How do I search the Catalogue?

Simple Search

Researchers should enter their search term in the search box at the top right hand corner of the online catalogue and click the Search button.

Advanced Search

To perform an advanced search in the catalogue Researchers should click on the ‘Advanced Search’ button on the left hand menu.

The advanced search enables researchers to perform ‘Any text field’ searches, and also to search specifically in certain fields.

Use the * symbol at the end of a search term to find all variations of that term, e.g. med* will find results for medicine, medical, medic, medics.

Search Results

Search results are displayed in a table and the results can be rearranged by clicking on the relevant column heading.

Arrangement of the Collection

In order to view the overall arrangement of the catalogue researchers should click on Advanced Search and enter the search term, QUB, into the Reference Number field; then click on the hyperlinked QUB which returns a description of the entire collection; then click on QUB in the Ref No. field and this returns the arrangement of the entire collection.

The catalogue is arranged in a hierarchical structure which moves from the general to the more specific. To view each level researchers should click on the plus sign beside the entries to open the description for that level and continue doing this until the item level is reached.

Clicking on the back button returns to the previous search result.

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