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TitleCorrespondence of the Committee on Botanical Works Feb. 1900 - May 1901
AdminHistoryIn January 1900 the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury appointed a Committee "To consider the present arrangements under which botanical work is done and collections maintained by the Trustees of the British Museum and under the First Commissioner of Works at Kew respectively; and to report what changes (if any) in those arrangements are necessary or desirable in order to avoid duplication of work and collections at the two Institutions". Benjamin Daydon Jackson was appointed Secretary.
DescriptionUnless otherwise stated, letters are addressed to Benjamin Daydon Jackson.

1. 1900 Feb 1. Treasury to Foster, M. Invites him to be Chairman of the Committee and mentions salary of £150 for Secretary.
2. 1900 Mar 16. Foster, M. Asks if he will undertake duties of Secretary.
3. 1900 Mar 17. Foster, M. Confirms his name for Secretaryship has been put to Lords of the Treasury. Mentions payment of £150 p.a.
4. 1900 Mar 24. Treasury. Confirms his appointment as Committee Secretary.
5. 1900 Mar 24. Jackson to Treasury. Accepts his appointment. Will arrange for first meeting of the Committee.
6. 1900 Mar 25. Foster, M. Laid up with cold but arranges to see him.
7. 1900 Mar 26. Wyman & Sons. Confirms their appointment as printer to the Committee.
8. No date. Foster, M. Spring Rice will see him and explain everything.
9. 1900 Mar 27. Spring Rice, S.E. Confirms his visit to see him.
10. No date. Foster, M. Had re-arranged some of the items.
11. - [Rough list of questions to be asked of various people.]
12. 1900 Apr 3. Hillier, J.H. Availability of accommodation in No. 8 Delahay St. for the Committee.
13. 1900 Apr 7. Stationery Office. Typewriter will be available on loan.
14. 1900 Apr 11. Foster, M. Suggests his opinion be quoted in the letter.
15. 1900 Apr 14. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Gives the official title of the Committee.
16. 1900 Apr. Jackson. [Draft] Encloses information requested by B.M. and Kew.
17. No date. Jackson. [Draft] Encloses information to be passed on to B.M. and Kew.
18. No date. Jackson. [Draft] Encloses information to be passed on to B.M. and Kew.
19. 1900 Apr 24. Jackson to B.M. [Draft] Asks that the enclosed memorandum be placed in the hands of the Keeper of Botany.
20. 1900 Apr 28. [Envelope from Treasury to Jackson.]
21. 1900 Apr 28. Bayley Balfour, I. Confirms his attendance at forthcoming meetings.
22. 1900 Apr 30. Office of Works. His letter of the 24th inst. had been forwarded to B.M.
23. 1900 Apr 26. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses details of his monthly expenditure and of his salary.
24. 1900 May 1. Foster, M. Apologizes for not being able to call on him.
25. 1900 May 4. Thiselton-Dyer, W. Suggests that answers to the interrogatories be printed. Requests more copies of the interrogatories.
26. 1900 May 5. Jackson to Thiselton-Dyer, W. Confirms that the information will be printed. Encloses copies of the interrogatories.
27. 1900 May 5. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Hopes the report of the Devonshire Commission, as published in the Journal of Botany, 1876, will be made available to the Committee.
28. 1900 May 5. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Permission of the Trustees is needed for the evidence of the 1858 Enquiry to be made available to the Committee.
29. 1900 May 7. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Can find no evidence of an 1868 Enquiry. Not customary to put questions to the Trustees through the Office of Works.
30. 1900 May 7. Jackson to B.M. [Draft] Asks permission of Trustees that a copy of paper mentioned in Journal of Botany, 1876, referred to by Bennett and Carruthers, be brought before the notice of the Committee.
31. 1900 May 8. B.M. Nothing in their records under 1868. Carruthers might clear confusion with date. Requests that communication between the B.M. and the Committee be direct, not through Office of Works.
32. 1900 May 9. Jackson to B.M. [Draft] Is asking Carruthers for information. Had instructions from the Chairman to communicate through Office of Works.
33. 1900 May 10. Carruthers, W. Regrets he could not find the document to which he had referred.
34. 1900 May 10. B.M. Suggests the letter sent through the Office of Works be rewritten and addressed direct to the B.M.
35. 1900 May 13. Foster, M. Approves of communicating through the Office of Works.
36. 1900 May 14. Jackson to Office of Works. [Draft] Asks if his office holds a record of the enquiry specified overleaf and if so could the Committee have a copy.
37. 1900 May 14. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Regrets but holds no record of the paper mentioned.
38. 1900 May 16. Jackson to Foreign Members. Encloses questions the answers to which the Committee needs for its research. Reply requested as soon as possible.
40. 1900 May 17. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Encloses more copies of the interrogatories.
41. 1900 May 19. Zahlbruckner, A. Replies to questions; with enclosures [see Nos. 42, 43,44, 45 and 46].
42. 1900 May 26. Zahlbruckner, A. [See No. 41.]
43. K.K. Naturhistorisches Hofmuseum. List of herbarium. [See No. 41.]
44. K.K. Naturhistorisches Hofmuseum. Printed list. [See No. 41.]
45. K.K. Botanisches Hofcabinet. Printed description. [See No. 41.]
46. K.K. Naturhistorisches Hofmuseum. Reprint. [See No. 41.]
47. 1900 May 29. Jardin Botanique du L'Etat. Information requested by Jackson.
48. 1900 May 30. Jackson to Crepin, F. Will send him copy of the Committee’s report.
49. 1900 May 31. Williams, F.N. Description of the arrangement in the Brussels Herbarium.
50. 1900 May 31. Office of Works. The only references in the records are in "Dr. Hooker’s Reply to Professor Owen’s Statement, Appendix No. 3 in the Kew Gardens Return".
51. 1900 Jun l. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses details of his monthly expenditure.
52. 1900 Jun 5. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Asks if statement overleaf is correct.
53. 1900 Jun 5. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Asks if statement overleaf is correct.
54. 1900 Jun 6. Treasury. Asks for voucher to support "Repairs to typewriter, 9d."
55. 1900 May 23. Kaiserlichen Botanischen Garten, St. Petersburg. Acknowledges letter of the 16th May.
56. 1900 May 23. Kaiserlichen Botanischen Garten, St. Petersburg. Gives information requested.
57. 1900 Jun 7. Foster, M. Suggests a meeting at the R.Soc.
58. 1900 Jun 11. Jackson to B.M. [Draft] Encloses extracts from Parliamentary Paper not known to the Committee when letter of 24th April was despatched.
59. 1900 Jun 12. Davies Sherborn, C. Description of Owen’s papers. ["Owen’s MSS were 14 ft. thick of foolscap and 15,000 letters! I destroyed 10 ft. of MS and kept 4"]
60. 1900 Jun 12. Treasury. Expenditure for May [10/ld.] examined and passed.
61. 1900 Jun 12. Jackson to Office of Works. Asks if old papers relating to the Office of Works are kept in the Public Record Office.
62. 1900 Jun 12. Jackson to Davies Sherborn, C. [Draft] Asks if he had any knowledge of the whereabouts of Owen’s report made in House of Commons, 1872.
63. 1900 Jun 13. Jackson to Carruthers, W. Appeals to him for help in tracing the Owen memoranda. No record in the Office of Works and even the date (15th January 1869) did not seem to tally.
64. 1900 Jun 14. Jackson to Crepin, F. Seeks further information following his letter 29th May.
65. 1900 Jun 16. Crepin, F. Replies to Jackson’s letter of the 14th June.
66. 1900 Jun 18. Jackson to Crepin, F. Grateful for his reply.
67. 1900 May 18. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Grateful for extra copies.
68. 1900 Jun 19. Carruthers, W. The copy from the Office of Works had been found. Signed by George Russell and dated 31st December 1868. Will ask B.M. (Nat. Hist.) to have copy made.
69. 1900 Jun 20. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Glad to hear documents had been found. Offers to copy them.
70. 1900 Jun 20. Jackson to Foster, M. Confirms he has copies of the documents.
71. 1900 Jun 20. Jackson to Office of Works. [Draft] Confirms possession of the documents.
72. 1900 Jun 21. Jackson to B.M. Confirms missing documents had been found and that he has copies.
73. 1900 Jun 22. B.M. Glad the missing papers had been found.
74. 1900 Jun 24. Bayley Balfour, I. Cannot attend Committee Meeting on the 4th or 5th July.
75. 1900 Jun 25. Jackson to Treasury. About salary due to him at the end of the quarter.
76. 1900 Jun 26. Jackson to Foster, M. Balfour cannot attend Committee Meeting on 4th July.
77. 1900 Jun 27. Jackson to Sherborn, C.D. Tells him the documents had been found.
78. 1900 Jun 27. Foster, M. Do not circulate anything until they meet at the R.Doc.
79. 1900 Jun 29. Jackson to Cornu, M. Encloses letter from Michael Foster. [See No. 80.]
80. 1900 Jun 29. Foster, M. to Cornu, M. Asks for reply to Jackson’s questions about the Herbarium at the Jardin des Plantes.
80a. 1900 Jun 28. [List of letters still unanswered.]
81. 1900 Jun 29. Davies Sherborn , C. Glad to hear the papers had been found.
82. 1900 Jul 2. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses June statement of accounts.
83. 1900 Jul 5. Jackson to Foster, M. Asks if he should send letter. [See No. 85.]
84. 1900 Jul 5. Foster, M. Will see Jackson at the R.Soc.
85. Jackson. [Draft] No meeting of the Committee until October next. Gives reason.
86. 1900 Jul 7. Treasury. Accounts for June examined and found correct.
87. 1900 Jul 12. Treasury. Because of suspended animation of the Committee his salary will be stopped for three months. The office will remain at his disposal.
88. 1900 Jul 13. Jackson to Treasury. Acknowledges suspension of his salary but hopes the work he would need do on Fraser’s instructions will be taken into account.
89. 1900 Jul 13. Jackson to Engler, A. Hopes he will reply to Herbarium letter before the first week in September.
90. 1900 Jul 12. Museum d’Histoire Naturelle. Regrets delay in replying. Encloses information. [See No. 91.]
91. 1900 Jul 12. Museum d’Histoire Naturelle. Provides information requested.
92. 1900 Jul 16. Jackson to Museum d’Histoire Naturelle. Acknowledges receipt of information.
93. 1900 Jul 19. B.M. Encloses statements requested in Jackson’s letter of the 24th April.
94. 1900 Jul 12. B.M. Provides information requested.
95. 1900 Jul 23. Jackson to B.M. Acknowledges receipt of letter and information.
96. 1900 Jul 23. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Encloses copy. Proofs required urgently.
97. 1900 Jul 31. Jackson to B.M. Encloses proofs of information provided by the B.M.
98. 1900 Jul 31. Jackson to B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Encloses proofs of information provided by the B.M. (Nat. Hist.).
98a. 1900 Jul 23. Jackson to B.M. Acknowledges receipt of letter of 19th July and enclosure.
99. 1900 Jul 31. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses July statement of accounts.
100. -[There is no letter No. 100.]
101. 1900 Jul 31. Jackson to Stationery Office. Confirms that typewriter awaits collection.
102. 1900 Jul 30. Wyman & Sons. The remainder will follow tomorrow.
103. 1900 Aug 2. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. The proof promised yesterday not yet delivered.
104. 1900 Jul 26. Koniglichen Botanischen Gartens. Their reply to questions.
105. No date. [There is no letter No. 105.]
106. 1900 Aug 2. Jackson to Koniglichen Botanischen Gartens. Grateful for reply to questions.
107. 1900 Aug 4. B.M. Encloses proof corrected by George Murray.
108. 1900 Jul 31. Murray, G. Corrected proof headed British Museum Natural History.
109. 1900 Aug 6. Treasury. Accounts for July examined and found correct.
110. 1900 Sep 6. Jackson to Stationery Office. Asks for renewed loan of typewriter.
111. 1900 Sep 10. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Encloses pages 162-209 inclusive for typesetting.
112. 1900 Sep 20. Kew. Encloses transcript of paper relating to the Banksian Herbarium.
113. 1900 Sep 21. Jackson to Kew. Acknowledges receipt of manuscript pages and enclosures.
114. 1900 Sep 24. Jackson to Office of Works. [Draft] Asks for copy of information provided by Kew.
115. 1900 Sep 24. Jackson to Public Record Office. [Draft] Asks for copy of letter about the history of Kew signed by Duncannon, Stephenson and Milne, dated 24th April 1839.
116. 1900 Sep 26. Kew. Compliment slip [copy Nos. 88-116].
117. No date. [There is no letter No. 117.]
118. 1900 Sep 22. Kew. Will send him a covering letter with last despatch.
119. No date. [There is no letter No. 119.]
120. 1900 Sep 27. Kew. Will despatch tomorrow last of the replies to the interrogatories.
121. No date. [There is no letter No. 121.]
122. 1900 Sep 27. Kew. Encloses third instalment of the answers. Remainder must wait until he returns from Paris.
123. 1900 Sep 27. Jackson to Kew. Second instalment with the printer. The information so far amassed " very striking testimony to the wide activities of the establishment".
124. 1900 Sep 27. Kew. Compliment slip [copy Nos. 167-189].
125. 1900 Oct 1. Jackson to Foster, M. Encloses printed documents which will be distributed to the Committee. The reply from Kew is with the printer.
126. 1900 Oct 2. Jackson to Committee. Encloses printed documents. The reply from Kew is in the press and will be circulated as soon as possible.
127. 1900 Oct 1. Public Record Office. Is forwarding a copy of the Office of Works letter of 24th April 1839 addressed to the Treasury.
128. 1839 Apr 24. [Copy of letter from the Office of Works.]
129. 1900 Oct 2. Jackson to Office of Works. Acknowledges receipt of letter and contents.
130. [There is no letter No. 130.]
131. 1900 Oct 4. Treasury. Accounts for September examined and found correct.
132. 1900 Oct 4. Bayley Balfour, I. Asks if anything yet decided for Committee meetings.
133. 1900 Oct 5. Jackson to Bayley Balfour, I. Waiting to hear from the Chairman. Is also awaiting the final part of the Kew reply.
134. 1900 Oct 5. Jackson to Treasury. Asks for copy of Treasury Minute constituting the Committee.
135. 1900 Oct 10. Wyman & Sons. About the despatch of pages.
136. 1900 Oct 13. Treasury. No formal Treasury Minute constituting the Committee. Encloses extract from letter to Foster inviting him to serve as Chairman.
137. 1900 Feb 1. Treasury. Copy of letter mentioned in Treasury letter No. 136.
138a. 1900 Oct 13. Godman, F.D. to Foster, M. Gives dates when he can attend Committee meeting.
138. 1900 Oct 15. Jackson to Treasury. Acknowledges receipt of reply to his letter of 5th October. Explains why he wrote it.
139. 1900 Oct 11. Jackson to Kew. [Draft] Encloses proofs of evidence.
140. 1900 Oct 23. Jackson to Office of Works. Asks for copy of memorandum on the Banksian Herbarium dated 9th January 1899.
141. 1900 Oct 22. Kew. Returns corrected proofs and second portion of reply.
142. 1900 Oct 24. Jackson to Kew. Acknowledges receipt of corrected proofs.
143. 1900 Oct 22. Foster, M. Will return to London on Wednesday. Will see BDJ at the R.Soc. on Thursday.
144. 1900 Oct 24. Kew. Encloses remainder of reply to the interrogatories.
145. 1900 Oct 24. Kew. Wishes to see corrected proofs before they are printed.
146. BDJ to Kew. [Abstract of reply to No. 145.]
147. 1900 Oct 25. Jackson to T.A. Read & Co. Asks that a shorthand writer attends the Committee meeting.
148. 1900 Oct 27. Jackson to Foster, M. About procedure and the meeting at Westminster Palace Hotel.
149. 1900 Oct 28. Foster, M. Acknowledges receipt of circular and letter. About Murray attending the meeting.
150. 1900 Oct 26. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Office of Works cannot find his memo on the Banksian Herbarium. Had sent a copy which could now be regarded as official.
151. 1900 Oct 26. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Is preparing a covering letter for his reply.
152. 1900 Oct 27. Godman, F.D. Would like to see Thiselton-Dyer’s reply before the Fosters Botanical Committee’s meeting on Wednesday next.
153. [There is no letter No. 153.]
154. 1900 Oct 29. T.A. Reed & Co. Confirms that a shorthand writer will attend the Committee meeting.
155. 1900 Oct 29. Murray, G. Confirms he can attend the Committee meeting.
156. 1900 Oct 29. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Covering letter to his reply. [See No. 151.]
157. 1900 Oct 30. Jackson to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Acknowledges receipt of the last three letters.
158. 1900 Oct 31. Treasury. Encloses nine copies of report on the Physic Garden, Chelsea.
159. 1900 Oct 31. Kew. Grateful for the proofs and the bibliography.
160. 1900 Oct 31. India Office. Will ask Thiselton-Dyer to represent them.
161. 1900 Oct 31. Colonial Office. Satisfied with the maintenance of the collections at Kew and the B.M. Asks if the Committee would wish to examine W. Fawcett, Director of the Jamaica Public Gardens who is on leave in the U.K.
162. 1900 Nov 2. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Cannot represent the India Office. Encloses letter from Charles Bernard who he thinks would be a good representative.
163. 1900 Nov 1. Bernard, C.E. to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Secretary of State for India happy to leave in his hands the representation of any Indian interests at the Committee meeting. [See No. 162.]
164. 1900 Nov 2. Masters, M.T. Regrets he cannot attend the Committee meeting.
165. 1900 Nov 4. Masters, M.T. Regrets [again] he cannot attend the Committee meeting.
166. 1900 Nov 3. Elwes, H.J. Unable to attend the Committee meeting. Very much in favour of the amalgamation of the two collections at Kew.
167. - Elwes, H.J. Amplifies his conviction about the amalgamation of the two collections. [See No. 166.]
168. 1900 Nov 5. Clarke, C.B. Confirms he can attend the Committee meeting. [See No. 169.]
169. 1900 Nov 5. Clarke, C.B. Note for Chairman which he may give at Committee meeting.
170. 1900 Nov 3. Hanbury, F.J. Hopes to attend Committee meeting but asks if his evidence can be taken early.
171. 1900 Nov 3. Groves, J. Very much against the suggested transfer of the B.M. Bot. Dept. to Kew. Gives reasons.
172. 1900 Nov 5. Foster, M. Asks Jackson to meet him at the R.Soc., not at the Athenaeum.
173. 1900 Nov 5. Hanbury, F.J. Can attend if his appointment is a 12.15 and for more than 15 minutes.
174. 1900 Nov 5. Holmes, E.M. Will attend Committee meeting. Encloses answers to queries one to eight.
175. 1900 Nov 5. Holmes, E.M. Answers to queries one to eight. [See No. 174.]
176. 1900 Nov 4. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Returns proof of the concluding part of his replies.
177. 1900 Nov 6. F.G. Will be pleased to attend the Committee meeting.
178. 1900 Nov 8. Holmes, E.M. Encloses two copies of reprint from the Museums Association report.
179. [There is no letter No. 179.]
180. 1900 Nov 8. Reprint. List of Natural Orders. [See No. 178.]
181. 1900 Nov 6. King, G. Encloses precis of evidence he will give to the Committee.
182. 1900 Nov 6. King, G. Precis of evidence he will give to the Committee. [See No. 18L]
182a. 1900 Nov 6. Carruthers, W. Had been away and had not seen his letter until last night.
183. 1900 Nov 7. Carruthers, W. Hopes his telegram had been received.
183a. 1900 Nov 7. Jackson to Fawcett, W. Asks if he can attend the Committee meeting.
184. 1900 Nov 7. Colonial Office. Encloses Fawcett’s telegram accepting the invitation.
184a. 1900 Nov 7. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. "Thanks to your extraordinary power of getting to the bottom of things, we shall know about Kew all that is to be known."
185. 1900 Oct 23. Bowles, A.A. to Kew. Asks if he can see drawings on parchment and herbarium specimens.
185a. 1900 Oct 26. Bowles, A.A. to Kew. Grateful to Thiselton-Dyer for his assistance.
186. No date. [There is no letter No. 186.]
187. 1900 Nov 8. Murray, G. Thinks Hiern is on the eve of departing. Better if he were called now.
188. 1900 Nov 9. Fawcett, W. Would like to correct his proofs before he leaves England.
189. 1900 Nov 8. Murray, G. Encloses corrected proofs.
190. 1900 Nov 9. Note that Murray’s proofs had been received.
191. 1900 Nov 9. Saunders, H. Gives Fliern’s address within the past week.
192. 1900 Nov 9. Treasury. Accounts for October examined and found correct.
193. 1900 Nov 9. Telegram giving Hiern’s address.
194. Foster, M. Asks that the enclosed line of questions be typed and sent to Dyer.
195. Foster, M. The questions he proposes to ask Dyer. [See No. 194.]
196. 1900 Nov 9. Holmes, E.M. About the plant Sinapis nicana that the Museum could not determine.
197. 1900 Nov 9. Treasury. Requires an estimate of expenditure in 1901-2 and a statement for Parliament of the progress and probable duration of the Committee.
198. 1900 Nov 9. Kew. [Jackson note about return of revised copy.]
199. 1900 Nov 8. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Returns revised proofs. Suggests it be clarified whether or not collectors can go to the B.M. as a right.
200. 1900 Nov 11. Elwes, H.J. Asks about the time he should attend the Committee meeting.
201. 1900 Nov 11. Foster, M. The Committee will not meet p.m. Suggests he go to Cunard office and ask if Britton had booked his passage or give his address.
202. 1900 Nov 11. Seward, A.C. Acknowledges the invitation to give evidence to the Committee.
203. 1900 Nov 10. Farmer, J.G. Will attend the Committee meeting at 11 a.m.; prefers 11.30
204. No date. King, G. Grateful for copy of Bentham’s evidence.
205. 1900 Nov 9. Hiern, W.P. Willi attend the Committee meeting at 11.30 a.m.
206. 1900 Nov 16. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. About his reaction to Foster’s rough draft and the possible transfer of the Kew Herbarium to the B.M. He could not attend the Committee meeting without instructions from the First Commissioner.
207. 1900 Nov 12. Farmer, J.G. [Telegram] Will attend the meeting at 11.30 a.m.
208. 1900 Nov 12. Foster, M. Awaits his letter with concern.
209. No date. Masters, M.F. Encloses "jotted down" answers to questions asked.
210. No date. Masters, M.T. The "jotted down" answers to questions [see No. 209].
211. 1900 Nov 12. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Comments on the rough draft of the line Foster proposes to take when examining him.
212. 1900 Nov 13. Metropolitan Reporting Agency. Wyman would send proofs that morning.
213. 1900 Nov 13. Jackson to Murray, G. [Draft] Answers not clear. Asks questions.
214. 1900 Nov 14. Note about return of proofs to Fawcett.
215. 1900 Nov 13. Note that proofs were sent express to Fawcett.
216. 1900 Nov 13. Elwes, H.J. Will be there by 11.30.
217. 1900 Nov 14. Murray, G. Error found. Asks for two copies of his evidence for the Trustees.
218. 1900 Nov 14. Cuna'rd Line. Encloses Saloon passenger list of the Lucania showing name of N.L. Britton.
219. 1900 Nov 3. Cunard Line. List of Saloon passengers [see No. 218].
220. 1900 Nov 14. Seward, A.C. Precis of his evidence.
221. 1900 Nov 17. Masters, M.T. Asks if he can see a proof of his answers before publication. His evidence incorrect in that he had not lectured at the B.M.
222. 1900 Nov 14. Proofs sent to Hanbury.
223. 1900 Nov 15. Foster, M. [Draft of letter to F.C.]
224. 1899 Apr 19. Copy of Treasury Minute.
225. 1900 Nov 16. Scott, D.N. Can attend the Committee meeting next Wednesday.
226. 1900 Nov 15. Seward, A.C. Encloses statement of expenses.
227. 1900 Nov 16. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Confirms that R. Lankester can give evidence to the Committee on the 21st inst. [Draft reply on flyleaf.]
228. 1900 Nov 16. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Encloses copy of instructions from the First Commissioner about the limit of the evidence he can give to the Committee.
229. 1900 Nov 14. Kew to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Restriction of evidence he can give to the Committee. [See No. 228.]
230. 1900 Nov 18. Kirk, J. His question 460, which had not been understood by Holmes, is correctly stated in the proof.
231. 1900 Nov 18. Seward, A.C. Regrets he was unaware the Treasury limited lunch to 2/-.
232. 1900 Nov 17. Foster, M. Had written to Hooker but asks that the enclosed be sent to him. He cannot understand the Treasury Minute. Is writing to Rice about Thiselton-Dyer.
233. [There is no letter No. 233.]
234. 1900 Nov 17. Woodward, H. Will attend Committee meeting 11.45 a.m. on 28th inst.
235. 1900 Nov 18. King, W. Has despatched corrected proof of his evidence.
236. 1900 Nov 17. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Had sent copy of his reply to the F.C. who will probably complain the questions were not prefixed. He is prepared to appear before the Committee as a public servant directed by his Minister.
237. 1900 Nov 16. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Because of the Government’s attitude to the Committee he encloses copy of his Minute for the Chairman's information. Spring Rice had objected to his description of the B.M. as a "quasi-private institution", although Rice had since admitted it was only a "semi-public one". Is anxious that the Chairman understands his (Dyer's) position in the matter.
238. 1899 Apr 26. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Copy of his letter to the Secretary, Kew [see No. 237].
239. 1900 Nov 17. Clarke, C.B. Returns proofs with corrections to his answers.
240. 1900 Nov 14. Jackson to King, G. Encloses proofs of his evidence.
241. 1900 Nov 17. Carruthers, W. Encloses corrected proof with explanation of his answer to Kirk’s question No. 581.
242. 1900 Nov 17. Carruthers, W. Explanation of his answer to Kirk's question No 581 [see No. 241].
243. 1900 Nov 14. Jackson to Carruthers, W. Encloses copy of his evidence.
244. 1900 Nov 19. Groves, J. Encloses corrected evidence.
245. 1900 Nov 14. Jackson to Groves, J. Encloses copy of his evidence.
246. 1900 Nov 18. Holmes, E.M. About the difficulties in finding out about plants in different journals. Thinks the work of a Government Dept. of Botany should be published by that Dept. Encloses proof and the additions to answers requested.
247. 1900 Nov 17. Holmes, E.M. Additions to his answers [see No. 246].
248. 1900 Nov 14. Jackson to Holmes, E.M. Encloses copy of his evidence.
249. No date. Printed page from the LS Journal, Botany, No. 237.
250. 1900 Nov 19. Murray, G. Suggests that Capt. Deasy be asked to attend Committee meeting.
251. 1900 Nov 19. Holmes, E.M. Points out a typewriting error BDJ had not corrected.
252. 1900 Nov 17. Jackson to Holmes, E.M. Asks for correction to mistake he had made in question 471.
253. Page 2 of questions by Jackson with written answers in red ink.
254. 1900 Nov 19. Holmes, E.M. Had not heard from John Kirk so had written to him with full explanation.
255. 1900 Nov 20. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Asks for copies of the questions and his replies, both for official use.
256. 1900 Nov 20. Office of Works. Encloses copy of Minute sent to Director of Kew [copy of Minute overleaf].
256a. 1900 Nov 21. Jackson to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Has shown the Chairman the Minute sent by the F.C. Hopes the expression "any view" will enable him to attend the Committee meeting on 29th November.
257. 1900 Nov 21. Murray, G. [Telegram] Gives Deasy’s address.
257a. 1900 Nov 21. Jackson. Draft of letter to the Treasury.
258. 1900 Nov 21. Jackson to Treasury. Committee work probably completed by March 1901. Gives outline of progress to date.
259. 1900 Nov 21. Seward, A.C. Amended claim enclosed.
260. 1900 Nov 15. Jackson to Treasury. Amended claim by A.C. Seward.
261. [There is no letter No. 261.]
262. 1900 Nov 21. Kew. Encloses further Minute from the Office of Works and his [Dyer’s] reply.
263. 1900 Nov 20. Kew to Office of Works. Before deciding whether work at B.M. be carried on separately from Kew, H.M.G. would wish to hear views submitted in evidence before the Committee.
264. [There is no letter No. 264.]
265. 1900 Nov 19. Farmer, J.G. Returns his copy of evidence with as few alterations as possible. Much ado about his lost umbrella at the Savile Club.
266. 1900 Nov 21. [Copy of evidence despatched to (?).]
267. 1900 Nov 22. BDJ to Wyman & Sons. Complains about repeated delays in delivering proofs.
268. 1900 Nov 22. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Grateful for copies of his replies. One is for Hooker, the other for the Colonial Office.
269. 1900 Nov 20. Kew. Average cost of bookbinding for Kew over the past five years was £53 per annum.
270. 1900 Nov 22. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Ray Lankester will attend the Committee meeting on the 28th inst.
271. [There is no letter No. 271.]
272. [There is no letter No. 272.]
273. 1900 Nov 23. Seymour, H. Asks for names of witnesses for Wednesday and Thursday. BDJ to Seymour, FI. Gives names of witnesses for Wednesday and Thursday next.
274. 1900 Nov 23. Foster, M. Enclosures for Scott and Woodward.
275. Foster, M. Enclosures for Scott and Woodward.
276. Foster, M. Questions for Scott.
277. Foster, M. Questions for Woodward.
278. 1900 Nov 25. Groves, J. Boulger would be willing to give evidence if invited.
279. 1900 Nov 21. [Copy of evidence despatched to Masters.]
281. 1900 Nov 24. [Copy of evidence despatched to Hiern.]
282. 1900 Nov 24. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Encloses copy of letter from Secretary of State for the Colonies for Foster. Has informed the Colonial Office that their request is "rather a large order".
283. 1900 Nov 23. Secretary of State for the Colonies to Kew. Gives instructions about helping Southern Nigeria [see No. 282].
284. 1900 Nov 24. Kew. Enclosed papers to be laid before Foster. Hemsley should be examined by the Committee.
285. 1900 Nov 24. Kew to Colonial Office. Encloses report from the Keeper of the Herbarium and Library. More accommodation needed [see No. 284].
286. 1900 Nov 24. Keeper of Herbarium and Library, Kew, to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. More space required for the collections and the Library [see No. 284].
287. 1900 Nov 25. Seward, A.C. Returns corrected proofs of his evidence.
288. 1900 Nov 24. [Copy of evidence despatched to Seward.]
289. 1900 Nov 24. T.A. Reed & Co. As requested, will attend the two Committee meetings.
290. No date. BDJ to Wyman & Sons. Complains about delays in delivering proofs. Failing assurance about delivery it will be necessary to inform the Stationery Office.
291. 1900 Nov 26. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Recommends that Boulger testifies to the Committee.
292. 1900 Nov 26. Holmes, E.M. AS note about his evidence.
293. No date. Elwes, J.N. Returns corrected proofs of his evidence.
294. 1900 Nov 24. [Copy of evidence despatched to (?).]
295. [There is no letter No. 295.]
296. 1900 Nov 27. D.H.S. Will bring a few notes with him tomorrow.
297. 1900 Nov 28. Kew. [Telegram] Hemsley will attend Thursday meeting.
298. 1900 Nov 30. Office of Works. Asks that the enclosed claim be certified if correct.
299. [There is no letter No. 299.]
300. 1900 Nov 29. Treasury. Foster’s claim will be paid but more information is required about Seward’s claim for expenses.
301. 1900 Nov 29. Treasury. Acknowledges receipt of report on the Committee's proceedings. Advises on the number of prints required for Committee use.
302. 1900 Nov 26. King, G. Grateful for loan of specimens. Had returned them to LS via Hemsley and Pearson.
303. 1900 Nov 30. Avebury. Grateful for evidence. Obvious that Holmes knew scarcely anything about our business.
304. 1900 Dec 1. Seward, A.C. Has deleted lunch (2/-). Hopes Treasury will be satisfied.
305. 1900 Dec 2. Foster, M. Dyer had modified his introductory letter and will study his memorandum.
305a. 1900 Dec 3. Stapf, O. Returns proof of Appendix II.
306. [There is no letter No. 306.]
307. 1900 Dec 3. Balfour, I.B. Returns the papers.
308. 1900 Nov 24. Foster, M. Had informed Avebury that what he wanted had been done.
309. [There is no letter No. 309.]
310. [There is no letter No. 310.]
311. 1900 Dec 3. Balfour, I.B. Encloses claim for expenses.
312. [There is no letter No. 312.]
313. [There is no letter No. 314.]
314. 1900 Dec 5. Treasury. Accounts for November examined and found correct.
315. 1900 Dec 4. Foster, M. Send to Dyer, unofficially and quietly, copy of the resume.
316. [There is no letter No. 316.]
317. 1900 Dec 6. Murray, G. Encloses Holmes's evidence which he had no difficulty in meeting. "What a pity he has imported personal venum into the matter."
318. [There is no letter No. 318.]
319. [There is no letter No. 319.]
320. 1900 Dec 6. Kew. Acknowledges receipt of copy of Summary.
321. 1900 Dec 6. T.A. Reed & Co. [With compliments and thanks.]
322. [There is no letter No. 322.]
323. 1900 Dec 9. Foster, M. Encloses his report together with questions. Will discuss it at length with BDJ before it is distributed.
324. No date. Foster, M. Handwritten manuscript. See No. 323.
325. 1900 Dec 9. Scott, D.H. Encloses corrected proof. He altered what he had said only in No. 1135.
326. 1900 Dec 8. Jackson to Scott, D.H. Encloses proofs of his evidence.
327. 1900 Dec 8. Jackson to (?). Encloses proofs of his evidence.
328. 1900 Dec 8. Jackson to Woodward, H. Encloses proofs of his evidence.
329. 1900 Dec 11.Woodward, H. Encloses corrected proofs.
330. No date. Foster, M. Asks if Jackson can fill in and correct the enclosed.
331. [There is no letter No. 331.]
332. 1900 Dec 13. Murray, G. Many of Holmes's assertions refer to period when Carruthers was Keeper. Asks if he could show the evidence to Carruthers so that he could answer certain points.
333. 1900 Dec 8. Boulger, G.S. to Murray, G. Gives his reasons for being so much against the abolition of the Botany Department in the B.M. or the amalgamation of the collections with those at Kew.
334. No date. Foster, M. Confirms that room be booked even without Dyer's evidence.
335. 1900 Dec 15. [Telegram] Avebury left on Tuesday.
336. No date. [There is no letter No. 336.]
337. 1900 Dec 15.Westminster Palace Hotel. Confirms booking of room on 19th December
338. 1900 Dec 17. Foster, M. [Telegram] Will meet in the Athenaeum.
339. 1900 Dec 17. Balfour. [Telegram] Asks if Committee meets on 19th December.
340. No date. [There is no letter No. 340.]
342. 1900 Dec 17. Thistelton-Dyer, W.T. Has sent duplicate proofs to the Office of Works.
343. 1900 Dec 18. Burkill. [Telegram] Will be at Burlington House that day.
344. 1900 Dec 19. Jackson to Hooker, J.D. Asks if he wishes to modify his evidence.
345. 1900 Dec 19. Holmes, E.M. Asks that the paragraph containing question and answer about the collection that was lost sight of in the B.M. be deleted from the record of his evidence.
346. 1900 Dec 20. Foster, M. Asks if he can determine the number of specimens in the B.M. when it was at Bloomsbury.
347. 1900 Dec 20. Kew. Thistelten-Dyer will be glad to see him next Saturday.
348. 1900 Dec 20. Hemsley, W.B. Encloses corrected proofs of his evidence.
349. 1900 Dec 15. Jackson to (?). Encloses proofs of his evidence.
350. 1900 Dec 21. Jackson to Holmes, E.M. Stresses that evidence, once give, cannot be suppressed. [Letter written on back of No. 345.]
351. 1900 Dec 22. Hemsley, W.B. If his alteration were not accepted the Director of Kew would write in and protest.
352. 1900 Dec 22. Gunther, A. Will ask for copy of evidence and then offer his counterevidence.
353. 1900 Dec 15. Jackson to Thiselten-Dyer, W.T. Encloses proofs of his evidence.
354. [There is no letter No. 354.]
355. 1900 Dec 22. Thiselten-Dyer, W.T. Hemsley is muddled with his figures. Thinks Kew figures are under-estimated and those of the B.M. over-estimated.
356. Kew. Insertion in p.144 after Royal Society (3rd line).
357. 1900 Dec 20. Hooker, J.D. Nothing to modify in his evidence.
358. 1900 Dec 21. Darwin, F. Encloses his bill for railways and cabs.
359. [There is no letter No. 359.]
360. 1900 Dec 27. Darwin, F. Corrections to his proofs.
361. 1900 Dec 28. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Enclosed statement is the best that can be done.
362. 1900 Dec 28. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). Approximate number of sheets and cabinets [see No. 361].
363. 1900 Dec 31. Darwin, F. Will be at No. 6 Gloucester Walk until 12th January.
364. 1900 Dec 29. Avebury. Does not have his notes but the word was probably expeditions.
365. 1900 Dec 30. Foster, M. About Gunther changing his Minute on the ground of rumour.
366. 1900 Dec 29. Office of Works. Asks that the hotel bill claim be certified correct.
367. [There is no letter No. 367.]
368. 1900 Dec 31. B.M. (Nat. Hist.). 509 cabinets were moved from Bloomsbury. Definition of a "specimen". Murray will provide answers to Holmes.
369. 1900 Dec 28. Murray, G. About what Holmes had said in his answer to 407. Also, about Holmes’s reference to the condition of the Dickie collection of algae when answering questions 485-492.
370. 1900 Dec 21. Carruthers, W. His reaction to the evidence given by Holmes.
371. 1901 Jan 2. Woodward, H. Would appreciate seeing a proof of his examination.
372. 1901 Jan 6. Frost, M. Had not written because there was nothing to say.
373. 1901 Jan 3. Carruthers, W. Had asked Batters for a statement on what he had said to Holmes about the Hudson Algae. Hopes the statement will be placed before the Committee.
374. 1901 Jan 2. Batters, E. to Carruthers, W. Thinks Holmes’s evidence was extraordinary. Encloses his own statement.
375. [Statement by E. Batters.]
376. 1901 Jan 8. [Telegram] "Some Wednesday supply daily."
377. 1901 Jan 10. Treasury. Accounts for December examined and found correct.
378. 1901 Jan 11. Jackson to B.M. Treasury had passed to the Committee a copy of the B.M. Trustees’ letter dated 12th July 1899 about the proposed Committee. Asks if the Trustees wished in any way to change the letter.
379. -Foster, M. Had modified Jackson’s notes. Hopes to send the draft report on Sunday next.
380. 1901 Jan 10. Jackson. His notes, modified by Foster.
381. -Balfour’s draft scheme.
382. 1901 Jan 13. Foster, M. Encloses draft report. Asks that errors be corrected.
383. -Foster, M. Draft report [32 pages].
384. [There is no letter No. 384.]
385. 1901 Jan 15. Thiselten-Dyer, W.T. Had sent proof to the printer for pagination.
386. 1901 Jan 15. Kew compliment slip.
387. [There is no letter No. 387.]
388. 1901 Jan 16. Miss Till’s Type-Writing Office. About completion of nine copies. [Miss Till’s arithmetic is somewhat careless. Ed.]
389. 1901 Jan 15. Balfour, I.B. Encloses belated statement.
390. [There is no letter No. 390.]
391. [There is no letter No. 391.]
392. 1901 Jan 17. Balfour, I.B. [Telegram] Seeks another copy of resolutions and scheme.
393. 1901 Jan 17. Miss Till’s Type-Writing Office. The nine copies are completed.
394. [There is no letter No. 394.]
395. 1901 Jan 17. B.M. Trustees see no need for change in their letter to the Treasury dated 12th July 1899.
396. 1901 Jan 19. Miss Till’s Type-Writing Office. Asks for cheque to be posted.
397. 1901 Jan 18. Miss Till’s Type-Writing Office. Claims that back payments are £3.
398. 1901 Jan 18. Avebury. Asks if Thompson could see the evidence he had place before the Committee.
399. [There is no letter No. 399.]
400. 1901 Jan 21*. Regent Street Type-Writing Office. Receipted bill for £5/6/-.
401. 1901 Jan 21. Jackson to [?]. [Draft] Thinks the proposal made by "your Lordship" should be brought before the Committee.
402. 1901 Jan 21. Foster, M. Had heard nothing that morning so was writing in the dark. Spring Rice to be asked if the Committee should meet on Wednesday were the Queen to die.
403. 1901 Jan 22. Jackson to Foster, M. No need to postpone meeting. Showed changes to the draft report as suggested by Spring Rice.
404. 1901 Jan 24. Avebury. Has not yet received the four or five days’ evidence.
405. [There is no letter No. 405.]
406. 1901 Jan 24. Foster, M. Treasury rules should be typewritten and circulated for comment.
407. 1901 Jan 24. Carruthers, W. His first work in 1859 was to corporate in a single series the British plants of E. Forster and some small collections. This could be considered the foundation of the present British Herbarium.
408. 1901 Jan 25. Avebury. Grateful for the evidence and memorandum.
409. 1901 Jan 25. Foster, M. Asks that his bill be made out for £1/19/10.
410. 1901 Jan 26. Spring Rice. Hopes his rough notes on the Treasury rules be put into better English.
411. No date. Foster, M. The enclosed MS from Spring Rice to be on page 13.
412. 1901 Jan 27. Kirk, J. Suggested amendments to the Treasury rules.
413. 1901 Jan 27. Foster, M. Has not returned MS on Treasury rules because he is corresponding with Spring Rice about them.
414. No date. Written note about the Holmes business.
415. No date. Notes to be "inserted on page 21". [No. 416?]
416. 1901 Jan 29. Foster, M. He and Spring Price cannot agree on the rules so go ahead with the printing "as fast as those leisurely gentlemen will permit".
417. [There is no letter No. 417.]
418. 1901 Jan 30. Treasury. Asks for an estimate of costs between now and the 31st March.
419. 1901 Jan 31. Foster, M. Is not well. Gives him instructions.
420. [There is no letter No. 420.]
421. [There is no letter No. 421.]
422. [There is no letter No. 422.]
423. 1901 Feb 1. Kirk, J. Titles can appear after his name in the printing.
424. 1901 Feb 3. Foster, M. No more stationery to be sent him. He has enough.
425. 1901 Feb 4. Foster, M. Will be at the Club tomorrow.
426. 1901 Feb 3. Balfour, I.B. Describes the article he will write about botanical authors for publication in the Annals of Botany.
427. 1901 Feb 5. Avebury. Asks that Holmes’s comment in his report that he [Avebury} had not understood Holmes’s objections be deleted.
428. Note about costs and expenses.
429. 1901 Feb 7. T.A. Reed & Co. Copy of bill sent by BDJ to the Treasury.
430. 1901 Feb 8. Jackson to Treasury. Sends account from shorthand writers and estimate of charges to be incurred between this date and the 30th March.
431. 1901 Feb 8. Jackson to Treasury. Estimate of expenses to be incurred between 8th February and 30th March.
432. 1901 Feb 7. Kirk, J. Gives address to which any correspondence be sent.
433. 1901 Feb 8. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Encloses revised Herbarium list and proof of the list of laboratory researches.
434. 1901 Feb 9. Foster, M. Does not consider Avebury’s request can be met but he can bring the matter to the attention of the Committee if he so wishes.
435. 1901 Feb 9. Kirk, J. Is strongly against the line Avebury had taken and sees no advantage in conferring with him.
436. Treasury. Estimate of Committee expenditure urgently required.
437. 1901 Feb 11. Treasury. Accounts for January examined and found correct.
438. No date. Foster, M. Encloses recommendations for typing.
439. No date. Foster, M. Details of recommendations. [See No. 438.]
440. 1901 Feb 13. Bailey, R. Asks that his account be certified if correct.
441. [There is no letter No. 441.]
442. 1901 Feb 13. Kew. Acknowledges receipt of letter to Thiselton-Dyer.
443. 1901 Feb 14. Jackson to Avebury. His letter had been submitted to the Committee and the phrase to which he had objected had been modified. Kirk did not agree.
444. No date. Darwin, F. Encloses his bill and congratulates Jackson on the work he had done.
445. [There is no letter No. 445.]
446. 1911 Feb 14. Holmes, E.M. Has no objection to the alteration.
447. No date. Foster, M. Did not have time to see him.
448. No date. Botanical Work Committee. A note of appreciation about the service rendered to the Committee by Jackson.
449. [There is no letter No. 449.]
450. 1901 Feb 16. Kirk, J. About whether or not he should charge for expenses.
451. [There is no letter No. 451.]
452. 1901 Feb 18. Wyman and Sons. Aks that the enclosed duplicate be signed and returned
454. 1901 Feb 19. Kirk, J. Encloses receipt for expenses.
455. [There is no letter 455.]
456. 1901 Feb 19. Balfour, I.B. Encloses his statement.
457. 1901 Feb 20. Avebury. Encloses two memoranda, one signed by him the other by him and Seymour. Sorry he differs so much from his colleagues.
459. 1901 Feb 20. Avebury and Seymour, H. Details of disagreement with their colleagues. They are not in favour of creating a new Advisory Board. [See No. 457.]
460. 1901 Feb 20. Avebury. Details of disagreement with his colleagues. He is not in favour of the Herbarium in the B.M. being transferred to Kew.
461. 1901 Feb 22. Bradbury, J.S. Asks that his charges for sleeping berths be considered.
462. 1901 Feb 25. Balfour, I.B. Apologizes for his omission.
463. 1901 Feb 25. Foster, M. Encloses the signed report with corrections.
464. 1901 Feb 25. Corrected report with recommendations. [See No. 463.]
465. [There is no letter No. 465.]
466. 1901 Feb 26. The Gardeners’ Chronicle. Encloses letter about Kew and B.M. to be shown to the Committee. Letter to be returned.
467. [There is no letter No. 467.]
468. 1901 Feb 26. Transcript of letter [writer’s name not mentioned] addressed to The Gardeners' Chronicle. [See No. 466.]
469. 1901 Mar 1. Godman, F.D. Encloses two copies of the report, signed.
470. [There is no letter No. 470.]
471. 1901 Mar 1. Spring Rice, S.E. Encloses report, signed, with comments.
472. [There is no letter No. 472.]
473. [There is no letter No. 473.]
474. 1901 Mar 1. Kirk, J. Encloses two copies of the report, signed. Considers Avebury and Seymour had been obstructive in their views.
475. [There is no letter No. 475.]
476. 1901 Mar 1. Godman, F.D. Encloses two copies of the report, signed. Understands de Candolle is delighted with the Committee’s decision.
477. 1901 Mar 4. Treasury. Points out an error in the enclosed account.
478. 1901 Mar 5. Treasury. Encloses a request from the Stationery Office for information.
479. 1901 Mar 5. Seymour, H. Encloses two copies of the report, signed. Hopes his fears will be unfounded.
480. 1901 Mar 6. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses letter to the Stationery Office about printer's errors, "probably due to the use of composing machines".
481. 1901 Mar 6. Jackson to Stationery Office. Encloses examples of printer’s errors.
482. [There is no letter No. 482.]
483. 1901 Mar 6. Balfour, I.B. Encloses report, signed.
484. [There is no letter No. 484.]
485. 1901 Mar 7. Foster, M. Comments about the wording.
486. No date. Avebury and Seymour, H. Pages 17 and 18 of their report.
487. 1901 Mar 7. Treasury. Asks for current claims and outstanding Committee accounts.
488. 1901 Mar 8. Office of Works. Asks that the enclosed account form Westminster Palace Hotel be authorized.
489. [There is no letter No. 489.]
490. 1901 Mar 8. Seymour, H. Suggests that a footnote be added to his report before he signs.
491. 1901 Mar 11. Jackson to Treasury. There are no outstanding Committee accounts and apart from his salary there are no outstanding claims from elsewhere.
492. 1901 Mar 11. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Encloses proof of the report. Four pulls to be supplied as soon as possible. MS for the index will be ready this week.
493. 1901 Mar 11. Balfour, I.B. [Telegram] Hopes his signed copy of report had been received.
494. 1901 Mar 12. Treasury. About his salary. No hurry to vacate the office or surrender stores before the work of the Committee is concluded.
495. BDJ. Written note about what needed to be done.
496. 1901 Mar 16. Treasury. Instructions what to do about the report and the number of copies to be printed.
497. [There is no letter No. 497.]
498. 1901 Mar 20. Avebury. Returns the report, signed.
499. 1901 Mar 20. Darwin, F. About the date of his father’s evidence.
500. 1901 Mar 22. Seymour, H. Comments on errors and Jackson’s signature on page 16.
501. 1901 Mar 27. Treasury. Asks for Jackson’s salary claim.
502. 1901 Mar 27. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Transcripts of the codicils to Joseph Banks are at the Office of Works. Fitzgerald would no doubt let Jackson see them.
503. 1901 Mar 28. Wyman & Sons. [Telegram] Reports sent an hour ago.
504. 1901 Mar 28. Jackson to Treasury Chairman. Encloses copies of the Committee’s report. Minutes of Evidence and Index will be forwarded when delivered by printers.
505. 1901 Mar 28. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses Committee’s report. Minutes of Evidence and Index will follow later.
506. 1901 Mar 29. Kew. Acknowledges receipt of the report. Comments on it.
507. 1901 Apr 1. Jackson to Treasury. Encloses monthly accounts. Tells of what needs to be done to finish the work of the Committee.
508. 1901 Apr 3. B.M. Has read the report. Points out errors.
509. 1901 Apr 4. Jackson to B.M. Apologizes for the errors in the report.
510. 1901 Apr 4. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Asks when he would receive proof of index.
511. 1901 Apr 4. Wyman & Sons. [Telegram] All ready Wednesday 10th.
512. 1901 Apr 6. Wyman & Sons. Jackson’s telegram had been replied to by telegram within a few minutes of receipt.
513. 1901 Apr 6. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Will enquire of the Post Office about their delay.
514. [There is no letter No. 514.]
515. [There is no letter No. 155.]
516. 1901 Apr 1. Harting, M. Asks if he can have a copy of the report.
517. 1901 Apr 11. Stationary Office. Requests 12 copies of the report for Kew.
518. 1901 Apr 23. Stationery Office. Requests copy of the report for Dept. of Agriculture, Ireland.
519. 1901 Apr 24. Treasury. Accounts for March had been examined and found correct.
520. 1901 Apr 25. Jackson to Stationery Office. Only two copies left unassigned. Will ask the Chairman if one copy can be assigned as requested.
521. 1901 Apr 25. Jackson to Treasury. Will comply with requirements as soon as possible.
522. 1901 May 7. Spring Rice, S.E. Asks when copies of the report will be delivered.
523. [There is no letter No. 523.]
524. 1901 May 16. Stationery Office. Encloses reply to telegram despatched yesterday to Wymans.
525. 1901 May 16. Jackson to Spring Rice, S.E. [Draft] Explains the delay in delivery of the copies of the Minutes.
526. [There is no letter No. 526.]
527. [There is no letter No. 527.]
528. [There is no letter No. 528.]
529. 1901 May 17. Jackson to Wyman & Sons. Asks to give bearer copies of the Minutes of Evidence.
530. [There is no letter No. 530.]
531. 1901 May 17. B.M. Asks for copies of the report.
532. 1901 May 17. Jackson to B.M. Will send what copies he can after Committee’s requirements are met.
533. 1901 May 18. B.M. Explains that copies only of the report are required, not the full report of evidence.
534. [There is no letter No. 534.]
535. 1901 May 20. Balfour, I.B. Grateful for copy of Minutes of Evidence and Index.
536. 1901 May 20. B.M. Copies received. Most grateful.
537. 1901 May 20. Jardin Botanique de L’Etat. Acknowledges receipt of report.
538. [There is no letter No. 538.]
539. 1901 May 21. Treasury. Accounts for April examined and found correct.
540. 1901 May 21. Jackson to Treasury. [Draft] Encloses final account. Is informing Office of Works he is giving up possession of the office that afternoon.
541. - Jackson. Notes on what is to be returned to the Stationery Office.
542. 1901 May 21. Jackson to Office of Works. Is vacating the office and encloses the key.
543. [There is no letter No. 543.]
544. 1901 May 21. Bennett, A. Acknowledges receipt of the report.
545. 1901 May 23. Treasury. Asks by whom the extra 50 copies of the report were supplied.
546. 1901 May 24. Jackson to Treasury. Explains how and why 50 extra copies of the report were ordered. Gives list of recipients.
547. 1901 May 23. Treasury. Points out errata in the report. Asks to whom Jackson will distribute the 100 extra copies which had been asked for, thus 150 in all.
548. 1901 May 24. Jackson to Treasury. Has no scheme for distributing another 50 copies.
549. [There is no letter No. 549.]
550. 1901 May 23. Kew. Acknowledges receipt of the report.
551. 1901 May 24. Herbarium, Trinity College. Acknowledges receipt of the report.
552. 1901 May 23. Stationery Office. Requests as many copies of the report as can be spared.
553. 1901 May 27. Jackson to Stationery Office. All copies of the report had been distributed.
554. 1901 May 27. Jackson to Foster, M. Encloses for approval emendations suggested by a colleague of Spring Rice. They can be inserted before presentation of the report to the House of Commons.
555. 1901 May 30. Foster, M. Approves of emendations.
556. 1901 Jun 1. Jackson to Spring Rice, S.E. Confirms the emendations had been accepted. The necessary action would be taken.
557. 1901 May 22. Stapf, O. Acknowledges receipt of report.
558. 1901 May 20. Oliver, F.W. Acknowledges receipt of the report.
559. 1901 May 20. Geological Society of London. Acknowledges receipt of report.
560. 1901 Jun 1. Treasury. Final account examined and found correct.
561. 1901 Jun 4. Jackson to Stationery Office. Encloses emendations which Spring Rice suggests be embodied in the report before it is presented to Parliament.
562. 1901 Jun 4. Tigar, G. Asks for copies of the report for presentation to the House of Commons.
563. 1901 Jun 8. Wright, C.A. Asks how he can acquire a copy of the report.
564. 1901 Jun 19. Boulger, G.S. Asks that he be sent the Blue-book.
565. 1901 Jun 30. Hope, C.W. Has been invited to write an article for the Calcutta Review. Asks if he could obtain a copy of the report.
566. 1901 Jul 3. Hope, C.W. Grateful for the report.
567. 1901 Jun 11. Prain, D. Grateful for copies of the report. Describes how the Kew collections are "housed in a way that is scandalously inadequate even for so philistine a country as Britain."


568. 1901 Nov 6. Maunde Thompson, E. Asks about a passage on page XIII of the report.
569. 1901 Nov 7. Jackson to Maunde Thompson, E. Will refer his letter to Foster but thinks the passage to which he refers is accurate.
570. 1901 Nov 8. Foster, M. Asks that his copy of the report be kept in a safe place.
571. 1901 Nov 16. Maunde Thompson, E. Asks if Jackson has any more information for him.
572. 1901 Nov 18. Jackson to Maunde Thompson, E. Had not yet heard from Foster about his letter.
573. 1901 Nov 14. Foster, M. Asks Jackson to meet him at the R.Soc where "we might concoct an answer to this troublesome fellow".
574. Foster, M. Jackson to meet him at 10 a.m., not 10.30.
575. Jackson notes about paragraph numbers in the report.
576. 1901 Nov 25. Jackson to Maunde Thompson, E. Draws his attention to Minutes of Evidence given by E. Ray Lancaster [Lankester].
577. 1901 Nov 24. Foster, M. Agrees with Jackson’s letter [see No. 576].
578. 1901 Nov 27. Maunde Thompson, E. Jackson’s reply avoids the points he had raised. The sentiment expressed in the report not justified by the evidence.
579. 1901 Nov 28. Jackson to Foster, M. Encloses copy of letter from Maunde Thompson.
580. 1901 Nov 24. Foster, M. Does not accept [Edward?] Maunde Thompson's contention.
581. 1901 No 29. Foster, M. Copy of correspondence with Maunde Thompson should be sent to Spring Rice and Balfour.
582. 1901 Nov 30. Jackson to Maunde Thompson, E. Encloses copy of Foster’s reply.
583. 1901 Nov 10. Jackson to Spring Rice, S.E. Encloses copy of correspondence.
584. 1901 Nov 30. Jackson to Balfour, I.B. Encloses copy of correspondence.
585. 1901 Dec 2. Spring Rice, S.E. Agrees with Jackson and Foster.
586. Foster, M. Asks that a copy of Lister’s letters and his (Foster's) letter be sent to each member of the Committee.
587. 1901 Dec 2. Foster, M. Copy of enclosed Lister letter and two supplementary letters to be sent to each member of the Committee.
588. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Minutes of his evidence on page 94.
589. 1901 Nov 25. Lister, A.M. Explains the course pursued in dealing with the Kew Collection.
590. T901 Nov 20. Lister, A.M. About the number of specimens from Kew represented in the B.M. by their mountings.
591. 1901 Dec 16. Jackson to (?). Encloses copy of statement and letters from Lister.
592. 1901 Dec 2. [Copy of statement and letters. See No. 591.]
593. 1901 Dec 17. Avebury. Agrees with Foster.
594. 1901 Jun 17. Kirk, J. Agrees with Foster. Thinks Lister had no right to enrich the B.M Collection without the knowledge and sanction of Kew.
595. 1901 Dec 17. Spring Rice, S.E. Agrees with the reply to Lister proposed by Foster.
596. 1901 Dec 19. Seymour, H. Will not give an opinion. Leaves it in the hands of Foster.
597. 1901 Dec 20. Foster, M. Encloses letter from Godman. Had forgotten what he had proposed to do but "we might as well do it".
598. 1901 Dec 18. Godman, F.D. to Foster, M. The correspondence shows the friction that still existed between Kew and the B.M.. Thinks union of the two Herbaria is the only solution.
599. Darwin, F. to Foster, M. Thinks there is no excuse for Dyer's behaviour.
600. 1901 Dec 24. Foster, M. Thinks Dyer should know what they are doing. Encloses draft.
601. Foster, M. to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Encloses copy of letter from him to Lister and Lister’s reply. Hopes now that he (Dyer) withdraws from his evidence the implied imputation on Lister's conduct.
602. Darwin, F. Asked by Foster to send the enclosed.
603. [There is no letter No. 603.]
604. 1901 Dec 27. Foster, M. About a long statement and a covering letter which he had asked Darwin to send him (Jackson).
605. Foster, M. to Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. Encloses copy of letter distributed to the Committee. Suggests there is no advantage in pursuing the matter further.
606. [There is no letter No. 606.]
607. [There is no letter No. 607.]
608. 1901 Dec 31. Foster, M. Does not know whether or not the enclosed copy is private or if it should be distributed to the Committee. Must consult with Balfour.
609. 1901 Dec 30. Thiselton-Dyer, W.T. to Foster, M. Does not agree that what he had said about Lister had been unfounded. Gives his reasons.
610. [There is no letter No. 610.]
611. 1901 Dec 31. Foster, M. to Committee Members. About Dyer and Lister. Does not think the matter should be pursued any further.
612. 1902 Jan 2. Jackson to Balfour, I.B. Encloses letter from Dyer and Foster's draft reply. Asks his opinion.
613. 1902 Jan 5. Balfour, I.B. Had posted to him letter for Foster.
614. 1902 Jan 4. Balfour, I.B. to Foster, M. Thinks nothing more can be said other than that the Committee believed Lister acted throughout in good faith.
615. [There is no letter No. 615.]
616. 1902 Jan 7. Foster, M. Had heard from Dyer who said his letter was private. Had written to him saying his official statement would he accepted.
617. 1902 Jan 17. Foster, M. Is at the R.Soc. waiting for Dyer.
618. 1902 Jan 16. Jackson to Foster, M. Will await to be called after 10 a.m. tomorrow.
619. 1902 Mar 21. Foster, M. Asks if Jackson can meet him at Kew next Tuesday.
620. 1902 Mar 22. Jackson to Foster, M. Will be at Kew on Tuesday 25th March.
621. 1902 Mar 23. Foster, M. Asks that the necessary documents be brought.
622. 1902 Apr 1. Foster, M. Asks him to distribute to the Committee copy of his letter to Lister.
623. [There is no letter No. 623.]
624. Foster, M. Now thinks he was mistaken in proposing to say "the reproach seemingly conveyed in the evidence of the Director of the Royal Gardens Kew was quite unfounded". Had written to Lister.
625. [There is no letter No. 625.]
626. [There is no letter No. 626.]
627. 1902 Apr 8. Foster, M. A thousand thanks. Hopes it’s all over.
628. [There is no letter No. 628.]
629. 1902 May 11. Foster, M. Encloses Lister's letter.
630. 1902 Apr 12. Lister, A. to Foster, M. Grateful for what he had done but does not agree with his conclusions.
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