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TitleSpencer Savage Correspondence: Selected and Miscellaneous
AdminHistorySpencer Savage (1886-1966) was appointed Clerk at the Linnean Society in 1911 until his retirement in 1951. He took time off to serve as a gunner on the Western Front in the first World War and returned to the Society in March 1919. Savage became Librarian and Assistant Secretary in 1929 and during his tenure he became a distinguished Linnean scholar and compiled for the Society A Catalogue of the Linnean Herbarium (1945).
DescriptionCorrespondence of Spencer Savage (S.S.), which is arranged into two sections: Selected Correspondence and Miscellaneous Correspondence. Both are alphabetically arranged by sender. The date and place of origin of the letter are indicated, where known.


Letters are pasted on sheets which are individually numbered. Some sheets contain two letters but the second letter is not always in the chronological order of the whole.

0. No date. Opinion on a handwriting; the text is signed John.

(to Spencer Savage, and from Savage to Arber. Unless otherwise stated Arber's letters show her Cambridge address, Savage's that of the Linn. Soc.)

1a. 1931 Apr 21. Seeks information about Lyte; also papers by Kunth and Druce.
1b. 1931 Apr 24. (S.S. to Arber) Pamphlets on Lyte cannot be found; paper by Kunth cannot be circulated but is sending Druce by registered post.
2. 1931 Apr 23. Asks for date of Moyne's La Clef des Champs; has sent her criticism of Spinoza to Ramsbottom.
3a. 1931 Apr 22. (To Ramsbottom) Sends criticism of S.S.'s paper on Spinoza.
3b. 1931 Apr 24. (S.S. to Arber) La Clef des Champs remains unpublished; feels that Arber has misjudged his notes on Spinoza.
4. 1931 Apr 24. Duplicate of letter No. 3b.
5. 1931 Apr 25. Sorry that La Clef des Champs was never published ; suggests that S.S. adds her notes as an addendum to his paper on Spinoza.
6. 1931 Apr 27. (S.S. to Arber) Regrets C.U.P. will not publish second edition of Herbals; not allowed to add her notes to Spinoza but will do what he can.
7. 1931 Apr 28. Appreciates the manner in which S.S. has taken her criticism.
8a. 1931 Jun 30. Cannot understand why Maxwell-Lyte's book was printed in Antwerp.
8b. 1931 Jul 7. (S.S. to Arber) Can give no information about Lyte's Herbal; why not print in Antwerp?
9a. 1936 Feb 29. C.U.P. [Cambridge University Press] will publish a second edition of her Herbals; apologizes for her unjustified criticism of the Spinoza article; Rytz, the Pinax, Burser.
9b. 1936 Mar 2. (S.S. to Arber) Is interested in Rytz; wishes he would undertake Bankin's Herbarium.
10. 1936 Mar 4. Grateful if S.S. lets her have any comments about her Herbals; interested in S.S.'s work on the Pinax and Burser's Herbarium.
11a. 1937 Mar 4. Puzzled about Theatrum Botanicum, 1633; where can a copy of the 1622 or 1633 editions be seen?
11b. 1937 Mar 4. In previous letter she may have written Theatrum Botanicum; should have been Theatrum Florae.
12. 1937 Mar 8. Sorry to have troubled S.S. with unnecessary questions.
13. 1937 July 14. Grateful for copy of S.S.'s work on Burser's Herbarium.
14. 1938 Feb 4. Interest in the hand-colouring of herbals by two women employed by Plantin.
15. 1938 May 16. Pleased that her Herbals will be shown at the Celebrations.
16a.1940 Apr 10. Asks S.S. to settle technical points in Fuchs's De historia stirpum.
16b. 1940 Apr 12. Thanks S.S. for his reply.
17. 1940 Aug 14. Has received Synopses of Annotatives; working on a digest of botany for Chronica Botanica.
18. 1941 Sep 13. Encloses corrected proofs of Grew and Malpighi; asks for 25 copies.
19. 1943 Sep 1. Grateful for the 1805 edition of Diseases of Corn pamphlet; about Banks.
20. 1943 Oct 19. About the life of Banks.
21. 1944 Mar 20. Thanks S.S. for a sight of Uggla's paper.
22. 1944 Mar 27. Glad for loan of Schuster's Metamorphose; is translating it for Dr Verdoorn.
23. 1944 Oct 14. Good to hear S.S. and Barnes will use gynaecium in Society's publications.
24. 1945 Nov 3. Acknowledges loan of Linnaeus: Amoenitates Acad. 1749.
25. 1945 Nov 4. Grateful for loan of previous volumr; pelora article most interesting.
26. 1945 Nov 16. Linnean Herbarium arrived safely; considers S.S.'s Preface fascinating.
27. 1946 Jan 29. Thanks S.S. for letting her know about Benedict's papers; would appreciate seeing the Arsskraft which contains the part in question.
28. 1946 Jan 31. Returning Swedish journal, also Sachs's Lehrbuch and the Annals of the Bolus Herbarium.
29. 1946 Mar 10. Returns copy of Banks's paper; asks for Uggla's address.
30. 1946 Mar 18. Received Uggla's address; thanks S.S. and Mrs S.S. for their congratulations.
31. 1947 Apr 22. Sympathizes with S.S.'s troubles and anxieties.
32. 1948 Feb 17. Concerned about the illness of Mrs S.S.
33. 1948 Sep 23. Thanks S.S. for reprint of Jackson's paper and for the calendar of the Ellis Manuscipt.
34. 1949 Mar 28. Has just heard of the death of Mrs S.S.; very sympathetic.
35. 1957 Sep 3. Delighted to have heard from S.S.; she herself is near to 79; chatter.
36. 1957 Sep 9. Chatter.
37. 1957 Nov 13. Saw William Stearn with his proofs on Species Plantanum (Introduction to).
38. 1957 Dec 8. (Draft of letter by S.S. to Arber) His response to A.A.'s philosophy book.
39. 1957 Dec 9. Thanks S.S. for his personal history and gives a summary of her own; "I feel that with mankind in its present suicidal state, we can still hope for a religion founded on truth….many people want this but they cannot be heard above the vociferous, debased pseudoculture thrust on the world by wireless, and television and films and cheap literature".
40. 1957 Dec 13. X-ray revealed anatomical peculiarity which can be treated at home.
41. 1957 Dec 16. Not sure if she wrote about her health so she confirms her illness is not serious; chatter.
42. 1957 Dec 18. Postcard of Blake's The Ascension, with good wishes from Agnes and Muriel.
43. 1959 Dec 19. About her health.
44. 1959 Dec 28. Congratulates S.S. on his marriage; she and Muriel encouraged by his kind words.
45. No date. (A printed page from Country Life Annual showing a photograph of Arber together with a brief history of her life, 1879 - 1960).

46a. 1953 Jun 26. Seeks information about five specimens in Burser's Herbarium.
46b. 1960 Aug 4, California. Does not recall receiving a reply (to letter 46a).

47. 1950 Jul 27, Kew Gardens. Note enclosing a poem, "The Disciple", by Kipling.

48a. No date, St. Leonards. Has warm friendship for S.S.
48b. 1951 Jun 5, St. Leonards. Bedridden for the last 15 months; sorry to hear of S.S.'s retirement.
48c. 1951 Dec 4, St Leonards. Chatter .

49a. 1960 Aug 9, Welywn Gdn. Offers to return Mrs S.S.'s pendant and chain.
49b. 1960 Sep 11, Welwyn Gdn. About 40 members of the Luncheon Club were at the service.

50. 1930 Sep 14, Aldeburgh. Congratulates S.S. on receiving a legacy; chatter.
51. 1931 Feb 11, Cambridge. Has received S.S.'s MS but thinks it too long; does not agree with S.S. about the translation of titles into English.
52. 1931 Feb 12, Cambridge. Will not prevail over the translation but still holds his belief.
53. 1937 Sep 16, Cambridge. Glad that S.S. will not hold his aberration against him.
54. 1939 Feb 15, Penzance. Grateful to S.S. for information; Nature not readily available.

55. 1948 Feb 29, Crewkerne. Appreciates the problems; suggests the S.L.P. Service.
56. 1957 Jun 14, Crewkerne. Personal chatter.
57. 1959 Feb 23, Crewkerne. Grieved about the death of Dorrie; personal chatter.

58. 1951 Jul 7, Windsor. Returns what he borrowed.

59. 1951 Oct 23, Amsterdam. Grateful for the Ray fragments; Engel sends regards.
60. 1952 Mar 3, Haarlem. Illegal to send S.S. bulbs during the summer; Linnean microfilms arrived; chatter.
61. 1957 Mar 29, Oss. Sorry he has not written; can now send bulbs; preparing a Linnean renaissance in the Netherlands as well as Sweden.
62. 1957 Jun 3, Bergsbrune. Postcard showing photograph of "Linnés Hammarby"; thanks S.S. for all he taught him on Linnaeus.

63a. 1955 Apr 25, London. Collecting letters by John Fothergill; asks if S.S. can give any information on friendship between Fothergill and Ellis.
63b. 1955 May 1, London. Grateful for S.S.'s paper on Ellis; chatter.

64. 1953 Sep 21, Bickley. His wife's death.

65. 1936 May 4, Bournemouth. Sorry S.S. is in hospital; not to worry about Sladen Trust.
66. 1936 Jun 3, Bournemouth. Glad to hear S.S. is recovering; Pugsley will write agenda for the next meeting which will be wholly occupied with the Titicaca expedition.

67. 1929 Sep 10, London. S.S.'s excellent work on Linnean shells.
68. 1936 May 2, London. Sorry to hear of S.S.'s illness.
69. 1936 May 8, London. (To Mrs S.S.) Council wishes S.S. well.
70. 1936 Jun 2, London. Glad to hear S.S. is better but must not yet return to work.
71. 1941 May 11, Tayport. Shocked to hear of the death of Francis Druce.

72.1947 Mar 29, Oxford.In a sea of confused synonyms about Pseudacraea eurytus L. Can S.S. help?

73a.1939 Aug 17, London. Asks what is the best edition of Systema naturae.
73b.1939 Aug 20, London. Thanks S.S. for the information.

74.1951 Dec 15, London. Congratulates S.S. on the Annexe.

75.1951 Feb 7, Henley. Thanks S.S. for copy of Calendar of the Ellis Manuscripts.

76.1944 Jun 28, Kew.Will reply to Burkill; sorry to hear about S.S.'s health problem.
77.1946 Feb 21, Stroud. Grateful for copy of letter sent to Prof. Young, and that the Linn.Soc. is interested in the Biological Council; chatter.
78.1946 Mar 3, Stroud. Thanks S.S. for Council Minutes and agenda for next Meeting.
79.1946 May 26, Stroud. Apologizes for not having added his appreciation and thanks for what S.S. had done for the Society.
80.1949 Nov 6, Stroud. Sorry but cannot attend President's reception; chatter.
81.1952 May 20, Stroud. About S.S.'s retirement and his devotion to the Society.

CROSS, EVA L. (Miss)
82.1959 Feb 11, Southampton. Sorry to hear of the death of Miss Fry.

83.1953 Feb 2, Cambridge. Comments on his original B.B.C.script.

DAWES, R.M. (Miss)
84.1959 Feb 14, Guildford. Sorry about the death of Miss Fry.

85.1939 Jan 11, Bletchley. Happy there was no need to send away the Linnaean collections; about Hooker and Gray.
86.1941 Nov 22, Bletchley. Sorry but cannot move out large quantities of stores in order to obtain the Couch MSS; military duties occupy all his time.
87.1949 Feb 16, Bletchley. Sorry to hear of the death of S.S.'s father; his time is fully occupied but the Society's MSS are quite safe; he will not catalogue the Winch papers.
88.1953 Dec 13, Bletchley. Chatter.
89.1959 Jan 26, Bletchley. Has despatched page proofs of the Banks Letters; pleased that S.S. is contemplating a biography of Borlase; chatter.

90.1948 Sep 21, London. Feels deeply sbout the terrible blow that has befallen S.S., the death of his wife.
91a.1951 Nov 20, London. Understands that Linnaeus and Sloane did not get on well; true?
91b.1951 Nov 21, Southampton.(S.S. to De Beer) Disagreement between Linnaeus and Sloane possible but not certain.
92.1953 Feb 27, London. Does S.S. know anything about Murray of Livingstone?
93.1954 Jun 11, London. Thanks S.S. for kind message and good wishes on his knighthood
93a.1954 Oct 18, London. Cannot understand S.S.'s difficulties about the Society's invitation to him to complete the catalogue of the Smith Herbarium.
94.1957 Feb 19, London.Will do what he can to find out about John Andrew of Exeter; has not heard of the Soc. for Preservation of Documents relating to Science.
95.1957 Feb 28, London. Royal Albert Museum, Exeter, may know something of Andrew.

96.1941 Nov 11, Oxford. Will take Chair at next Meeting; asks for names of Fellows to be admitted.
97.1944 Dec 24, London. (To Mrs S.S.) Would like to borrow slides to help illustrate Lichen history.
98.1951 Sep 10, London. Sorry to hear of S.S.'s resignation.

99.1936 May 18, London. Glad to hear S.S. is getting well.
100.1936 May 29, London. Council and Finance Meetings went off well; have landlords ever contributed or been asked to contribute to the cost of doing up the Library.
101.1938 Oct 21, London. Seeks help about enclosure; he has no Pritzel.
102.1939 Feb 9, London.Thanks S.S. for the Linnean History and his share of the gift.

103.1941 Mar 2, Letchworth. Thanks S.S. for telling him of his nomination for A.L.S.
104.1941 Apr 2, Letchworth. Grateful to those who signed the recommendation.

105.1954 Oct 6, London.Would like to know more about Pursh's Flora, and suggests day and time for a visit.
106.1954 Nov 17, London. Has examined the Pursh MSS and they were as he anticipated; would like to examine the John Ellis correspondence.

107.1959 Feb 9, Southampton. Sad to hear of the death of Miss Fry.

108a.1941 Nov 11, Shawford. Pearse's paintings; can the Linn. Soc. keep them in safe place during the war? Asks about vegetable caterpillar.
108b.1941 Nov 21, London. (S.S. to Fitzgerald) Regrets cannot find a safe place for the paintings; encloses literature about vegetable caterpillar.

109.1949 Jun 4, Gloucester. Seeks information about local names of plants in Fuch's De Historia Stirpium.

110a.1957 May 29, Ventnor. Personal chatter.
110b.1957 Jun 17,Ventnor. Congratulates S.S. on the Ray Soc. linking his name with the new facsimile of Species Plantarum.
111.1957 Sep 2, Ventnor. Thanks S.S. for copy of Linnaeus and Cornwall; chatter.
112.1959 Feb 4, Ventnor. Personal chatter.

113.1958 Dec 4, Stockholm.Thanks S.S. for letter and photographs.
114.1940 Jan 25, Stockholm.Thanks S.S. for photograph of Solander portrait; is preparing a bibliography of Solander.

115.1939 Aug 8, Lysekil. Invites S.S. to stay with them during the Festivals.

116.1949 Dec 12, Hambridge. Thanks S.S. for arrangements made for the Reception.

FRY, DOROTHY (Miss) (S.S.'s sister-in-law)
117.1948 Nov 12, Southampton. Personal chatter.
118a.1949 Feb 20, Southampton. Personal chatter.
118b.1949 Mar 7, Southampton. Personal chatter.
119. No date,West End. Personal chatter.
120. No date, Southampton. Personal chatter.

121.1933 Mar 31, Inverness. Returns typescript of S.S.'s paper on the Linn. Soc.
122.1934 Aug 19, Inverness. Grateful for copies of letters from Smith to Jones; engraving of"Rising" portrait of Smith was to be done by Sharp in the manner of John Hunters.
123.1934 Nov 21, Inverness. Asks if S.S. can help him dispose of some botanical works.
124.1934 Dec 23, Inverness. Thanks S.S. for Moyne's artistic drawing; has been confined to bed for nearly a month.
125.1935 Apr 25, Bognor Regis. Grateful for sale of books and cheque for 13/6d.
126.1935 Apr 29, Bognor Regis. Will carry on the history of the Society when he is stronger.
127.1935 Jul 20, Bognor Regis. Has reached the Centenary of the Society's history.
128.1935 Aug 10, Bognor Regis. Returns S.S.'s sketch of the Society; amount paid for the Smith collection.
129.1936 May 11, Strathpeffer. (To Mrs S.S.) Sorry to hear that S.S. was in hospital.
130.1936 Jun 16, Strathpeffer. S.S.'s health; chatter.
131.1936 Jun 16, Strathpeffer. S.S.'s health.
132.1937 Jan 7, Strathpeffer. Asks about the missing names of Fellows, Foreign Members and Associates.
133.1937 Jan 21, Strathpeffer. Grateful for the lists; chatter.
134.1940 Dec 5, Banchory. Insanity of the war; chatter.

135.1942 Feb 28,Cambridge.Working on the Titicaca report.

GARSIDE, DOROTHY (Miss) (Artist)
136.1960 Aug 14,Welwyn G.C. Thanks S.S. for pendant; chatter.

137.1959 Mar 1, Salisbury. Sad to hear about the death of D.R.

138.1960 Jul 12, Hurstpierpoint. Uggla did not provide the drawings in question.
139.1960 Jul 19, Dalarna. About her trip to Sweden.
140. No date, unknown. Cannot understand letter from Witherby (dated 1960 Jul 8).
141.1960 Jun 25, Hurstpierpoint. Happy to hear of S.S.'s second marriage; chatter.
142a.1960 Jun 30, Hurstpierpoint. Insect drawings by Linnaeus; personal chatter.
142b.1960 Sep 5, Hurstpierpoint. Sending wedding presents.

143.1959 Feb 8, Southampton. Shocked to hear about the death of Dorrie.
144. No date, unknown. [There is no sheet or letter numbered 144. Ed].

145.1940 Nov 21, Oxford. Returning proof of paper by him and Letour.

146.1940 Apr 14, Hucclecote. About his visit to the Rev. Riddelsdell.

147.1929 Mar 30, Royston. Thanks S.S. for extracts from Johnston and Pennington.
148.1930 Mar 16, Royston. What he had published about Ellis was not meant to anticipate what S.S. was writing; urged him to continue.
149.1936 Jun 24, London. Encloses cheques at Mr Bury's request.

150.No year, Feb 24, London. Concerned that no mention had been made of source of some of the drawings.

HARVEY, M. (Mrs)
151.1957 Apr 6, Penzance. Encloses the account of John Borlase as requested by S.S.

152.1950 Oct 9, Emsworth. Grateful for S.S.'s letter and for Calendar of the Ellis MSS.
153.1950 Nov 1, Emsworth. Grateful for "copycat" photograph of Ellis manuscripts.

154.1957 Aug 22, Newlyn. S.S. thanked for copy of paper on Linnaeus; his visit to Isles of Scilly.

155.1946 Jan 3, Llandre. Personal chatter.

156.1950 Feb 9, Aberystwyth. Grateful for books from S.S.
157.1950 Dec 25, Aberystwyth. Personal chatter.
158.1951 Dec 23, Aberystwyth. Personal chatter.
159.No date,unknown. Personal chatter.
160. 1954 May 2, Aberystwyth. Lawson died a week ago; personal chatter.
161.1958 Dec 25, Aberystwyth. Personal chatter.
162a.1958 Mar 10, Aberystwyth. Personal chatter.
162b.1959 Feb 24, Aberystwyth. Sorry to hear about the death of Dorrie; personal chatter.
163.1960 Aug 13, Aberystwyth. Personal chatter.

164.1952 Jun 5, Madrid. Encloses copy of "Diary of Don Hipolito…"

165a.1939 Aug 14, London. Col. H.J. Johnston is too ill to answer queries about his MS; asks S.S. for help.
165b.1939 Aug 17, London.Grateful for S.S.'s help.

166a.1951 Apr 8,Camberley. Gives the Library copy of her Peacocks in Paradise.
166b.1951 Apr 24,Camberley. Thanks S.S. for his kind letter after receiving her book.

167.1931 Oct 7, London. Thanks S.S. for letting him know of sketch of Northcote.

168.1936 Jun 9, Weybridge. About S.S.'s illness in hospital and recovery.

169a.1949 Apr 12, London. MSS notes by Thomas Johnson are in Mercurius Botanicus.
169b.1949 Apr 19, London. Thanks S.S. for copy of Blackstone's letter.

170a.No date, Hayes. Linnean Herbarium not normally available to Fellows (wartime storage) but could he be present at next official inspection?
170b.1941 Mar 25, Hayes. Understands the position and encloses list of specimens; asks if S.S. has photographs.

171.1944 Jan 1, Gt. Missenden. Grateful for seeing S.S.'s copy of Synopsis Methodica.

172.No year,Aug 5, London.Chatter.

LISTER, G. (Miss)
173.1932 Jun 3, Leytonstone. Encloses a wedding present from five lady Fellows of the Soc.

LOMAX, JANE (Miss) (artist)
174.1951 Feb 20, Welwyn G.C. Personal chatter.
175.1951 Aug 30, Welwyn G.C. Personal chatter.
176.1953 Aug 17, Welwyn G.C. Personal chatter.
177.1956 Jan 6, Welwyn G.C. Personal chatter.
178. No year, Oct 30, Welwyn G.C.Invites S.S. to tea to meet Miss Ward.
179a.1951 Apr 26, Welwyn G.C. Can see S.S. at 4 p.m.
179b.1951 Feb 9, Welwyn G.C. Hopes to see S.S. on Sunday; will return book and catalogue.
179c.1951 Jun 7, Welwyn G.C. This week saw the termination of S.S.'s work in the Society.
180a.1950 Sep 29, Welwyn G.C. Has done more painting; can S.S. come and see it?
180b.1950 Dec 29, Welwyn G.C.Has cut the glass to fit the frame.
180c.1950 Dec 8, Welwyn G.C. Will phone to talk about the varnishing of the pictures.
180d.1950 Dec 19, Welwyn G.C. About the pictures.
181a.1951 Sep 12, Welwyn G.C. Will send the picture by registered post.
181b.1952 Jun 13, Welwyn G.C. Will be glad to see him the Sunday after next.
182.No year, Jun 15, Welwyn G.C. Chatter.
183.No year, Jun 17, Welwyn G.C. About the illness of her sister.
184a.1950 Sep 8, Welwyn G.C. Will try to finish the small picture next week.
184b.No date, Welwyn G.C. Would like S.S. to see the picture at its beginning, rough stage.
185a.1950, Unknown. Thanks S.S. for letters.
185b.1950 Mar 18, Welwyn G.C. Has a bad cold and puts off S.S.'s visit.
185c.No date, unknown, Welwyn G.C. Has made two rough layouts from photographs.
185d.No date, unknown, Welwyn G.C. Has finished a fair amount of the picture.
185e.No year, Jan 24, Welwyn G.C. Would like to talk about enlarged photograph.
186a.1960 Jul 26, Welwyn G.C.Funeral, printed Service.
186b.1960 Jul 28, Welwyn G.C. (From Hilda Bennett to S.S.) About Lomax's heart attack.
186c.1960 Jul 29, Welwyn G.C. Printed notice in the Welwyn Times about death of Jane Lomax.

187.1951 Jun 11, London. Best wishes on S.S.'s retirement.

188. No date, unknown. Returns Ehrhart, for which thanks.

189.1952 Nov 20, Harvard. Interested in Banks-Solander-Forster relationships; asks if S.S. knows anything of botanical material used by the younger Linnaeus.
190.1952 Dec 18, Harvard. Thanks S.S. for information; just what he needed.
191.1956 Feb 25, Mass. (From Verdoorn, F) Notification of Merrill's death.

192.1943 Aug 15, Kew. Linnaeus's Carices; chatter.
193.1943 Aug 22, Kew. Thanks S.S. for help with Carex leporina; chatter.
194.1943 Aug, unknown. (Draft of letter by S.S. to Nelmes).
195a.1943 Sep 19, Kew. Seeks more help from S.S.
195b.1943 Oct 5, Kew. Thanks S.S. about Carex.

196.1951 Jun 25, London. Grateful for what S.S. has done for him.
197.1952 Sep 26, London. Pleasure to visit S.S. in his home; chatter.
198.1952 Nov 21, London. Telegram asking for whereabouts of Arctic Plant Herbarium.
199.1953 Jan 12, London. Does S.S. remember a Henry Dodge; also where is unpublished MS by Taylor & Roebuck on the Linnean shells?
200a.1953 Jul 8, London. Does S.S. have information that could be included in a revised edition of the Index Herbariorum?
200b.1953 Jul 11, London. Thanks S.S. for information; chatter.
201.1955 Feb 15, London. De Beer has asked for copy of letter from Banks to Bartram which cannot be found; can S.S. help?
202.1955 Feb 21, London. Thanks S.S. for information; chatter.

203.1924 Sep 30, Kew. Thanks S.S. for copy of paper about Mattioli's commentaries.

204.1944 Sep 15, London. Must return to Sweden; sorry to hear of S.S.'s illness.

205.1959 Jan 1, Southampton. Death of husband; grateful for S.S.'s letter of sympathy.

206.1936 Apr 28, London. Sorry to hear of S.S.'s illness.
207.1936 May 4, London. Sorry that he is still ill; Pugsley can carry on temporarily.
208.1936 May 12, London. Glad to hear he is getting better; chatter.
209.1938 May 15, London. About toasts, programme and invitations.
210.1940 Dec 15, London. Requires everything of value to be photographed; a committee will decide on the various prints.
211a.1941 Mar 14, London. Herewith Uggla.
211b.1941 Mar 20, London. Asks S.S. to read through the revise.
212.1957 Mar 11, London. Sorry to hear he has been so unwell; grateful for letting him know about the Sloane matter.
213.1957 Jun 1, Uppsala. Postcard showing photograph of Uppsala University; his honorary doctorate.
214.1957 May 20, London. Uggla to be made Doctor of Medicine; Ramsbottom also will be made Hon. Doctor of Philosophy; thinks S.S. should be honoured.
215.1957 Aug 26, London. Thanks S.S. for sending copy of Linnaeus and Cornwell; death of his wife.
216.1957 Jul 6, Richmond. Sorry to hear about death of sister-in-law; about what Linnaeus did or did not do.

217.1947 Nov 6, Cambridge.Interested in the MS by von Muralt about which S.S. wrote.

218.1944 Apr 21, Lairg. Thanks for Council agenda; Miss Sheppard will do the Isopods.
219.1948 Sep 24, Harrow. Quite shattered by the news he has just heard from Burkill.
220.1957 Dec 17, Lairg. Chatter.

221.1934 Apr 9, Tring. Can S.S. answer question by Onazio Querci?

222.1951 Feb 14, Brighton. About S.S.'s impending retirement.

223.1927 Oct 20, uknown. Notes made immediately after an event in the Society.

SAVAGE, S.R. (S.S.'s uncle)
224.1951 Dec 18, Markyate.Personal chatter.

225. Unknown. Family tree.

SEXTON, E.W. (Mrs)
226.1944 May 8, Plymouth. Has read through Reid's synopsis and has answered questions to the best of her ability, although she does not feel fully qualified.

227.No date, Kew. Thanks S.S. for the nice things he said about her paper
228.1944 Mar 24, Colesbourne. Book has arrived safely; chatter.

229.1932 Mar 11, Kew. Delighted to hear that under Daydon Jackson's will the MS of Genera named after Persons becomes S.S.'s private property.
230.1946 Feb 1, Kew. Thanks S.S. for letter about Colden, Novebor; chatter.
231.1947 Oct 13, Cheltenham. Returns copy; making list of the wild plants in Cheltenham.
232.1949 Nov 10, Cheltenham. Sorrty S.S. is worried about the lecture; now proceeding apace.
233.1953 Mar 26, Cheltenham. Has been invited to talk about Species Plantarum; sorry S.S. cannot be there; botanical chatter.
234.1953 Nov 14, Cheltenham. Encloses copy of paper on Linnaeus as a Nomenclaturist; botanical chatter.
235.1953 Nov 22, unknown. (Draft letter by S.S. to Sprague).
236.1953 Nov 23, Cheltenham. Splendid that S.S. has made such discoveries in the Borlase MSS; chatter.

237.1957 May 28, London. Ray Soc. to publish new facsimile of Species Plantarum and include Stearne's botanical work of Linnaeus; will dedicate facsimile to S.S. and Uggla.
238.1957 May 29, Southampton. Very grateful but asks that his name be placed second; chatter.
239.1957 Jul 27, London. Returns first set of proofs.
240.1957 Jul 30, London. Encloses second batch of proofs of Introduction to the Species Plantarum.
241a.1957 Jul 31, London. Encloses another lot of proofs.
241b.1957 Aug 2, London. Proofs and manuscript has just arrived.
241c.1957 Aug 9, London. Encloses last batch of proofs.
242a.1957 Aug 20, London. Grateful for prompt return of proofs; suggestions very useful.
242b.1957 Sep 2, London. Grateful for separate for S.S.'s Linnaeus and Cornwall.
243.Uknown. Thanks S.S. and Mrs S.S. for kindness and hospitality.
244.1958 Mar 31, London. Sorry news of publication of Species Plantarum facsimile came to late; suggests that S.S. joins the Ray Society.
245.1960 Oct 30, uknown, (Draft letter by S.S. to Stearn).
(There is no letter 246).
247.1960 Oct 26, Leiden.S.S. invited to presentation to Stearn of Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa.

248. No year,May 30, Loughton. Thanks S.S. for saying nice things about his book.
249.1937 Oct 18, Loughton.Wishes to purchase two dinner tickets.

250.1946 Apr 22, (Draft letter by S.S. to Svenson).
251a.1953, unknown. About his translation of Philosophia Botanica by Linnaeus.
251b.1953 Sep 22, unknown. (Draft letter by S.S. in reply to 251a).
252.1954, unknown. Does not take offence about S.S.'s criticism of his translation.

253.1951 Aug 3, London. Thank S.S. and Miss Fry for being so kind.
254.1952 Jan 7, London. Chatter.
255.1953 Mar 17, London.Celebrations in respect of bicentenary of Species plantarum.
256a.1953 May 1, London. Encloses package of plants; can S.S. diagnose handwriting?
256b.No date, unknown. (Draft letter by S.S. to Taylor).
257.1953 Jul 10, London. Plant sent by S.S. for identification is probably I. scariosa.
258.1953 Oct 12, London. Sends two plates of plant specimens which will be included in the Sloane Catalogue.
259.1954 Apr 10, London. About preparation of the Sloane Catalogue.

THAIN, WINNIE (Mrs) (Niece of S.S.)
260.1957 Jun 11, St. Albans. Personal chatter.
261.1957 Dec 19, St. Albans. Personal chatter.

262.1941 Apr 28, St. Andrews. About first edition of Origin; sad about Druce's death.
263.1946 Jan 16, St. Andrews.Will write Goodrich's Obituary.
264.1946 Jan 17, unknown. Correction to letter posted yesterday.

265a.1932 Feb 28, Clifton. If the Library cannot identify author of the six lectures, S.S. is advised to write to Simpson or Wells; chatter.
265b.1932 Feb 26, Clifton. Lists four people to write to.

266.1959 Feb 10, Southampton. About the death of S.S.'s sister-in-law.

267a.1946 Jan 11, London. Encloses translation from Swedish review of S.S.'s Catalogue.
267b. No date, unknown. (Translation of review Catalogue of the linnean herbarium).
268a.1953 Jan 4, Welwyn. G.C. Does S.S. possess notes on the scope and importance of the Sloane Herbarium?
268b.1953 Jan 10, London.Thanks S.S. for information; article will be published about the same time as the Catalogue.

269.No year, Feb 8,Welwyn G.C.About Miss Lomax; personal chatter.
270. Unknown.(Part of letter).

271.1943 Dec 23, Waltham. Has discovered a letter by Crispijn van de Pas de Jonghe. Offers S.S. a photostat and transcription.
272.1953 Feb 11, Waltham. Obviously S.S. did not receive letter or book; writing him again.
273.1953 Jul 30, Waltham. Received letter and expects copy of Goulie's book; is sending copy of Sarton's Guide to the History of Science.
274.1953 Sep 14, Waltham. Committee has been set up to promote translations into English important writings by and about Linnaeus.
275.1953 Sep 25, Waltham. Svenson making good progress with translation; encloses sample.
276.1953 Oct 8, unknown. (Draft letter by S.S. to Verdoorn).
277.1953 Oct 22, Waltham. Grateful for S.S.'s letter.

278.1932 Oct 31, Exmouth. Grateful for information concerning Malpighi.

279.1937 Oct 17, Valias. Chatter.
280.1941 May 19, Guildford. Cannot attend meetings; sorry about Druce's death; chatter.
281.Unknown, London. Printed warm greetings card.
282.1949 Apr 18, London. Encloses printed notice about death of Mrs Dallman.
283.1951 May 17, London. Returns Peacocks in Paradise which he had borrowed.
284.1951 Jul 18, London. Chatter.
285.1952 Jan 11, London. Chatter.

286.1959 Feb 24, Frinton. Sorry to hear of the death of Miss Fry.

287a.1956 Feb 13, Southampton. Personal chatter.
287b.1959 Feb 1, Southampton. Personal chatter.
288.1957 Sep 24, Southampton. Personal chatter.

289.1949 Dec 19, Plymouth. Thanks S.S. for reference; local libraries were blitzed.
290.1951 Mar 29, Plymouth. Asks S.S. the reference for Borlase.
291.1957 Sep 5, Plymouth. Thanks S.S. for reprint; chatter.

292.1941 Nov 18, Oxford. (Part of handwritten letter, looks like a draft, unsigned).

293.1959 Feb 13, Keighley. Sorry to hear of the death of Miss Fry.


Letters numbered 1 to 132 are separate and are described individually. Unless otherwise stated they are addressed to Savage.
Letters numbered 133 to 254 are enclosed within Folios, each Folio containing correspondence to and from Savage or about a specific subject.

1. 1929 Jan 26, Selsey Bill. Returns borrowed book, apologizes for having kept it so long.

2. 1962 Jan 3, Cambridge. Regrets delay in sending new address but the task of cleaning out the previous house was Herculean.

3. 1952 Dec 18, Richmond. Retiring at end of month but cannot shake himself clear of examinations.

4. No year, Jul 22, Windsor. Grateful for loan of book which he will soon return.

5. 1950 Jan 11, Twickenham. Regrets she cannot locate the site of Westminster Physic Garden.

6. 1945 Jul 24, London. Seeks private information on R.H. Burne about whom he will one day be required to write an obituary.
7. 1945 Jul 31, London. Grateful for S.S.'s help.

8. 1945 Oct 23, Kew. Grateful for copy of the Linnean Herbarium.
9. No year, Jun 23, Kew. Thanks S.S. and wishes him and his wife a good rest.

10.1948 Jul 19, Aberystwyth. About the history of the Morgan family of Golden Grove.

11. 1934 Oct 9, London. Accepts invitation to reception; now has about 250 of Dawson Turner letters.
12. 1944 Jan 31, Bletchley. Is compiling records of all Learned Society medals; seeks photos or engravings of the Linnean, Hooker, Darwin-Wallace, Trail and Crip Medals.
13. 1944 Dec 18, Bletchley. Encloses receipt for book; shocked to hear of Norman's death.
14. 1945 Jan 19, Bletchley. Will keep MSS as long as is convenient to the Linn; will return boxes 11 and 12 to the Imp. Coll. Of Science.
15. 1952 Dec 19, Bletchley. Hopes S.S. is happy in retirement; chatter.
16. 1958 Dec 31, Bletchley. About his book on Banks's correspondence; contains over 7,000 letters.
17. 1959 Jan 2, Bletchley. Chatter.
18. 1959 Jan 6, Bletchley. Thanks S.S. for letter and paper on Linnaeus and Cornwall.
19. 1959 Jan 11 Bletchley. So very impressed by the paper on Linnaeus and Cornwall.
20. 1959 Jan 23, Bletchley. Has received copy of The Sloane Herbarium; regrets he cannot send S.S. a copy of Banks's letters but can supply complete set of page proofs bound in book form.
21. 1959 Jun 10, Bletchley. Surprised and pleased to hear he had been elected an Associate, honoris causa.
22. 1959 Dec 19, Bletchley. Does not remember if he had informed S. about the Linn. Honour bestowed on him.
23. 1960 Jan 5, Bletchley. Congratulates S.S. on his marriage.
24. 1960 Dec 15, Bletchley. Recovering from operation; contemplating supplement to Banks's letters, already a large number have come to light.
25. 1961 Mar 11, Bletchley. Pleased that S.S. is preparing catalogue of Smithian Herbarium; pity the B.M.decided to incorporate Banksian Herbarium in the general collection.
26. 1963 Mar 12, Bletchley. Seeks list of the correspondents of Linnaeus.
27. 1963 Mar 15, Bletchley. Thanks S.S. for Ahrling's Catalogue of Correspondence of Linnaeus.
28. 1963 Dec 21, Bletchley. Kind greetings reciprocated; will send to the Banks supplement.
29. 1964 Jan 21, Bletchley. Glad to hear S.S. is translating the Philosophia Botanica.
30. 1964 Dec 25, Bletchley. Chatter.
31. 1965 Jan 1, Bletchley. Glad to hear S.S. is translating the Philosophia Botanica (again.)

32. 1948 May 26, London. (To Von Hofsten, N.) Grateful for being elected Hon. Member of the Linn. Soc. of Sweden.

33. 1941 Oct 2, Letchworth. Thanks S.S. for letter.

34. 1942 Dec 18, Aberystwyth. Knows of no eighteenth century work on palaeography which might help S.S. on Linnaeus correspondence.

35. 1937 Jul 22, unknown. Grateful to S.S. for sending Linnean determination.
36. 1939 Aug 22, Stockholm. S.S. thanked for help on Solander.
37. 1939 Sep 5, Stockholm. In the circumstances the Bicentenary celebrations cannot be held.

38. 1934 Oct 29, G. Urquhart. Recovering from his illness.
39. 1935 Jan 22, G. Urquhart. Has S.S. botanical books for sale; chatter.
40. 1936 Jul 2, Strathpeffer. Has returned Trans. Vols XI-XX; chatter.
41. 1936 Aug 11, Aberdeen. Sorry to hear of the illness of S.S.'s wife; has received Vols XXI to XXX of the Trans.
42. 1936 Aug 17, Aberdeen. Glad to hear S.S.'s wife is recovering and is sorry to worry him during his troubles; about the Trans.
43. 1938 Dec 16, Banchory. About moving house and his wife; chatter.
44. 1941 May 30, Banchory. Sad about damage to Rooms and grieved to hear of Druce's death; chatter.
45. 1941 Dec 23, Aberdeen. Chatter; "The brave new world according to some of our political prophets is to unfold after the present fire has been quenched".
46. 1944 May 15, Aberdeen. Has been confined to bed for nearly three months; returning to former address in Stathpeffer.

47. 1942 Sep 13, Kew. Grateful for S.S.'s "donation from the rubbish heap".

48. 1949 Apr 28, Oxford. About illustrations to text.
49. 1949 Feb 26, Oxford. Will help all he can with S.S.'s request; has been returned the Sibthorpe's Flora Graeca original plates.
50. 1949 Jan 28, Oxford. Not clear about the handwriting of Thomas Johnson.

51. 1931 Jun 20, Melbourne. A letter of thanks to S.S. and congratulations on his engagement.

52. 1947 Nov 11, Minneapolis. Thanks S.S. for kind letter.

53. 1963 Aug 10, Southampton. Wishes to become Fellow of the Linn.; seeks help.
54. 1963 Sep 9, Southampton. Grateful that S.S. signed application form.
55. 1963 Dec 14, Southampton. Has been elected Fellow; again grateful for S.S.'s help.

56. 1948 May 23, Uppsala. Telegram from Swedish Linn. Soc. Appointing S.S. Honorary Member.
57. 1963 Jul 11, Uppsala. Thanks S.S. for extracts from Borlase MSS; chatter.

58. 1959 Dec 15, Penzance. Personal chatter.
59. 1962 Dec 17, Penzance. Personal chatter.
60. 1963 Jan 1, Penzance. Personal chatter.
61. 1963 Dec 17, Penzance. Personal chatter.
62. 1963 Dec 30, Penzance. Cannot help with bulb for the Society's viewer.
63. 1964 Dec 14, Penzance. Personal chatter.
64. 1964 Dec 29, Penzance. Personal chatter.
65. 1965 Apr 14, Penzance. Personal chatter.

66. 1965 Jun 17, London. Seeks S.S.'s help in finding information on specimens of British algae.
67. 1965 Jun 30, London. O'Grady has found E.M. Holmes correspondence and this will help her in her work.

68. 1938 Nov 9, Ruislip. Thanks S.S. for letter.
69. 1938 Nov 5, Ruislip. Has been ill but is getting better; receives Nature regularly; "dead tired of Gregory - Wellsian fulminations in leaders there".

70. 1948 Jun 18, London. Wishes to appoint S.S. as Corresponding Member to Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Fisico-Quimicas y Naturales; seeks S.S.'s C.V.

71. 1942 Nov 18, Beckenham. Objects strongly to Norman's remarks about Linnean collections.
72. 1942 Nov 26, Beckenham. Has heard from Norman and will call to see S.S.; "the more I look into the `Gage` affair the more it stinks".
73. 1942 Dec 5, Beckenham. Grateful for S.S.'s paper which he suggests should be published jointly; details about Hanley's book.

74. 1940 Dec 24, Gt. Missenden. Thanks S.S. for sending him list of Ray's works.

75. 1947 Aug 22, Hove. Is prepared to give the Linn. Soc. Copy of Memoir of James Edward Smith, 1832.
76. 1947 Aug 25, Hove. Encloses copy of Memoir; confirms he is descended from a collateral of Smith; also encloses copy of family history.

76a. 1953 Jan 13, Utrecht. Suggests that for the Bicentenary of Linné's Species Plantarum, Merril, Sprague, Fries, Uggla and S.S. should write papers for a special issue of Taxon.

77. 1940 Oct 19, Llanwrtyd. Wells Thanks S.S. for Annotations; has with regret left the R. Soc. Of Arts; Robinson, who "appears to be a rather garrulous, irresponsible man", gave wrong information to S.S.

78. 1964 Nov 21, London. Pleased that S.S. found The Tradescants useful; Smith's letter to Accel and Smith's notes.

79. 1958 May 15, Aberystwyth. Grateful to S.S. for his offer of Charophyte material.

80. 1957 Mar 12, Exeter. No MSS of Dr John Andrew in the library.

81. 1936 Jun 2, London. Personal chatter.
82. 1957 Feb 28, Richmond. Personal chatter.

83. 1944 Feb 15, Harrow. Encloses a "syllabus" for use of future authors of Synopses.
84. 1944 Feb 25, Harrow. The meeting of zoologists that day.
85. 1944 Mar 14, Harrow. Encloses an argument he has worked out about the Synopses; the woodlice will run to 150 pp plus bibliography of 300 titles.
86. 1948 Jul 23, Harrow. Thanks S.S. for copy of Savory's Opiliones.

87. 1941 Sep 19, Cambridge. Corrections to paper.

88. 1930 Feb 2, Tring. Has sent cheque to Sir Sidney; returns letter of Sir David Prain.

89. 1942 Jan 20, Berkhamsted. Acknowledges letter from Dr Merrill; Committee sympathizes with S.S.'s present difficulties.

90. 1944 Jun 2, Royston. Returns photograph of Clusius Potato.
91. 1948 Apr 3, Royston. About Roberts in the D.N.B.
92. 1948 Apr 16, Royston. About lost envelope containing photographs and their replacements.
93. 1948 Apr 21, Royston. Shrewsbury School has three herbaria; in one was found Battatas-Virginana-Virginian potatoes.

94. 1959 Sep 4, Southampton. Answers S.S.'s query about remark in her article.

95. No date. Cost of the 1896 catalogue of the Linn. Soc. Library.
96. 1940 Dec 16. London. (To S.S. from Ministry of Aircraft Production) S.S.'s proposal for air defences not new to Ministry and is of no assistance.
97. 1944 Dec 10, London. (To DR Merill) Printing of the Catalogue of the Linnaean Herbarium a slow process.
98. 1952 Oct 21, London. (To Dr Taylor, draft) The Hans Sloane Medal.
99. 1948 Apr 5, London. (To Dr Salaman) About Bobert's [or Hobart or Bobart]`Battatas`.
100. 1963 Apr 25, London. (To Hofsten, Nils von, copy) Grateful for copy of paper on Linnaeus's Double Entries (2 letters - also 1963 Jul 16).
101. 1963 Aug 16, London. (To Hempstead, J.S., draft) Will see Hempstead about becoming a Fellow of the Linnean Society.
102. 1964 Nov 27, London. (To Moddy, M, copy) S.S.'s error in his paper on Smith's notes in Syst.Veg.
103. 1964 Dec 15, London. (To Hofsten, Nils von, draft) Grateful for information; chatter.
104. 1966 Feb 4, London. (To Prof. Fries, copy) Sad to hear that Prof. Klas Robert Elias Fries had died.
105. 1966 Jun 29, London. Notes on the history of his life.

105a. 1942 Dec 8, Plymouth. Grateful for reference; sending it to Lady Thiselton-Dyer.

107. 1943 Dec 28, Cheltenham. Asks S.S. for latest edition of International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature.
110. 1945 Jul 30, Cheltenham. Encloses Prof. Pulle's letter; Prof. Florin has succeeded Prof. Fries at the Bengianska.
108a. 1959 Dec 31, Cheltenham. Chatter.

106. 1942 May 25, Cheltenham. Thanks S.S. for Binn's book on pottery in Worcester.
108. 1944 Feb 2, Cheltenham. Thanks S.S. for MS, map and drawing of Valeriana paper.
109. 1944 Apr 5, Cheltenham. Has despatched contribution to the nomenclature discussion; hope it has not gone astray; chatter.
111. 1946 Feb 4, Banbury. Grateful for transcript of Aralia arborea aculeate Cold.
112. 1948 Oct 8, Cheltenham. Returning volumes of Meyer; botanical chatter.

113. 1938 Jul 22, Loughton. Grateful for S.S.'s explanation.

114. 1946 Nov 30, Stockholm. Thanks S.S. for help during visit to London.

115. 1946 May 20, New York. Has received Catalogue of the Linnaean Herbarium; thanks S.S.

116. 1938 Aug 16, Clifton. Grateful for receiving the Gage book.

117. 1962 Apr 12, Luton. Thanks S.S. for information about the handwritings.

118. 1966 May 31, Amsterdam. Will appreciate S.S.'s signature for album to be presented to Dr Verdoorn.

119. 1932 Jun 16, London. Disappointed with the portrait of Sachs.
120. 1933 Jul 17, Stockholm. Chatter.
121. 1933 Jun 13, Guildford. Hope S.S. and wife are enjoying stay at Corfe Castle.
122. 1934 Mar 28, Guildford. Sorry to hear about S.S.'s illness.
123. 1936 Jan 1, London. Sorry to hear about S.S.'s illness.
124. 1940 Sep 19, Guildford. Returning Linnean book and encloses a periodical; chatter.
125. 1940 Nov 16, Guildford. Sorry to hear S.S. is still unwell; chatter.
126. 1942 Jun 30, Guildford. Personal chatter.
127. 1945 Oct 21, Guildford. Would like to borrow Swedish dictionary; will be 80 on Nov 2.
128. 1945 Oct 31, Guildford. Date of reception to celebrate his 80th birthday was changed from the 2nd November to the 22nd.
129. 1945 Dec 16, Guildford. Thanks S.S. for Linnaean Herbarium; asks if S.S. knows anything about Allion.
130. 1946 May 12, Keswick. Will return Linnean book as soon as he returns home; asks if S.S. can send date of Adamson's article in the Journal of the Ecological Society.
131. 1948 Oct 3, unknown. So sorry about the death of S.S.'s wife.
132. 1951 Jul 15, Sydenham. Sorry to hear of S.S.'s retirement; chatter.

FOLIO A Facsimile Edition of Species Plantarum: Savage (S.S.), Davidson, Hubbard [Hobbard?], O'Grady (O'G).
133. 1952. Mar 25, unknown. Davidson to S.S.
134. 1952. Jul 15, Richmond. Hubbard to O'G.
135. 1952. Jul 18, London. O'G. to Davidson.
136. 1952. Jul 27, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
137. 1952. Aug 8, London. O'G. to Davidson
138. 1952. Aug 12, New Haven. Davidson to O'G.

FOLIO B Bicentenary of Species Plantarum: Savage (S.S.), O'Grady (O'G), Lanjouw, Stafleu.
139. 1953 Mar 4, Utrecht. Lanjouw to S.S.
140. 1953 Mar 13, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
141. 1953 Mar 23, London. O'G. to Lanjouw
142. 1953 Mar 26, Utrecht. Stafleu to O'G.

FOLIO C Supplementum Plantarum MS: Savage (S.S), Henderson, O'Grady (O'G), Stearn, Williams.
143. 1960 Mar 18, London. O'G. to S.S.
144. 1960 Mar 20, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
145. 1960 Mar 22, London. O'G. to Williams
146. 1960 Mar 23, Southampton. Williams to O'G.
147. 1960 Mar 25, London. O'G. to Henderson.
148. 1960 Mar 25, London. O'G. to S.S.
149. 1960 Mar 27, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
150. 1960 Apr 13, Southampton. S.S. to Stearn
151. 1960 Apr 28, London. O'G. to S.S.
152. 1960 May 2, London. O'G. to S.S.
153. 1960 May 2, London. O'G. to Henderson

FOLIO D Charophyte Material: Savage (S.S.), the F.B.A [Gilson, Le Cren, Lund], Miss Martin.
154. 1964 Nov 22, Bangor. Miss Martin to John
155. 1964 Nov 27, unknown. S.S. to Lund
156. 1964 Nov 30, Ambleside. Lund to S.S.
157. 1964 Dec 7, Ambleside. Lund to S.S.
158. 1964 Dec 15, Ambleside. Lund to S.S.
159. 1965 Jan 1, Wareham. Le Cren to S.S.
160. 1965 Jan 11, Wareham. Le Cren to S.S.
161. 1965 Feb 4, Ambleside. Gilson to S.S.
162. 1965 Feb 10, Ambleside. Gilson to S.S.
163. Uknown. Written list of microscopic slides of Charophyte in cardboard boxes.

FOLIO E: Savage (S.S.) and Stearn.
164. 1960 Oct 31, London. (Stearn to S.S.) Thanks S.S. for copy of Richter's Codex; botanical chatter.
165. 1963 May 27, London. (Stearn to S.S.) Has received list of specimens collected by Frances Buchanan-Hamilton.
166. 1963 Jun 13, London. (Stearn to S.S.) Asks if S.S. will look over proofs of Stearn's textbook of Botanical Latin.
167. 1963 Jun 16, unknown. (S.S. to Stearn) Will be happy to read the proofs; is also willing to translate the Fundamenta botanica as a labour of love; returns the copy of contents of Stearn's Botanical Latin.
168. 1963 Sep 11, London. (Stearn to S.S.) Approves of J.S. Hempstead being accepted as Fellow of the Linn. Soc.
169. 1964 Mar 16, Southampton. Regrets he cannot be present at the Meeting to hear Moody on Smith, and Dance on the Linnaean Shells.

FOLIO F Savage's 80th birthday: Savage (S.S), Fries, Linn. Soc. [White, the Council], O'Grady (O'G).
170. 1966 May 9, London. O'G to Nilsson.
171. 1966 May 25, Uppsala. Fries to O'G.
172. 1966 Jun 16, London. White to S.S. on behalf of Council and Fellows.
173. 1966 Jun 16, London. Carbon copy of No. 172.
174. 1966 Jun 23, London. (O'G. to Savage) Many Happy Returns; seeks S.S.'s help in finding an original drawing of insect in Johnrenius's Vademecum botanicum.
175. 1966 Jun 24, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G.) Regrets he cannot help with drawing.
176. 1966 Jun 26, Southampton. S.S. to White.

FOLIO G Death of Savage: Mrs Savage, Fries, Jeffers, Miss Martin, O'Grady (O'G), Salisbury, Satterthwaite, Sprague, Taylor, Von Sydow.
177. 1966 Nov 5, Kew. Taylor to O'G.
178. 1966 Nov 5, Cheltenham. Sprague to O'G.
179. 1966 Nov 6, Bognor Regis. Salisbury to O'G.
180. 1966 Nov 7, Bangor. Miss Martin to O'G.
181. 1966 Nov 7, Chelmsford. Jeffers to O'G.
182. 1966 Nov 10, Southampton. Mrs Savage to O'G.
183. 1966 Nov 11, Uppsala. Fries to O'G.
184. 1966 Nov 14, London. Satterthwaite to O'G.
185. 1966 Nov 23, Southampton. Mrs Savage to O'G.
186. 1966 Nov 17, London. Condolences read from Chair at Linn. Soc. General Meeting.
187. 1966 Dec 19, Uppsala. Von Sydow to O'G.

FOLIO H Personal letters
188. 1932 Jul 11. Mary Wells to John; wedding present.
189. 1933 Dec 12. Henry Francis Savage to S.S.; thanks for £10.
190. 1934 Jul 4. Mabyn to John; Cis's illness.
191. 1934 Jul 8. Mabyn to John; Cis's illness.
192. 1934 Sep 18. C.P. Tremain to Mrs Savage; D.B.G.'s diaries.
193. 1940 Nov 30. Pater to Spencer; Caterham hotel.
194. 1945 Jan 19. Mary Rathbone to Mrs Savage; bombs and air raid shelters.
195. No date. Last 2 pp from Ray. M. F. [to Cis?]; money problems.
196. 1948 Feb 1. Doe to John; news of Cis.
197. 1948 Feb 3. D. Blacks to John; Cis's illness.
198. 1948 Feb 12. Mary to John; Cis's illness.
199. 1948 Feb 19. Mary Rathbone to S.S.; Cis's illness.
200. 1948 Apr 1. Doe to John; felt had to write.
201. 1948 Aug 11. Doe to Cis; her walking problems.
202. 1948 Sep 25. Margaret to John; death of Cis.
203. 1948 Sep 25. Mabyn to John; death of Cis.
204. 1951 May 14. J. McKew to Mr. John; thanks for miniature.
205. 1952 Mar 12. Minnie to Spencer; on course in flower painting.
206. 1952 Sep 10. Minnie to Spencer; death of 'Daddy'.
207. 1953 Sep 22. Jane Lomax to S.S.; death of friend.
208. 1953 Dec 20. Jane Lomax to S.S. ; spiritual matter.
209. 1956 Feb 7. Padre to John; illness of Miss Fry.
210. 1956 Feb 12. Padre [to John?]; about Miss Fry.
211. 1965 Jan 6. Mary Wells to Margaret and John; weather and buildings.
212. No year, Apr 12. Phyllis McKew to S.S.; does he have some of Miss Fry's knives.
213. No year, Aug 24. Georgina M. Chambers to Mrs. Savage; thanks for letters.
214. No year, Sep 25. D. Blacks to John; death of Cis.
215. No date. Phyllis McKew to S.S.; things she would like from Miss Fry.
216. No date. D.R. Fry to John; about Miss Hodges.
217. No date. Dorothy Rosa to John; about Miss Hodges.

FOLIO I Sale of Savage's books: Jeffrey, O'Grady (O'G), Miss Raphael, Mrs Savage.
218. 1968 Jun 19, London. Jeffrey to O'G.
219. 1968 Jun 20, London. Miss Raphael to Jeffrey.
220. 1968 Jul 17, London. O'G. to Mrs Savage.
221. 1968 Jul 22, Southampton. Mrs Savage to O'G.

FOLIO J Linnean Society business: Savage (S.S.), O'Grady (O'G), Smith
222. 1955 Feb 17, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
223. 1957 Jun 2, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
224. 1959 Jun 16, London. O'G. to S.S.
225. 1959 Dec 14, London. O'G. to S.S.
226. 1960 Jun 29, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
227. 1962 Jan 18, London. O'G. to S.S.
228. 1963 Aug 27, Biggin Hill. O'G. to S.S. and Mrs Savage
229. 1964 Jun 27, Biggin Hill. O'G. to S.S.
230. 1964 Aug 10, London. O'G. to S.S.
231. 1965 Mar 23, London. O'G. to S.S.
232. 1965 Mar 24, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
233. 1965 Mar 26, London. O'G. to S.S.
234. 1965 Mar 27, Southampton. S.S. to O'G.
235. No date. Draft letter about Smith.

FOLIO K Linnaeas and Sparrmann: Savage (S.S.) and Barnard.
236. 1962 Jan 24, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
237. 1962 Jan 26, unknown. S.S. to Barnard (draft).
238. 1962 Jan 27, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
239. 1962 Feb 28, Southampton. S.S. to Barnard.
240. 1964 Feb 11, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
241. 1964 Feb 13, Southampton. S.S. to Wareham.
242. 1964 Feb 14, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
243. 1964 Apr 4, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
244. 1964 Apr 8, Southampton. S.S. to Barnard.
245. 1964 Apr 11, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
246. 1964 Nov 3, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
247. 1964 Nov 5, unknown. S.S. to Barnard (letter incomplete).
248. 1965 Mar 20, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
249. 1965 Mar 24, Southampton. S.S. to Barnard.
250. 1965 Jul 4, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
251. 1965 Jul 8, unknown. Draft letter by S.S. to Barnard.
252. 1965 Jul 10, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.
253. 1965 Jul 19, London. Barnard to S.S.
254. 1965 Oct 19, Wareham. Barnard to S.S.

FOLIO L Contains letters from Norah D. Gourlie to Savage. The few that are dated range from 31st January 1949 to 26th January 1967.
However, most of the letters, many of them with pages missing, are undated and cannot be alphabetically or chronologically numbered.

1. No year, Jun 29, uknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; about films; illness of Dr Verdoorn.
2. No year, Feb 23, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; cousin's funeral; historical notes.
3. No date, unknown. Norah to [?] last 2 pp of 4; biography of Mannerheim etc.
4. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to [?] last page of 3; birthday wishes.
5. No year, Dec 30, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; Miss Jackson.
6. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to [?]; pp 3/4 of more; Mr Jeffers; Colnett papers.
7. 1966 Jan 13, unknown. N.D.G. to O'Grady; John's books left to her.
8. 1966 Jan 26, unknown. N.D.G. to O'Grady; leaves books for Margaret.
9. No date unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; favourite boks.
10. No date, unknown. 2pp by S.S.; criticism of NG's paper.
11. No date, unknown. 4pp by S.S.; botanic gardens.
11enc.2pp; botanic gardens draft.
12. No date, unknown. 2pp draft by S.S.; 'hortus'.
13. No date, unknown. pp 3/4 of more; trip to Scandinavia.
14. No date, unknown. 2pp unfinished to John and Margaret; thanks for present.
15. No year, Nov 8, unknown. 1 page; brief note.
16. 1953 Nov 8, unknown. 2pp unfinished to S.S.; MS of Eliz. I's coronation.
17. 1955 Feb 28, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; transcriptions style.
18. 1955 Jun 26, unknown. 2pp unfinished to S.S.; origin of skis.
19. 1951 Oct 24 , unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; B & B in London.
20. 1953 Dec 28, unknown. 1 page complete to S.S.; Verdoorn's requests.
21. No year, Jun 2, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; highlights in Linnaeus' life.
22. No date, unknown. Last 2 pp of 4; gorse incident.
23. No year, Jun 4, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; possibility of a Linnaeus film (see L27).
24. No year, Jun 7, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; possibility of a Linnaeus film.
25. No date, unknown. Single end page; her pigeons.
26. No year, Oct 4, unknown.1 page brief note.
27. No date, unknown. Last 2 pp; continuation of L23.
28. No date, unknown. 2 typed pp; letter from Oporto 1751; seaweeds etc.
29. No date, unknown. 2 typed pp; expedition to America 1755.
30. 1952 Aug 16, unknown. Postcard N.D.G. to S.S.; growing Linnaea in Britain.
31. No date, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; origin of botanic gardens.
32. 1959 Feb 20, unknown. Postcard N.D.G. to S.S.; Damien's voyage.
33. 1954 Sep 24, unknown. Postcard N.D.G. to S.S.; 'Tweedledee'.
34. No year, Jul 26, unknown. 2 pp complete to S.S.; her holiday in France.
35. 1955 Jun 20 , unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; Verdoorn's illness; working on article on skis.
36. No date, unknown. last 2 pp to S.S.; would he like to read her Life of Shakespeare.
37. No date, unknown. Jottings by S.S.; 2 sides; notes on botanic gardens.
38. 1953 Feb 2, uknown. 3 one-sided pp unfinished to S.S.; Loeffling and Linnaeus.
39. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; about various texts.
40. No year, Dec 12, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; 'Tweedledum' as co-author.
41. No date, unknown. Last 2 pp to S.S.; review of 'Prince of Botanists' by Uggla.
42. No date, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; galley proofs; name of Uppsala society.
43. 1954 Feb 19, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; reviews of 'Prince of Botanists'; problems with tenant.
44. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S., except for piece cut out; source of drawings.
45. 1953 May 16, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; with Noidal in Sweden.
46. No date, unknown. Last 2 pp to S.S.; book presented reluctantly to Queen of Sweden.
47. No date, unknown. Last 2 pp to S.S.; birds in garden.
48. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; National Gallery picture.
49. 1952 Sep 12, unknown. N.D.G. (4 postcards to S.S.); was Linnaeus an F.R.S.?
50. 1952 Sep 15, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; date of birth in Linnaeus reference is wrong.
51. No date, unknown. Final p. 4 of a letter to S.S.; her book rejected by Schuman.
52. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; illness of her brother.
53. 1952 Feb 8, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; death of George VI.
54. No date, unknown. Final p. of a letter to S.S.; chat.
55. No year, Sep 21, unknown. Last 2 pp to S.S.; Countryman Films interested in Linnaeus.
56. No date, unknown. Final p. of a letter to S.S.; should be paragraph of thanks.
57. No year, Jun 22, unknown. 2 pp complete to S.S.; birthday greetings.
58. No date, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; galley proofs.
59. No year, Dec 6, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; review of Prince of Botanists.
60. 1953, unknown. N.D.G. last 2 pp to S.S.; the Coronation cost.
61. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; house refurbishment; radio talk on Linnaeus.
62. No date, unknown. 2 pp of letter to S.S.; Linnaeus's achievements.
63. No year, Aug 4, unknown. 2 pp complete to S.S.; her brother's radium treatment.
64. No date, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to John; presentation to Verdoorn.
65. 1956 Oct 6, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to S.S.; injury to nose; missing London; Gaelic 66.
66. No date, unknown. Scribbled note by S.S.
67. 1949 Jan 31, unknown. From S.S. to Miss Guiney; request for photographs of MSS.
68. 1954 Dec 13, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; Christmas plans.
69. 1956 May 11, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; plans for tour of Scandinavia .
70. 1956 May 26, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; health and plans.
71. No date, unknown. N.D.G. last 2 pp to S.S.; availability of books.
72. No date, unknown. Norah to John; sent a copy of P. of B. to Verdoorn.
73. 1963 Jan 22, unknown. Norah to John; snowed under with literature.
74. No date, unknown. 1 page of a letter; Linné medallion.
75. No year, Jan 31, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to John; about Melville and Menzies.
76. 1964 Aug 12, unknown. Draft of letter by S.S. to N.D.G.; death of Dr Uggla.
77. No date, unknown. Norah to John; translation of a Swedish document.
78. No date, unknown. Single third page; about archive letters.
79. No date, unknown. Norah to John; translation of a Swedish document.
80. No year, Jun 15, unknown. Norah to John; about a paper sent to U.S.A.
81. No date, unknown. N.D.G. last 2 pp to S.S.; foreword by Prince of Sweden or Dr Uggla.
82. 1965 Feb 1, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S; thanks for letter & booklet; will translate.
83. No date, unknown. Norah to John; her M.S. and the Malmström book.
84. 1965 Sep 29, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; writing overdue.
85. Nov 2 , unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; thanks for letter; too late to include quote.
86. 1965 Oct 23 , unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; re Candole.
87. 1964 Aug 24, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; a little more translation.
88. No date, unknown. Norah to John; critical of length of writing.
89. No date, unknown. Norah to John; sending packet for correction.
90. 1965 Oct 27 , unknown. [Norah?] to John; early names for cherries.
91. No date, unknown. Incomplete [to John?], folded into 2 pp; early cherries.
92. No date, unknown. Norah to John; instructions for MS; early cherries.
93. 1963 Jan 17, unknown. 2 pp unfinished to John; thanks for book token.
94. No date, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; thanks for letter.
95. 1958 Nov 25, unknown. N.D.G. to S.S.; problems with tenant and neighbours.
96. No date, unknown.5 pp draft: Linné's Journey in England.
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