TitleAgents' Correspondence: Pre-1800
DescriptionVery little of this survives. There are, however, a certain number of letters among the Worksop estate records, preserved because they relate to the Worksop tithe disputes. These are numbered ACM/W/157 and are addressed as follows:

To John Shireburn at Sheffield, from Robert Shireburn, Nathaniel Pigot, Richard Tempest. 1714

One of these letters, from Richard Tempest, the Duke's agent in London, contains the following paragraph, giving an account of the arrest of a Jesuit priest at the house of John Wright of Kelveden, on the information of a false 'friend' who had attended mass there:

To Jno. Shireburn, Esq., in Sheffield. 11 May 1714

Dear Sir,

I begg your pardon for the neglect in not mentioning the Proclamation, but the reason why I took no notice of it was that no body here apprehending any the least danger from it, but now we begin to look sharp, since one Mr Hanmer was seized & brought up, from Mr. Wrights in Essex, by a Couple of Messengers. The informer is a man who came from St. Omers, whose name I have not learnt, but am told his name is Deale or Doyle. He was an Apothecary in Towne and failed, went over into France & became Catholick at Paris, from thence he went to St. Omers where he desired to be admitted a Lay-Brother. They consented to admitt him, but he pretended to have a Legacy left him in England soe wou'd goe & gett his Legacy and wou'd return. He landed at Harwich on Saterday Sennight and on Sonday he came to Mr Wrights and deliver'd a letter from Mr. Sebrand to Mr. Hanmer, was invited to stay all night, the next day being the Invention of the Holy Cross he staid Prayers and then proceeded on his Jorney to London, went to the Secretarys Office and; demanded a warrant which was granted & went down with 2 Messengers to Mr. Wrights & Seized Mr. Hanmer on Friday who was committed to Newgate on Saterday night. I am told that he is gon into Yorkshire & that their are more warrants out, so that it behoovs every one to be cautious whom they trust . . .'
To Vincent Eyre at Sheffield, from Edward Wilson. 1741 - 1749
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