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TitlePhotographs of artwork showing scenes from the life of Charles Darwin - Museum Darwinianum
AdminHistoryThe State Darwin Museum [formerly known as the Museum Darwinianum, Moscow] was established in 1907 by Professor Alexander Eric Kohts [also known as Coates], from his own collection of biological specimens. Kohts was a museum researcher, who read the lectures on the theory of evolution at the Moscow Higher Female Courses at the University of Moscow. When it was opened, it was the first museum devoted only to the theory of evolution. In 1911 Alexander Kohts married Dr Nadezhda Ladygina, the animal behaviourist, and they were co-directors of the museum until 1964. Plans for a new building for the museum were begun in the 1960s but not complete until the 1990s. The museum is still in existence today.
DescriptionSeries of 14 black and white photographs of artist's re-creations of scenes from the life of Charles Darwin. Includes a TS list of the photos:

1. Prof. Henslow persuading the young Charles Darwin to take part in the voyage of the "Beagle" (Artist: Victor Eustafiev, 1958)
2. First meeting of the young Charles Darwin with Captain Fiz-Roy [Fitzroy] (Artist: V. Eustafiev)
3. Young Darwin on board of the "Beagle". Departure from England (Artist: M. Esutchevsky, 1920)
4. Darwin's excavation in South America (Artist: M. Esutchevsky, 1920)
5. "Beagle" at Cape-Horn (Artist: B. Watagin, 1925)
6. First encounter of Charles Darwin with a Fier-lander (Artist: Esutchevsky, 1920)
7. Darwin on the Galapagos Islands (Artist: M. Esutchevsky, 1921)
8. Darwin in his study (Down [House]) reading extracts from his "Origin" before Charles Lyell and Joseph Hooker (Artist: Eustafiev, 1958)
9. Charles Darwin

'All pictures planed [planned] and executed under supervision of the Director of the Darwin-Museum, Prof. Dr. alexander Eric Coates [also spelt Kohts].'

Photographs contained within a green presentation folder with a photograph of a sculpture of Charles Darwin on the front.
Extent1 folder
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Creator NameMuseum Darwinianum, Moscow
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