TitleArthur Balfour and Company, subsequently Balfour Darwins, steel manufacturers
AdminHistoryArthur Balfour and Co. Ltd traces its roots back to Arthur Seebohm and Dieckstahl Ltd, steel manufacturers, which was founded in 1865. Arthur Balfour became managing director in 1899. In 1915 the company name was changed to Arthur Balfour and Co. Ltd, partly as a result of anti-German feeling during World War One.

The company's Capital Steel Works was located at the junction of Willey Street and Sheldon Row, Sheffield.

Arthur Balfour and Company Ltd acquired C. Meadows and Company Ltd in 1921.

In 1961 Arthur Balfour and Co. Ltd merged with Darwin Ltd to form Balfour Darwin Ltd.
DescriptionArthur Balfour and Company ,1869 - 1966 (BDR/1):

Pre-incorporation, 1879 - 1922 (BDR/1/1)
Company minutes etc, 1899 - 1966 (BDR/1/2)
Finance, 1930 - 1962 (BDR/1/3).
Papers relating to formation of companies, etc., 1902 - 1926 (BDR/1/4)
Steel production records, 1905 - 1961 (BDR/1/5)
Day books for Great Britain, Europe, Australasia, South Africa, the Far East, North America, and South America, 1869 - 1950 (BDR/1/6-14)
Records from the Paris Office of the Company, 1919 - 1965 (BDR/1/15)

C. Meadows and Company Limited, steel manufactures, forgers, tilters and rollers, Alliance Rolling Mills, Tinsley Park Road, 1891 - 1953 (BDR/2):

Company minutes, 1891 - 1953 (BDR/2/1)
Finance, 1891 - 1951 (BDR/2/2)
Plant, 1925 (BDR/2/3)
Trade Associations, 1933 - 1936 (BDR/2/4).

Records of subsidiary companies trading abroad, 1902 - 1960 (BDR/3)

Balfour staff superannuation society, 1926 - 1954 (BDR/4)
Date1869 - 1966
Extent196 items
RelatedMaterialSheffield City Archives:

Records of the Darwin Group (Aurora).

Arthur Balfour and Company Limited, Sheffield: cash book and register of female employees c 1916 - 1958 (MD8068).

Balfour Family: Papers of 1st and 2nd Lords Riverdale and members including House magazine of Arthur Balfour and Company [20th cent] (MD8166).

Sheffield Local Studies Library:

Balfour's Publicity News, Arthur Balfour and Company Limited, 1922 - 1931 (052.74 S Journal).

Centenary: Arthur Balfour and Co. Ltd, 1865 - 1965 (Sheffield Local Studies Library: 338.4 SSTQ; also available at Sheffield City Archives: BAL/BUS).

Trade catalogues (TRC BALF).
CustodialHistoryIn 1971 Balfour Darwins Limited wrote to the Business Archives Council asking for advice as to examining the records before destruction. The Business Archives Council recommended the records be transferred to Sheffield City Library Archives section. It was not possible for Sheffield Archives to take all of the records, so a selection of 70 books was chosen to be transferred into their custody. A further deposit of material was received by Sheffield City Library Archives section from Balfour Darwins Limited offices in the Wicker in December 1975.
AcquisitionSourceThis items were deposited with Sheffield Archives in 1971 and 1975.
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