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TitleSmithian Herbarium Correspondence and papers - Spencer Savage
AdminHistorySpencer Savage (1886-1966) was appointed Clerk at the Linnean Society in 1911 until his retirement in 1951. He took time off to serve as a gunner on the Western Front in the first World War and returned to the Society in March 1919. Savage became Librarian and Assistant Secretary in 1929 and during his tenure he became a distinguished Linnean scholar and compiled for the Society A Catalogue of the Linnean Herbarium (1945).
DescriptionCorrespondence, notebooks, and papers regarding the Smithian Herbarium written by Spencer Savage (S.S.), dated 1945-1963. The material has been divided in to the following sections:

MS 432a
Notebook entitled "Cat Herb Smith Abbrev".

MS 432b
Notebook entitled "Cat Herb Smith Diary & Notes".

MS 432c
File entitled "Cat Herb Smith Notes" and "A Catalogue of the Linnean Herbarium 1945".

MS 432d
Letters to and from Spencer Savage, 1954-1963, about the Herbarium. The correspondents are Baehni, De Beer, Haeberli, Mde Duprat, Metcalfe, O'Grady (O'G), Savage, Stearn, Tonolli, Verdcourt.

1. 1954 Oct 12, London. (O'G to S.S.) Council hopes S.S. will complete the Catalogue of the Smithian Herbarium.
2. 1954 Nov 8, Southampton. Draft reply from S.S. to O'G.
3. 1954 Nov 9, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Half Herbarium sheets have been catalogued: agrees to carry on providing the Society reimburses expenses.
4. 1954 Nov 25, London. (O'G to S.S.) Council will pay expenses; requires pages of MS to approve format.
5. 1954 Nov 27, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Has decided it would be unwise to accept the responsibility of completion.
6. No date, unknown. London. (O'G to S.S.) Council accepts S.S.'s decision but hopes he will make available information gained by his experience.
7. 1955 Feb 18, London. (O'G to S.S.) Council regrets S.S. is unable to continue but appreciates the work he has already done in the compilation.
8. 1955 Mar 24, London. (O'G to S.S.) Acknowledges receipt of Herbarium MS.
9. 1962 Jan 17, London. (O'G to S.S.) Asks S.S. on behalf of the Officers if he will reconsider completing the Herbarium compilation. [Written on the letter is a draft reply by S.S.]
10. 1962 Jan 21, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Accepts O'G's proposal.
11. 1962 Jan 26, London. Copy of telegram containing Council's approval.
12. 1962 Jan 26, Kew. (Metcalfe to S.S.) Proposes a meeting to discuss safety of Herbarium sheets that will be sent to S.S.
13. 1962 Feb 3, London. (O'G to S.S.) Discusses procedure.
14. 1962 Feb 5, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Discusses procedure; questions the size of the safety cabinet sent to him.
15. 1962 Feb 7, London. (O'G to S.S.) Discusses procedure.
I6. 1962 Feb 9, Kew. (Metcalfe to S.S.) Discusses procedure.
17. 1962 Mar 20, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Has completed first batch of plants; now awaits second batch; seeks genus numbers of Coussaria.
18. 1962 Mar 22, London. (Stearn to S.S.) Asks if on any slips there are Buchanan-Hamilton specimens from Nepal; translates Linnaeus f's letter of 27 November 1782.
19. 1962 Mar 22, London. (O'G to S.S.) Encloses Nos. 450-562 and 618-680.
20. 1962 Mar 25, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Acknowledges second batch of specimens; untidy annotations to sheets are by the younger Linnaeus.
21. 1962 Mar 26, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Seeks examples of handwriting of Itzenplitz. Jaquin and Jussieu.
22. 1962 Mar 26, London. (O'G to S.S.) Lists numbers he can and cannot find.
23. 1962 Mar 27, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Has solved the problem of the 481 genus.
24. 1962 Apr 8, Luton. (Verdcourt to S.S.) Seeks identification of handwriting on 424.
25. 1962 Apr 11, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Good progress with Batch 2.
26. 1962 May 3, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Batch 3 completed; two more queries.
27. No date, unknown. Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Asks O'G to bring with him a good sample of Drysander's handwriting.
28. 1962 Jun 6, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Batch 4 nearly completed.
29. 1962 Jul 7, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) About his payment; busy on Batch 5.
30. 1962 Jul 15,Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Encloses two check lists.
31. 1962 Sep 7, London. (S.S. to O'G) Asks what form the Index is to take.
32. 1962 Sep 7, London. (O'G to S.S.) Encloses numbers of specimens; Index to be printed separately; Stearn suggests Campanula 309 (1-10).
33. 1962 Sep 9, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Grateful for list; thinks (10) is sufficient rather than (1-10).
34. 1962 Sep 10, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Finds 1625 Polypodium marked "British"; is there a "Foreign" species?
35. 1962 Sep 11, London. (O'G to S.S.) About 1625 Polypodium and Xanthorrhoea.
36. 1962 Sep 15, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Grateful for remainder of check lists; queries. (O'G. to S.S.) No urgency to answer queries.
37. 1962 Oct 15, London. (O'G to S.S.) No urgency to answer queries.
38. 1962 Oct 17, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Glad there is no hurry to complete catalogue.
39. No date, unknown. (O'G to S.S.) Sends Davall papers and Price's note.
40. 1962 Nov 19, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Grateful for Proceedings and Price's note.
41. 1962 Nov 20, London. (O'G. to S.S.) Queries two sheets; De Beer had heart attack.
42. 1962 Nov 21, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Apologizes for not numbering two sheets.
43. 1963 Jan 28, Southampton. (S.S. to De Beer). Catalogue nearly completed; MS is over 1,400 pages, with Index of Genera, List of Contributors, List of Collectors and Preface.
44. 1963 Feb 2, Neuchatel. (De Beer to S.S.) Postcard mentioning name of Jain.
45. 1963 Feb 8, Neuchatel. (De Beer to S.S.) Postcard mentioning Seguier and Gaudy.
46. 1963 Feb 11, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Asks O'G to look up names on enclosed list.
47. No date, unknown. (De Beer to S.S.) Provides names to whom S.S. should write.
48. 1963 Mar 2, Southampton. (S.S. to Mde Duprat) Can she identify French collectors?
49. No date, unknown. (S.S. to Haeberli) Can he identify Swiss collectors?
50. 1963 Mar 13, Bern. (Haeberli to S.S. names.) Can give very little information about list of names.
51. No date, unknown. (S.S. to Baehni) "As Haerbili".
52. No date, unknown. (S.S. to Tonolli) Asks for information about Molineri.
53. 1963 Mar 13, Novera. (Tonolli to S.S.) Provides information on two Molineri.
54. 1963 Apr 2, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Asks that the distributor corrects stencil.
54a. 1963 Apr 6, London. (O'G to S.S.) Stencil will be corrected; death of Jaramillo-Arango.
55. 1963 Apr 10, Southampton. (S.S. to O'G) Had not heard of death of Jaramillo-Arango.
56. 1963 Apr 30, Geneva. (Baehni to S.S.) Provides information on names required by S.S.
57. 1963 Jun 13, London. (O'G to S.S.) Council grateful for completion of Catalogue of the Smithian Herbarium.
58. No date, unknown. Rough proofs of the Catalogue.
Date1945 - 1963
Extent1 box
NotesG.D.Bridson List nos. 7,18,33 & 36.
Creator NameSavage, Spencer
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