TitleThe Duke and the mortgagees
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>Draft of mortgage deed of the Duke to the trustees of the Commercial Union Insurance Co. and Royal Exchange Insurance Co., for £80,000. 28 Dec. 1894. (The premises included the castle and lordship of Sheffield and the market rights).</p><p>Summaries of income and expenditure of Sheffield Markets for 4 years to Lady Day, 1894.</p><p>Various opinions of council relating to title; statements on encumbrances on the premises under family settlements, and draft release by Ladies M. A. Fitzalan Howard, Margaret Fitzalan Howard and Philippa Stewart from charges for their respective portions, Dec. 1894</p><p>Schedule of deeds and documents relating to the market premises, 1894 (Comprise mainly those listed in 652</p><p>Bundle of notices to the Insurance Cos., from the Duke, requiring further advances on the mortgage, Dec. 1894 - Dec. 1896; and bundle receipts for same.</p><p>Several drafts of reconveyance by the Assurance Cos. to the Duke, 6 Nov. 1899 and summary of market receipts, Sept. - Nov. 1899</p>
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