Ref NoMS/411/11
TitleVolume 11
DescriptionBound volume containing 39 watercolour paintings of flowering plants, mostly British, as well as labels and details of the date and location that the flower was found. The bound volume has 'Scrap Book' emboldened on the front, and the number '11' written on the spine, and pasted over another label with flower names handlettered on it. The names are not related to those inside. The following plants are listed showing the page number, the common name or names, and the Latin name in brackets:

510. Beaked Crepis (Crepis taraxacifolia) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
511. Bristly Hawks-beard (Crepis setosa)
512. Smooth Crepis (Crepis virens)
513. Rough Crepis (Crepis biennis) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
514. Mouse-ear Hawkweed (Hieracium pilosella)
515. Grimm the Collier, (Hieracium aurantiacum)
516. Wall Hawkweed (Hieracium murorum)
517. Narrow-leaved Hawkweed (Hieracium umbellatum)
518. Succory, Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
519. Lamb's or Swine's Succory (Arnoseris pusilla or minima)
520. Nipplewort (Lapsana communis)
521. Acrid Lobelia (Lobelia urens)
522. Sheep's-bit Scabious (Jasione montana)
523. Round-headed Rampion (Phyteuma orbiculare) Also depicted detail of flower
524. Spiked Rampion (Phyteuma spicatum) Also depicted two details of flowers
525. Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata)
526. Nettle-leaved Bellflower (Campanula trachelium)
527. Giant Campanula (Campanula latifolia)
528. Rampion (Campanula rapunculus)
529. Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia)
530. Ivy-leaved Bellflower (Campanula hederacea)
531. Corn Campanula (Campanula hybrida, Specularia hybrida, Legousia hybrida) Also depicted two details of flowers ['Druce' written in pencil too]
532. Whortleberry, Bilberry, Blaeberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)
533. Red Whortleberry, Cowberry (Vaccinium vitis-id├Ža) Also depicted two details of flowers
534. Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos) Also depicted and labeled 'underside of leaf'
535. Marsh Andromeda (Andromeda polifolia)
536. Loiseleuria (Loiseleuria procumbens) Also depicted details of leaves and flower
537. St Dabeoc's Heath, Irish Menziesia (Menziesia polifolia) Also depicted details of flower and leaves
538. Fine-leaved Heath, Bell Heather (Erica cinerea)
539. Cross-leaved Heath (Erica tetralix) Also depicted detail of leaf
540. Ciliated Heather (Erica ciliaris) Also depicted section of branch and leaves
541. Cornish Heath (Erica vagans) Detail of flower also depicted
542. Ling-Heather (Calluna vulgaris)
543. Common Wintergreen (Pyrola minor) Detail of bud (?) also depicted
544. Yellow Bird's-nest (Monotropa hypopithys) Six details of flowers, buds, seeds
545. Water Violet (Hottonia palustris)
546. Cowslip, Paigle (Primula veris)
547. [Polyanthus] (Primula variabilis, Primula veris x vulgaris) Details of plant parts depicted
548. Oxslip (Primula elatior)
549. Primrose (Primula vulgaris)
Extent1 bound volume
NotesN.B. Some of the notes of locations and dates of flowers appear to have been acquired by Gwatkin through other people as it sometimes states 'per [through] Dr H. Clarke', or 'per R.L. Smith' or 'per E.M. Marsden Jones' or 'per C.D. Heginbothom' or 'the Rev Canon Goddard' or 'per Miss Vachell' or 'per Mrs Copland-Griffiths' or 'per Capt. E. Copland-Griffiths' or 'per E. C-G.' or 'per Mr Norman Hadden' or 'per Mrs Colville' or 'per Miss Austen-Leigh' or 'per A. Young' or 'per Mrs Baker' or 'per Miss Hardcastle' or 'per Mr Charles Nicholson' or 'Lady M. Spicer' or 'per Mrs Godman' or 'per Miss Cory' or 'per Rev. J.E. Kelsall' or 'per Mr W.D. Watson'.
Creator NameGwatkin, J.R.G.
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