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TitleSpencer Savage Correspondence: Arvid Hjalmar Uggla
AdminHistorySpencer Savage (1886-1966) was appointed Clerk at the Linnean Society in 1911 until his retirement in 1951. He took time off to serve as a gunner on the Western Front in the first World War and returned to the Society in March 1919. Savage became Librarian and Assistant Secretary in 1929 and during his tenure he became a distinguished Linnean scholar and compiled for the Society A Catalogue of the Linnean Herbarium (1945).
DescriptionLetters from Arvid Hjalmar Uggla (Librarian; 1883-1964) to Spencer Savage (S.S.), from 1929 to 1965; a few letters from Savage to Uggla; death of Uggla and Obituaries.
Letters numbered 1 to 63 are from Uggla to Savage; unless otherwise stated they originated in Uppsala.

1. 1929 Jun 16. Picture of Linnaeus in possession of Linn. Soc. unlikely to have been painted by Pasch.
2. 1935 Aug 24. Grateful for catalogue and photograph; convinced a revision of the story of Linnaeus's first steps in science is desirable.
3. 1936 May 31. Apologies for long silence; overwhelmed with work and has had the flu; will soon be in London to continue with the Linnean MSS.
4. 1936 Sep 28. Has been lazy since returning from London; chatter.
5. 1936 Oct 21. Thrilled about the finds in Linnaeus's books; hopes to find a buyer for the Linnaeus portrait.
6. 1936 Oct 26. Council decided to purchase the Linnaeus portrait for £38.
7. 1937 Apr 22. Sends information for preface to list of Burser's Herbarium; Bruyset, Hulth, Solander, diary of Forsskal.
8. 1937 May 8. Inauguration of the Linnaean Museum; representative of the Linn. Soc. invited.
9. 1937 Aug 21. Has received Burser-Linnaeus MSS; sends specimen of Linnaea.
9a. Specimen of Linnaea in envelope.
10. 1938 Feb 15. Thinks it is worth while to study the drawings and engravings for Linnaean items; thinks he knows who drew pen and ink drawing of a Racoon.
11. 1938 Feb 17. Sernander seeking more facts about Alstrin.
12. 1938 Jun 17. Comments on proofs; sends transcription of letter to Linnaeus by Pennant.
13. 1938 Dec 21 Grateful for photographs of Linnaeus letters from Pennsylvania Hist. Soc.; chatter.
14. 1939 Jan 17. Sorry to hear of Pugsley's illness; hopes annotated list of books in the Linnaeus Library can be published.
15. 1939 Mar 19. Answers S.S.'s question about inscriptions in the book of Pragus.
16. 1939 Mar 31. Lady who wrote the inscription was Anna Tott, born 1581, died 1646.
17. 1939 Aug 1. Looks forward to S.S.'s visit.
18. [Error; there is no letter numbered 18. Ed.]
19. 1940 Feb 17. The Bolshevik war against Finland "the most barbarous history ever knew".
20. 1940 Mar 26. Arrived home safely from London; chatter.
21. 1940 Oct 23. Admires S.S. for the work he is doing; encloses list of Linnaean MSS he photographed during visit to London.
22. 1943 Sept 8. Little to say about handwritings of botanists on Linnaean specimens.
23. 1945 Aug 5. Wartime politics.
24. 1945 Dec 13. Understands he was thought to be ill, even dead, but he has been so busy with the Yearbook; chatter.
25. 1946 Mar 1. Has tried to understand what had been written in Swedish on the list.
26. 1946 Jun 6. Tells what he can about Osbeck's whereabouts after he returned from China.
27. 1947 Jul 26. Glad to hear young O'Grady is back; chatter.
28. 1947 Oct 22. Grateful that money is available for him to visit England; chatter.
29. 1948 Apr 11. About his visit to England; Dr Allantoe came to see him.
30. 1948 Aug 31. [From London] Thanks S.S. for present of pen; looking forward to seeing him and Mrs Savage in Welwyn Garden City.
31. 1948 Oct 2. So very sad to hear of the death of Mrs Savage.
32. 1949 Jan 21. Has been busy with proofs of Iter Dalakarlicum; has purchased a portrait of Linnaeus in crayon by Lundberg.
33. 1949 Mar 20. Ill with shingles; a good idea to have letters by Cesner and Linnaeus published at the same time.
34. 1949 Mar 26. [S.S. to Uggla] Sorry to hear about the shingles; Linn. Soc. Council recommends that Uggla be appointed Associate honoris causa.
35. 1949 Apr 12. Grateful to Council; has written a biographical note about S.S. and asks for more details; it is to be published with portrait in the Arsskrift.
36. 1949 May 16. Grateful for confirmation of election as Associate honoris causa; chatter.
37. 1949 Jun 17. S.S. elected as Honorary Member of the Society; has received from a Mr Johnson photostats of two hitherto unknown Linnaeus letters, 1737.
38. 1949 Nov 17. Gives bibliographical data about Linnaeus; chatter.
39. 1951 May 3. Sad to hear of S.S.'s retirement; most urgent task now is completion of the Linnean MSS; chatter.
40. 1951 Jul 27. Glad to hear S.S. is keeping well; hope he will succeed in preparing the Catalogue of Smithian Herbarium and a guide to the Sloane's Herbarium.
41. 1952 Jun 29. Wishes him well in his new home; has sent to Miss Gourlie the pictures she wanted; chatter.
42. 1952 Jun 16. Agrees with S.S.'s criticism of Canon Ravon's radio talk; chatter.
43. 1953 Jan 25. General, chatter.
44. 1953 Jun 30. General chatter; plans to visit London.
45. 1953 Aug 7. [From London] Looks forward to seeing S.S. in London.
46. 1953 Aug 16. [From London. To Miss Fry] Accepts invitation to see her in Southampton.
47. 1953 Aug 27. [From London] Confirms arrangements for Southampton visit; pleased with Miss Gourlie's book although she overlooked the many papers in Yearbook.
48. 1953 Sep 18. [From London] Sorry that S.S.'s sciatica prevented them from meeting again.
49. [No date] Good wishes for Christmas and the New Year; sent out Arsskrift although much belated; starting new volume.
50. 1956 Jun 27. Sorry to hear of illness of S.S.'s sister-in-law; chatter.
51. 1957 Feb 16. Letter from Gronovius to Borlase quoting one from Linnaeus about mineral.
52. 1957 Mar 5. Will be glad to receive S.S.'s paper with photocopy of letter from Gronovius to Borlase; chatter.
53. 1957 Mar 31. Chatter; has heard from Miss Fry, glad to hear she is making progress.
54. 1957 May 4. Sending proofs of S.S.'s paper; glad to have the contribution on Linnaeus's Anniversary Year.
55. 1957 Aug 14. Will publish two books later than planned: Linnaeus's Autobiographies and his Diaeta; chatter.
56. 1959 Jan 20. Asks what S.S. thinks of Steam's Species Planturam; chatter.
57. 1959 Feb 20. Sad letter about death of S.S.'s sister-in-law.
58. 1960 Mar 20. Congratulates S.S. on his marriage; chatter.
59. 1963 Aug 17. Personal chatter.
60. Postcard showing view from Linnaeus's window looking onto botanic garden.
61. Two new documents about Linnaeus's relations "English to England".
62. Part of note about Jean Marie Bruyset.
63. Printed review of S.S.'s Calendar of the Ellis Manuscripts, in Swedish.

64. [No date] Information about his Linn. Soc. appointments; tells Uggla date of his election as Associate honoris causa.
65. 1943 Jul 1. Has received copies of publications; sends photographs of sheets from the Linnean Herbarium and asks Uggla's opinion of the handwriting.
66. 1949 Jun 27. Delighted with the quality of his portrait reproduction; interested to hear of new Linnean discoveries.
67. 1949 Oct 30. Apologizes for delay in writing but he has not been well; chatter.
68. 1963 Jul 16. Glad to hear Uggla's health has improved; S.S. in his 78th year; chatter.
69. 1963 Sep 8. Delighted that Uggla will work on his Catalogue of the Linnean MSS; chatter.
70 and 71. [Errors. There are no letters numbered 70 or 71. Ed.]

DEATH OF UGGLA, 30 July 1964.
72. 1964 Aug 4. Telemark Fredbarj to S.S
73. 1964 Aug 6. Nils von Hofsten to S.S.
74. 1964 Aug 8. S.S. to Fredbarj.
75. 1964 Aug 9. Estrid Ancker to S.S.
76. 1964 Aug 12. S.S. to Magnus Fries.
77. 1964 Aug 12. S.S. to Estrid Ancker.
78. 1964 Aug 12. S.S. to von Hofsten.

UGGLA - OBITUARY NOTICES (translations from Swedish by Nora Caurlie).
79. No date. Draft. S.S [?]
80. No date or further information. S.S.
81. 1964 Aug 3. Upsala Nya Tidning [Regional daily newspaper] (Swedish).
82. No date. Translation [?]
83. 1963 Aug 3. Upsala Nya Tidning, Swedish and translation.
84. 1964 Aug 24. Brimble to S.S.
85. 1964 Aug 26. S.S. to Brimble.
86. 1964 Sep 19. Ancker to S.S.
87. 1964 Oct 15. S.S. to Brimble.
88. 1964 Dec 9. Von Hofsten to S.S.
89. 1965 Jul 4. Ancker to S.S. Thanks S.S. for his article about her uncle (Uggla).
90. No date. Draft by S.S.
91. No date. Part of draft by S.S.
92. No date. Ancker to S.S. Thanks S.S. for copies of S.S.'s article about Uggla
93. No date. Printed notice about death of Uggla.
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NotesListed by C.M.Hutt.
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