The catalogue contains descriptions of archives and books held by The Salvation Army International Heritage Centre. To search the catalogue, enter a search term or terms into the search box above. This will only search the 'title', 'description' and 'subject terms' fields. For a more detailed search, use the 'Advanced Search' sidebar. Results will only be displayed that exactly match the words in the search box, so try using a number of variant search terms. Wildcards (*) can be used, so a search for 'salvation*' would return results for salvation and salvationist. Try using inverted commas to search for an exact term, such as ''salvation army''.

Only a small fraction of our archival holdings appear in the catalogue; records that have yet to be catalogued or that are closed to the public do not appear here (this can result in gaps within collections displayed in the catalogue). The catalogue will be updated with new records several times a year.

Comprehensive lists of members ('Soldiers') or ministers ('Officers') in The Salvation Army are not included in the catalogue, if you are looking for information on an individual who does not appear in the catalogue please contact us.
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