Ref NoRC/7
TitleScience Scholarships Committee - Correspondence with External Examiners
DescriptionThis series comprises correspondence with professors and others eminent in their field and opinions furnished by them on work done by 1851 scholars and fellows. Correspondence from 1894 to 1921 concerns final reports, i.e. reports on work at the end of tenure of awards. (See also Professors' Opinions, 55). Post 1921 correspondence includes assessments of initial scholarship applications, assessment of scholars'/fellows' work for renewal of award into a 2nd or 3rd year, some final reports, and other items concerning award holders, eg. financial matters. Since 1995 assessment of applicants has been carried out only by members of the Science Scholarships Committee. (See Meetings of the Science Scholarships Committee, RC/13/A). The practice of final reports was discontinued after 1986.
Correspondence with External Examiners between 1973 and 1981 is missing, presumed lost. For Opinions covering these years, see 13/A, Meetings of the Science Scholarships Committee.
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