TitleSheffield City Council (and predecessors): Minutes of Council and Committees
AdminHistorySheffield Borough Council was incorporated in 1843. The first meeting of the newly formed Council took place in November 1843 and it met four times a year thereafter - February, May, August and November. Amongst the first business transacted was the appointment of a Town Clerk - Edward Bramley - and the establishment of a number of committees: Watch (Police), Finance and General Purposes.

From 1864, the Corporation issued printed copies of the Council Proceedings and of the Committee minutes (see CA-MIN).

All the signed minute books prior to 1908 are in manuscript form and each one has a index either in a separate volume or within the volume itself. From April 1908 all minutes were printed.

As mentioned above the first committee were Watch, Finance and General Purposes. Subsidiary committee were also established - Weights and Measures, Sales of Gas Act, Hackney Coach, Smoke Bye-laws and Bridges and Streets.

In 1846, the Health Committee was established - about the time of the Commission on the Health of Towns, and after the cholera epidemics. The Free Libraries and Museums Committee was established in 1853 under the Public Libraries Act of 1850.

When, in 1864, the Council adopted powers of the Local Government Act of 1858, committee organisation was somewhat transformed. Two new committees - Highways and Sewerage Committee, and the Improvement Committee, were set up under these powers and those of the republics Health Act of 1848 and the general Highway Act of 1864, moreover the duties of some committees were transferred. Weights and Measures and the Sale of Gas Act were passed to the General Purposes Committee. The regulation of Hackney Coaches became the province of the Watch Committee. Smoke bye-laws were enforced by the Health Committees and Bridges a Streets by the new Improvement Committee.

The General Purposes Committee thus assumed a wide area of competence: Council accommodation, Weights and Measures (24 & 25 Victoria, c. 75); Regulation of sales of gas; The licensing of premises to store petroleum (25 & 26 Victoria; from 1871, under 34 & 35 Victoria, c. 105, detailed lists of licences were entered. The General Purposes Committee was also involved in the Sheffield Market Act 1847; the complaint against of the gas fitters against Sheffield United Gas Co. in 1851; and the regulation of the turnpike roads in 1860. Its areas of responsibility, however, were diminished from 1874. From that date until 1919, it functioned as the General Purposes and Parks Committee, which became in 1919 the Parks and Burial Grounds Committee. In 1919, the General Purposes Committee was absorbed into the Parliamentary Committee.
DescriptionThis collection also contain 55 extracts that relate to the Hillsborough Disaster and concern subjects such as the sale of alcohol at the ground, response to the Lord Justice Taylor Report, alterations to the ground and the re-issuing of the Safety Certificate.

Each month of Council Summons tends to include minutes of the Sheffield Metropolitan Council for the preceding 3 months. The sets of Council Summons also include copies of revenue budget and capital programme reports, annual reports, etc., and copies of South Yorkshire Joint Authority minutes.
Date1843 - 2018
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For records of the town's governance prior to 1843 see Town Trustees (TT)

Note: More detailed information can often be found in the volumes of 'Minutes of the Council' as they include copies of committee minutes in addition to the full Council. For these volumes see CA-MIN.

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Copy printed council and committee minutes, 1864 to date (352.02).
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