Ref NoRC/84/6
TitleCorrespondence and Papers, 1875-77
Description'Memorandum of the proposal submitted to H.M. Commissioners by Lord Bury and Sir Coutts Lindsay on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society'; Propositions by the RHS for consideration of the Special Enquiry Committee (of the Commissioners); 'Suggestions for a new Charter and Management'; Memorandum on the means of relieving the Royal Horticultural Society from its difficulties' by Sir Henry Cole; Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener: reports of meetings of the RHS; Report of Council of the RHS to the Fellows, 13 August 1875; 'Summary of the privileges of Fellows for the year 1876'; 'Proposed supplemental modifications of the agreements between the CommissionersÂ…..and the RHS', with ground plans; 'Preliminary terms assented to by Dr. Lyon Playfair acting on behalf of the Committee appointed by the CommissionersÂ…', 5 July 1876; 'Specification of repairs necessary at the Royal Horticultural Society premises', December 1876.
Correspondence concerns the resumption of official relations between the Commissioners and the Council of the RHS; Frank Buckland's request to cut a rivulet in the RHS Gardens for the salmon and trout from his Fish Museum; schemes for raising additional income for the RHS; the termination of the lease; claims of the debenture holders and the formation of a Committee of Debenture Holders; etc.
Correspondents include: T. Dyer Edwardes, Alfred Smee, W.A. Lindsay, Frank Buckland, J.H. Mackenzie, Lord Bury, Henry Cole, J.S. Davenport, Henry Webb, George Reay, Fladgates, William Martyn, Henry Scott, Lord Aberdare, Andrew Murray, Hunt Stephenson and Jones, Robert Hogg.
Date1875 - 1877
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