurich, 1891 May 12. Will soon let Jackson have information about the two dubious Rubi.

106g. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1891 Jul 3. Will soon provide the information; average names per page will be nearer 180 than 170.

106h. (To Clarendon Press) Kew, 1891 Sep 18. First copy for the Index despatched.

106i. SCHINZ, HANS, Zurich, 1891 Sep 18. Encloses notes required; hopes they are of some use.

106j. CLARENDON PRESS, Oxford, 1891 Oct 9. Alterations made and corrected proofs enclosed.

106k. Proof of two pages of the Index.

106l. CLARENDON PRESS, Oxford, 1891 Oct 24. In a fortnight or so will send three sheets per week.

106m. BRITTEN, JAMES, London, Nov 9. Encloses proof with notes.

106n. CANDOLLE, ALPH DE, Geneva, 1891 Nov 10. (In French) The Brassica citation is very clear.

106o. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale. Corrections to proof.

106p. HART, H. (OUP), Oxford, 1891 Nov 21. Queries alterations in proofs.

106q. About corrections in proofs.

107. WITTMACK, L., Berlin, 1891 Dec 26. Sorry, but he does not know the contents of the "Allgemeine Thuringishe Gartenzeitung". Costs.

108. Shorthand. Estimates of costs.Copy, headed by Masdevallia.

109. Photograph of boxes holding the MS in the Kew Herbarium.

110. Copy, headed by Howardia.
HOOKER, J.D., 1892 Jan 5. Encloses cheque for £7/10/-; complains about the printer.
RENDLE, A.B., London, 1892 Jan 14. Mentions names he did not find in the list.

112. MASTERS, MAXWELL T., London, 1892 Feb 19. Returns proofs of Index; about the contents.

114. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1892 Mar 22. Jackson must hereafter cut his coat according to his cloth.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1892 Apr 16. About specific names in the list.
Costs, 1891 and 1892.
1892 Mar 8. Printed notice about production of the Index by Clarendon Press.
TRIMEN, HENRY, London, 1892 Jul 16. Seeks information about Thunb. de Cynanch.

116. BRITTEN, JAMES, London, 1892 Sep 3. He corrects sheets as quickly as possible; asks for payment.
BRITTEN, JAMES, London, 1892 Sep 27. Encloses corrected proof; grateful for payment.
MURIE, JAMES, Leigh, 1892 Nov 21. Thinks Catalogue will be second to none; asks if Jackson would like a PH.D from a Scottish University.

118. RUSBY, H.H., Detroit, 1892 Dec 9. Confirms that the name Ipomoea Jalapa was first published by Coxe in the Journal of the American Sciences, 1829.
VASEY, GEORGE, Washington, 1892 Dec 17. About the specimen of Fournier's Jouvea.
Note: Does not believe the Jalafe plant in the U.S. and Mexico is the same.

118a. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Nov 22. Better to meet and talk things over.

118b. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1891 Nov 25. Returns Sheet E with comments.

118c. (To Hooker, J.D.) 1891 Nov 26. Acknowledges letter and enclosures; suggests each volume is limited to 1,000 leaves.

118d. DARWIN, G.H., Cambridge, 1892 Jan 5. Mother not well; encloses cheque for £75.

118e. WITHMACK, Berlin, 1892 Jan 13. Encloses letter from Schulz.

118f. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], 1892 Jan 26. Suggestions for marking proofs.

118g. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], 1892 Jan 29. Cost of corrections in the proof is £2/1/6.

118h. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], 1892 Feb 26. Reader's mistakes possible; asks for return of copy.

118i. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], 1892 Mar 2. Cost of corrections in sheet O is £1/12/6.

118j. SCHINZ, HANS, Zurich, 1892 Mar 7. Asks by whom and where Dearingia holostaychya was published.

118k. BAKER, E.G., Kew, 1892 Apr 20. Asks that Jackson delays sending proofs of Index to the Museum.

118l. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1892 Apr 28. Encloses monthly account.

118m. (To Hooker, J.D.) Kew, 1892 Apr 30. Encloses receipt for cheque.

118n. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press]. Encloses memo for cost of corrections for sheets Gg, Hh, Ii, and Kk.

118o. Correction for signature Zz.

118p. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale. Proofs to be sent to the Rev. Henslow in Bath.

118q. H.J. Thinks he is correct but perhaps mistaken.

118r. LYTTLETON-GELL, P., Oxford, 1892 Dec 14. Has discussed Index production with Hart.

118s. FROWDE, HENRY (OUP), London, 1893 Dec 15. Encloses brief notice about the Index.

118t. (To Hooker, J.D.) Address until about the 22nd August will be in Appleby.

120. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1892 Nov 8. Note about the despatch of proofs.
HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1892 Nov 16. Returns proof; his plans for immediate future.

122. A brief history of species and plant publications, leading up to the Darwin family subsidizing preparation of the latest edition. Ends with a plea to botanists and patrons of scientific works to pay for printing and binding the Index, the amount borrowed to be repaid if possible by revenue from sales.

123. Draft introduction to the Index.

124. Draft sketch of the Preface.

126. "Ground-plan" of the Preface.

128. Part of the Preface.

130. Page 1 of typed draft of the Preface.

132. Page 2 of typed draft of the Preface.

134. Page 3 of typed draft of the Preface.

136. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1893 Jan 1. Encloses sheet X and cheque for £16.
(To OUP [Oxford University Press]) Encloses letter from Klincksieck, of Paris; about corrections to printed sheets.

136a. DARWIN, W.S., Gras, Sep 30. Confirms he has sent documents and cheque for £150.

136b. HOLMES, E.M., London, 1893 Apr 7. Asks for names and authorities for three plants.

136c. HART, H. (OUP [Oxford University Press]), Oxford, 1893 Apr 7. The cost of reprinting four or eight pages.

138. BENNETT, C., Croydon, 1893 Jan 25. Questions about names.
BENNETT, J., London, 1893 Mar 28. About mistake in name.
BENNETT, J., London, 1893 Jun 3. About mistakes in names.

140. Darwin grant; payments made 1892 and 1893.
BENNETT, C., 1893 Oct 12. About names; Britten gives him a "twister".
BENNETT, C., 1893 Oct 23. Asks Jackson for a "twister".

142. BENNETT, C., 1893 Oct 25. Should have tried Gibelli.
GIBELLI, G., Turin, 1893 Nov 1. (In French). About the genus Luchia.

142a. HART H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], Oxford 1893 June 8. Asks for return of signature B.

142b. DOBLE, C.E. (To Hooker), Oxford 1892 Jun 23. Encloses proof of title page.

142c. (To OUP [Oxford University Press]) Kew, 1893 Jun 23. Rumour says first part already published; asks for explanation.

142c. OUP [Oxford University Press], (Telegram) Oxford, 1893 Jun 23. First part not published; letter follows.

142d. OUP [Oxford University Press], Oxford, 1893 Jun 23. Prospectuses issued but first part not published.

142e. OUP [Oxford University Press], Oxford, 1893 Jul 13. Seeks copy for English title page for first part of Index.

142f. Draft of text in English for title page.

142g. Printer's proof of title page in English.

142h. HART H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press]. Oxford, 1893 Jun 26. Encloses proof of prospectus.

142j. WESLEY, WILLIAM & SON, London, 1893 Jul 6. Asks for supply of prospectuses which they can send to Botanical Gardens and botanists in England, Colonies and foreign countries.

142k. MASTERS, T. MAXWELL, London, 1893 Jul 6. Will do his best to supply information on Sterculias.

142l. ARCHERSON, P., Berlin, 1893 Jul 15. Regrets he cannot confirm date of Melandrium.

142m. Copy for English title page.

142n. MOTLET, S., Paris, 1893 Aug 18. Hopes he can exchange French copy of Nicholson's Dictionary of gardening for the Index.

144. SHERBORN, C. DAVIES, London, 1893 Nov 11. About zoological aspect of nomenclature.

144a. TAUBERG, P., Berlin, 1893 Sep 5. Requests copy of Index for detailed review.

144b. FROWDE, H. (To Hooker, J.D.), London, 1893 Nov 29. Encloses November list of new and recent books which includes the Index.

145. BENNETT, C., London, 1893 Jun 3. Asks for exact date of publication of Part 1 of Index.

146. BAILLON, N., Paris, 1893 Nov 22. Luckla is not in Steudel's herbarium. Quotations from Latin: Ovid and Cicero.

148. BUYSMAN, M. (?), Middelburg, 1894 Apr 27. Cannot afford to purchase Index; could he possibly borrow a copy?
Note about Xylon.

148a. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1894 Mar 4. About nomenclature.

148b. HOOKER, HYACINTH, Sunningdale, 1894 Mar 28. Hooker must go to a wedding on Wednesday so he will be Kew on Friday.

148c. ARCHERSON, P., Berlin, 1894 May 12. Encloses exact copy of Röhling's Melandrium.

148d. MASTERS, T. MAXWELL, London, 1894 Apr 20. About Pavonia rosea.

148e. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1894 Jul 6. About nomenclature.

148f. HOOKER, J.D., Sunningdale, 1894 Aug 25. Personal chatter.

150. VILMORIN, HENRY L., Paris, 1894 Apr 16. Points out mistake in Index; Cornus trilobata should read 'Cormus trilobata'.

152. BAILEY, L.H., Ithaca, 1894 Apr 10. Seeks the authority for the name Nicotiana affinis.

154. Dates and figures.

155. Advertisement. Metal-bodied rubber type for hand printing.

156. Price list for metal-bodied rubber type.

157. Note about the Index Kewensis being alluded to in W. [Watton]'s book.

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158d. HART H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], Oxford, 1895 Jul 1. Encloses first proofs and a sheet with queries.

158e. OUP [Oxford University Press] (Telegram), Oxford, 1895 Jul 3. Sheet with queries was posted last Monday.

158f. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1895 Sep 11. Letter received yesterday handed to the Secretary.

158g. HART H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press], Oxford, 1895 Sep 30. Queries about publication should be referred to the Secretary.

158f. (To Hooker, J.D.) London, 1895 Oct 4. Returns two letters from the Darwins; cheque not yet received.

158g. (To Hooker, J.D.) London Nov 8. Cheque received.

158h. HART, H. (OUP) [Oxford University Press] (To Hooker, J.D.), Oxford, 1896 Jan 3. Volume will be published almost immediately.

160a. Forbes, F.P., London, 1884 Jun 2. About nomenclature.

160b. Bennett, C., London, Mar 23. About nomenclature.

160c. List of columns occupied by letters of the alphabet.

160d. Hemsley, C., 1893 Oct 29. Acknowledges payment of £1.

161. (JACKSON B.D.) A reference certificate for [Thomas William John Phillips].
Extent1 bound volume
Related MaterialJackson, Benjamin Daydon, 1846-1927, and Joseph Dalton, 1817-1911 Hooker. Index Kewensis: An Enumeration of the Genera and Species of Flowering Plants and Their Synonyms From the Time of Linnaeus to the Year 1885 Inclusive, Together with Their Authors' Names, the Works in Which They Were First Published, and Their Native Countries / Compiled at the Expense of Charles Robert Darwin / Under the Direction of Joseph D. Hooker / by B. Daydon Jackson. [and Supplements]. Oxford: Clarendon, 1893-2002. Q 001.4:582.

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