TitleSheffield Township - Bailey Fields
DescriptionFrom Townhead Street and Blind Lane westwards lay Bailey, Hibberd and Townhead Fields, stretching to Portobello and Broomhall. Looking from the latter points towards the town in the 1760s, the view was of open country, except for the huddled buildings along the lanes skirting the fields on the town side, and in the distance the steeples of the parish Church and St Paul's. Martin's view in 1791, from the north side of Broomhall Spring across the southern and still undeveloped parts of these fields shows this pictorially (ACM/MAPS/SheS/1551 and ACM/MAPs/SheS/1693) show the same in plan, though in the case of Bailey fields the scheme for the new street has been superimposed. (ACM/MAPS/SheS/1554 and ACM/MAPS/1555) show Bailey Fields as a built-up area. After 1791, the development of the fields further to the West and South followed (ACM/MAPS/SheS/1958 and ACM/MAPS/1694) though during the ten years 1791 to 1801 little progress seems to have been made. The few isolated houses such as West Field House were gradually engulfed by the new Streets.
Date1766 - 1808
Extent67 items
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