Ref NoRC/84/8
TitleCorrespondence and Papers, 1880-88
DescriptionVarious legal documents regarding the action brought by the Commissioners against the Royal Horticultural Society for the recovery of the Gardens; the Opinion of Counsel on Mr. Justice Fry's judgement; Memorandum on the case respecting Foley's statue 'A Youth at a Stream' submitted by the Commissioners to Mr. Horace Davey and his opinion thereon; copy of Mr. Davey's Opinion; Mr. John Crossley's Opinion regarding the statue.
Correspondence concerns the dismissal by Mr. Justice Fry of the Commissioners' action against the RHS; Meetings of the Expenses Committee to settle the accounts of the RHS; the decision in favour of the Commissioners' recovery of the Gardens, on appeal; the question of a new tenancy by the RHS of a portion of the Gardens; the laying out of the ante-garden of the RHS for building purposes (with plan); the repayment of £5,000 to Sir Charles Freake, advanced by him to the RHS; the RHS's wish to retain a connection with South Kensington; the question of a lease to the RHS of a site on the Estate for offices, committee rooms and a library.
Correspondents include: Edmund Bax, Sir Lyon Playfair, Harry Jones, Henry F. Ponsonby, Sir Trevor Lawrence, Lord Aberdare, F. Mason, Fladgates, Burrows and Barnes, Henry Hunt, Henry Scott, Robert Hogg, Francis Knollys, Sir Henry Thring.
Date1880 - 1888
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