Ref NoMS/411/2
TitleVolume 2
DescriptionBound volume containing 51 watercolour paintings of flowering plants, mostly British, as well as labels and details of the date and location that the flower was found. The bound volume has 'Scrap Book' emboldened on the front, and the number '2' written on the spine. The following plants are listed showing the page number, the common name or names, and the Latin name in brackets:

60. Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) (Var. Radicula nasturtium) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
61. Creeping Watercress (Nasturtium Sylvestre) ['G.C. Druce determination' written in pencil too]
62. Marsh Watercress (Nasturtium palustre) (Radicula palustris) (Radicula Candica) (Nasturtium terrestre) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
63. Smooth Tower Mustard (Arabis glabra) (Arabis perfoliala) (Turritis glabra)
64. Tower Rockcress, Towercress (Arabis Turrita)
65. Hairy Rockcress (Arabis hirsuta)
66. Thalecress, Wallcress (Arabis Thaliana)
67. Northern Rockcress (Arabis petraea)
68. Large Bittercress (Cardamine amara)
69. Cuckoo-flower, Ladies' Smock (Cardamine pratensis)
70. Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta)
71. Dames' Violet [Dame's Violet] (Hesperis matronalis)
72. Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium officinale)
73. [Indian Hedgemustard, Eastern Rocket] (Sisymbrium orientale)
74. [Tumble Mustard] (Sisymbrium allissimum) [Sisymbrium altissimum] ['Druce' written in pencil too]
75. London Rocket (Sisymbrium irio)
76. Flixweed (Sisymbrium sophia) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
77. Garlic Mustard (Alliaria officinalis)
78. Treacle Mustard (Erysimum cheiranthoides)
79. Wall Brassica, Wall Rocket (Brassica tenuifolia)
80. Sand Brassica (Brassica muralis)
81. Wild Cabbage (Brassica oleracea)
82. Wild Navew, Field Brassica (Brassica campestris) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
83. Charlock, Wild Mustard (Brassica sinapis)
84. Black Mustard (Brassica nigra)
85. Hoary Brassica (Brassica adpressa)
86. Horse Radish (Cochlearia armoracia)
87. Common Scurvy-grass (Cochlearia officinalis)
88. [Mountain Scurvy Grass] (Cochlearia alpina)
89. Danish Scurvy-grass (Cochlearia danica)
90. English or Long-Leaved Scurvy-grass (Cochlearia anglica)
91. Scurvy-grass (Cochlearia micacea)
92. Yellow Draba (Draba aizoides)
93. Hoary Whitlow Grass (Draba incana)
94. Speedwell-leaved Whitlow Grass (Draba muralis)
95. Vernal Whitlow Grass (Draba verna)
96. Gold of Pleasure (Camelina sativa)
97. Mithridate Mustard, Penny Cress (Thlaspi arvense)
98. Alpine Pennycress (Thlaspi alpestre)
99. Naked-stalked Teesdalia (Teesdalia nudicaulis)
100. Shepherd's-purse (Capsella Bursa-pastoris)
101. Mithridate Pepperwort (Lepidium campestre)
102. Smith's Cress (Lepidium smithii)
103. Hoary Cress (Lipidium Draba) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
104. Whitlow Pepperwort, Hoary Cress (Lepidium draba)
105. Dittander (Lepidium latifolium) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
106. Narrow-leaved Cress (Lipidium ruderale) ['Druce' written in pencil too]
107. Swine-cress, Wartcress (Senebiera coronopus)
108. Lesser Swine-cress, Wartcress (Senebiera didyma)
109. Dyer's Woad (Isatis tinctoria)
110. Sea Rocket (Cakile maritima)
111. Seakale (Crambe maritima)

N.B. 'G.C. Druce determination' written in volume 2 - thought to refer to the English botanist, George Claridge Druce who published various volumes on British plants.
Extent1 bound volume
NotesN.B. Some of the notes of locations and dates of flowers appear to have been acquired by Gwatkin through other people as it sometimes states 'per [through] Dr H. Clarke', or 'per R.L. Smith' or 'per E.M. Marsden Jones' or 'C.D. Heginbothom' or 'per Mrs Stewart' or 'per Miss Vachell'.
Creator NameGwatkin, J.R.G.
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