TitleSheffield City Council: Education Committee (later Education Programme Committee, later Education Policy Committee)
AdminHistoryLocal Education Authorities were established under the Education Act 1902. This replaced school boards (which had been established in 1870) by Education Committees. In Sheffield the Act came into force on 1 April 1903. There is a set of minutes from 1902 up to the early 21st century. Initially only the unsigned copy minutes appear to have survived. These contain detailed reports from the sub committees and minutes from the main Education Committee, however they do not include reports and papers appended to the signed minute book (for instance recommendations for boarding out named children to foster families and awards made to pupils were pasted in the original signed minute book). The whereabouts of the original signed Education Committee minutes from 1902 has not (at the time of writing, 2008) been established.

Membership of the committee in 1903 totalled 43 individuals:
Members of Sheffield City Council
Representatives from:
University College
Church of England Elementary Schools
Roman Catholic Elementary Schools
Elementary School Teachers
Persons of special experience in secondary schools
Women members
Members of the existing School Board

The committee met (every month) in the former School Board Offices in Leopold Street, Sheffield.

The minutes books include information on the administration of schools in the city. There are full minutes from each sub-committee and reports from individual schools. There are also reports on the appointment and resignation of (named) teaching and ancillary staff and pupil teachers. Other subjects of note are: awards to pupils (sometimes named), school attendance (including reference to canal boat children, for example in 1920-1921), employment, unemployment, deaf, blind and mentally handicapped children, technical education, further education, higher education, health and welfare etc, infectious diseases, vaccinations and immunisations etc. Until 1989 the Polytechnic and its constituent predecessors such as the College of Technology and Teacher Training College) was controlled by the Education Committee and is thus included in the minute books.

When the committee was established in 1903 it had the following sub-committees:
Evening Schools
Finance and General Purposes
Higher Education
School Attendance
School Management
Managers for General Higher School
Technical School of Art

In 1911 the sub-committees were:
Children's Meals
Evening Schools
Finance and General Purposes
Higher Education
School Attendance
School Management
Governors of Central Secondary School
Governors of King Edward VII School
Governors of Pupil Teacher Centre
Technical School managers
Sheffield Training College for Teachers Managers

In 1945 - 1946 the Education Committee had the following sub-committees:
Further Education
Training of Teachers
Child Welfare
Secondary Education
Primary Education
Finance and General Purposes
Reconstruction in Education (Special)
Children's Accident Prevention (Special)

The sub-committees in 1963-1964 were:
Child Welfare
Finance and General Purposes
Further Education
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Youth Employment
Joint Sub (Education and Health) re Health Services
Joint Sub (Education and Libraries, Art Galleries and Museums)
Education Joint Consultative
Children's Accident Prevention
Schools Advisory Committee on Savings

In the late 1980s sub-committees of this committee included:
Special Needs sub-committee
Schools sub-committee
Post-16 sub-committee
Premises sub-committee
Tertiary sub-committee
Policy & Resources sub-committee
Under 5s sub-committee

During the First World War there are ongoing reference to those serving in the armed forces and those killed or injured. At first these refer to former employees of the Education Committee but as the war went on there are more references to former students. There are also numerous references to providing work for disabled soldiers. A number of examples are given in the item descriptions.

The Education Act 1918 raised the school leaving age to 14. It also introduced additional responsibilities for local education authorities such as school medical inspections, nursery school and centre for pupils with special needs. The minute books from this date record information on these additional services.

The Education Act of 1944 raised the school leaving age to 15. It also provided free, publicly funded secondary education in grammar, secondary modern or technical schools.

Note: 1973 a District Education Committee (of Sheffield Metropolitan District Council) was established. It first met in October 1973. The City Education Committee continued to meet in addition to the District Committee until March 1974.

From 1974 (item CA-EDU/73) signed minutes (with details of students names) of the Awards Committee are included; thus there is restricted access for a period of 50 years from item CA-EDU/73 onwards.

Also from 1974 onwards papers and reports are included in addition to the minutes. The Committee later became known as the Education Programme Committee and in Mar 1998 changed its name to the Education Policy Committee.
The Education Committee yearbooks (ref. 379.4274 S) include lists of schools. Those for 1903, 1942/3 and 1963/4 are detailed below:


Abbeydale Council, Abbeydale Road
All Saints' National, Sutherland Road
Attercliffe National, Leeds Road, Attercliffe
Attercliffe Council, Baldwin Street

Bole HilI Council, Bole Hill Road, Walkley
Bow Street Council, Holly Street
Brightside Council, Jenkin Road
Broomhill Council, Beech Hill Road
Burgoyne Road Council, Cundy Street, Walkley

Carbrook National, Carbrook Street
Carbrook Council, Attercliffe Common
Carlisle Street Council, Carlisle Street East
Central Higher Elementary, Orchard Lane
Clifford National, Psalter Lane
Crofts Council, Solly Street
Crookes Endowed, Crookes
Crookesmoor Council, Oxford Street and Crookesmoor Road
Crosspool National

Darnall Road Council
Darnall National, Station Road, Darnall
Duchess Road Council, Shoreham Street

Ecclesall National
Ellesmere Road Wesleyan, Petre Street

Firshill Council, Barnsley Road
Fulwood Council
Fulwood National

Gleadless Road, Council
Grimesthorpe Council, Earl Marshal Road

Heeley Bank Council, Myrtle Road
Heeley National, Gleadless Road
Heeley Wesleyan, Thirlwell Road
Hillsborough Council, Parkside Road
Hillsborough Temporary Council, Middlewood Road
HiIIsborough National, Middlewood Road
Hillsborough RC, Ripley Street, Langsett Road
Holy Trinity National, Johnson Street
Hunter's Bar Council, Sharrow Vale Road
Hunter's Bar Temporary Council, Sharrow Vale
Huntsman's Gardens Council, Britnall Street, Attercliffe

Lancasterian Council, Bowling Green Street
Langsett Road Council, Burton Street
Lowfield Council, London Road

Malin Bridge Temporary Council, Loxley New Road
Manor Council, City Road
Meersbrook Bank Council, Derbyshire Lane
Morley Street Council

Neepsend Council, Hoyland Road
Neepsend National, Boyland Street
Netherthorpe Council, Hoyle Street
Newhall Council, Sanderson Street
Norton Council, Mundella Place, Derbyshire Lane
Norton Lees Council

Owler Lane Council, Fir Vale

Parish Church National, Queen Street
Park Council, Norwich Street
Philadelphia Council, West Don Street
Pitsmoor National, Pitsmoor Road
Pomona Street Council, Ecclesall Road
Princess Street Wesleyan
Pye Bank Council, Andover Street
Ranmoor Temporary CounciI, Ranmoor Road
Red Hill Wesleyan

St. Barnabas' National, Alderson Road
St. Barnabas' National, Cecil Road
St. Catherine's Roman Catholic, Andover Street
St. Charles' Roman Catholic, Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe
St. Georges' National Beet Street
St. John's National, School Street, Park
St. John's National, Cricket Road, Park
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic, Howard Hill
St. Jude's National, Eldon Street
St. Jude's National, Moorfields
St. Luke's National, Garden Street
St. Marie's Roman Catholic, Edmund Road
St. Mary's National, Hermitage Street
St. Mary's National, South Road, Walkley
St. Matthias' National, Parliament Street
St. Paul's National, Cambridge Street and Charles Street
St. Philip's National, Hoyle Street
St. Silas' National, Hodgson Street
St. Simon's National, Porter Street
St. Stephen's National, Finlay Street
St. Vincent's Roman Catholic, White Croft
St. Wilfrid's Roman Catholic, Shoreham Street

Sale Memorial National, Dyer's Hill
Sharrow Lane Council
Shiregreen National, Bellhouse Road
Springfield Council, Broomspring Lane

Tapton Hill Temporary Council, Manchester Road
Tinsley Park Road Council, Coleridge Road

Upperthorpe Council, Daniel Hill Street

Wadsley National
Walkley Council, Greaves Street
Western Road, Council
Whiteley Wood Council
Wincobank Council, Newman Road
Woodbourn Council, Woodbourn Road
Woodseats Council, Bole Hill Lane
Woodside Council, Rutland Road

Abbey Lane Council, Abbey Lane
Abbeydale Council, Abbeydale Road
Abbeydale Grammar
All Saints', Sutherland Road
Anns Road Council, Anns Road, Heeley
Arbourthorne Central Council, Eastern Avenue, Arbourthorne Estate
Arbourthorne North Council, Craddock Road
Ash House Hospital School for Rheumatic Children, Workhouse Lane, Dore
Attercliffe Council, Baldwin Street
Attercliffe Parish CE, Leeds Road, Attercliffe

Beck Road Council, Beck Road
Bents Green Open Air School, Ringinglow Road
Bole HilI Council, Bole Hill Road, Walkley
Bow Council, West Street
Bradway Council School, Bradway Main Road
Brightside Council, Jenkin Road
Broomhall Road Nursery, Broomhall Road
Broomhill Council, Beech Hill Road
Burgoyne Road Council, Cundy Street, Walkley
Burngreave Council, Earldom Road

Carbrook Council, Attercliffe Common
Carbrook CE, Carbrook Street
Carfield Council, Argyle Road
Carter Knowle Road Council, Carter Knowle Road [Carterknowle]
Cathedral, Queen Street
Central Commercial College
Central Day Commercial College
City Grammar School
Clifford, Psalter Lane
College of Arts and Crafts
College of Domestic Science
Coleridge Road Council, Coleridge Road
Crookes Endowed, Crookes
Crookesmoor Council, Oxford Street and Crookesmoor Road

Darnall CE., Station Road, DarnaIl
Denby Street Nursery, Denby Street
Dore, Vicarage Lane, Dore
Duchess Road Council, Shoreham Street

EcclesaIl CE., Ringinglow Road
EIIesmere Road Council, Petre Street

Firs Hill Council, Elmsley Road
Firth Park Grammar School
Fulwood Council, David Lane
Fulwood CE., Canterbury Lane

Gleadless Council, HoIlinsend Main Road, Gleadless
Greenhill Council, School Lane, Greenhill
Greystones Council, Greystones Road
Grimesthorpe Council, Grimesthorpe Road

Hammerton Council, Ouseburn Road
Handsworth Council, Fitzalan Road, Handsworth
Handsworth St. Joseph's R.C., St. Joseph's Road, Handsworth
Hartley Brook Road Council, Hartley Brook Road
Hatfield House Lane CounciI, Hatfield House Lane
Heeley Bank Council, Myrtle Road
High Storrs Grammar School
Highfield Special Council, Sharrow Lane
Hillfoot Council, Hoyland Road
Hillsborough Council, Parkside Road
Hillsborough RC., Ripley Street, Langsett Road
Hucklow Road Council, Hucklow Road
Hurlfield Grammar School
Hunters Bar Council, Sharrow Vale Road and Junction Road
Huntsman's Gardens Council, Bodmin Street and Britnall Street, Attercliffe

Industrial School
Intake Council, Mansfield Road, Intake

Junior Technical School for Boys

King Edward VII Grammar School
King Edward VII Sanatorium School, Rivelin Valley Road

Langsett Road Council, Burton Street
Longley Council, Raisen Hall Road
Lowfield Council, London Road and Queen's Road
Lydgate Council, Lydgate Lane

Malin Bridge Council, Norris Road
Maltby Street Council, Maltby Street
Manor Council, City Road
Marlcliffe Council, Marlcliffe Road
Maud Maxfield School for the Deaf, East Hill, East Bank Road
Meersbrook Bank Council, Derbyshire Lane
Meynell Road Council, Meynell Road, Parson Cross
Morley Street Council, Morley Street

Neepsend CE., Boyland Street
Nether Edge Grammar
Nether Green Council, Fulwood Road
Netherthorpe Council, Hoyle Street
Newhall Council, Sanderson Street
Norton Council, Mundella Place, Derbyshire Lane
Norton Free, School Lane, Norton

Owler Lane Council, Owler Lane

Park Council, Norwich Street
Parson Cross, Wadsley Bridge
Philadelphia Council, West Don Street
Phillimore Road Council, Phillimore Road
Pipworth Road Council, Pipworth Road
Pitsmoor CE., Pitsmoor Road
Pomona Street Council, Pomona Street
Prince Edward Council, Prince of Wales Road
Pye Bank Council, Andover Street West

Remand Home for Boys, Western Bank

St. Barnabas' C.E., Alderson Road
St. Barnabas' C.E., Cecil Road,
St. Catherine's Roman Catholic, Andover Street
St. Charles' Roman Catholic, Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe
St George's CE., Beet Street
St. John's, School Street, Park
St John's, Cricket Road, Park
St Joseph's Roman Catholic, Howard Hill
St Marie's Roman Catholic, Edmund Road and Sheaf Gardens
St Mary's South Road, Walkley
St Matthias' CE Parliament Street
St Oswald's Roman Catholic, Boundary Road, Wybourn Estate
St Patrick's Roman Catholic, Sheffield Lane Top
St Silas' CE., Hodgson Street
St Stephen's, Finlay Street
St. Theresa's Catholic, Prince of Wales Road
St Vincent's Roman Catholic, White Croft
St. Wilfred's Roman Catholic, Shoreham Street
Sale Memorial, Dyer's Hill
Salmon Pastures Council, Warren Street
Sharrow Lane Council, Sharrow Lane
Shirecliffe Council, Penrith Street
Shiregreen Council, Bracken Street
Southey Green Council, Crowder Avenue
Springfield Council, Broomspring Lane
Springvale House Open Air, Park Lane
Stand House Council, Queen Mary Road

Tinsley Council, Plumpers Road
Tinsley C.E., Bawtry Road
Totley C.E., Hillfoot Road, Totley
Training College
Upperthorpe Council, Daniel Hill Street

Wadsley C.E., Worrall Road
Wadsley Bridge Council, Penistone Road, Wadsley Bridge
Walkley Council, Greaves Street
Western Road Council, Western Road
Whitby Road Council, Whitby Road
Whiteley Wood Open Air Council, Cottage Lane
Wincobank Council, Newman Road
Wisewood Council, Ben Lane, Wadsley
Woodbourn Council, Woodbourn Road
Woodhouse Council, Station Road, Woodhouse
Woodhouse West Council, Sheffield Road, Woodhouse
Woodseats Council, Chesterfield Road
Woodside Council, Rutland Road
Woodthorpe Council, Woodthorpe Road
Woolley Wood Council, Oaks Fold Road
Wybourn Council, Manor Oaks Road


Abbey Lane County
Abbeydale County
Abbeydale Grammar Boys
Abbeydale Grammar Girls
Abbeydale Secondary Modern
Acres Hill County
All Saints
Anns Road County
Arbourthorne Central County
Arbourthorne North County
Athelstan County

Beaver Hill Secondary Modern
Beck Road County
Bents Green Special
Bole Hill County
Bradway County
Brightside County
Brincliffe Grammar
Brook Secondary Modern
Broomhall Road Nursery
Broomhill County
Burgoyne Road County
Burngreave Secondary Modern

Carbrook C.E.
Carbrook County
Carfield County
Carter Knowle Road County [Carterknowle]
Cathedral (School temporarily suspended)
Central Technical
Chantrey Special (C.P.)
Chaucer Secondary Modern
City Grammar
City Training College
Coleridge Road Secondary Modern
College of Art
College of Technology
Crookes Endowed
Crookesmoor County

Darnall CE
Denby Street Nursery
Duchess Road County

East Hill Special (Infant E.S.N.)
East Hill Special (Junior E.S.N. Boys)
East Hill Special (Senior E.S.N. Boys)
Ecclesall C.E.
Ecclesall County 91
Ellesmere Road County

Firs Hill County
Firth Park Grammar
Fox Hill County
Fulwood CE

Gleadless County
Gleadless Valley Secondary Modern
Grace Owen Nursery
Grange Grammar
Granville College of Further Education
Greenhill County
Greystones County
Greystones Secondary Modern
Grimesthorpe County

Hammerton County
Handsworth County
Handsworth Special (E.S.N.)
Handsworth St Joseph's R.C.
Hartley Brook Road County
Hartley Brook Road Secondary Modern
Hatfield House Lane County
Hatfield House Lane Secondary Modern
Heeley Bank County
Hemsworth County
Herdings County
High Storrs Grammar
Highfield Special (E.S.N.)
Hillfoot County
Hillsborough County
Hillsborough R.C.
Hinde House Secondary Modern
Holt House County
Hucklow Road County
Hunter's Bar County
Huntsman's Gardens County
Hurlfield Secondary Modern Boys
Hurlfield Secondary Modern Girls

Intake County

Jordanthorpe Secondary Modern Boys
Jordanthorpe Secondary Modern Girls

King Ecgbert Secondary Technical
King Edward VII
King Edward VII Hospital

Langsett Road County
Langsett Road Secondary Modern
Lindsay Road County
Longley County
Lowfield County
Lydgate County

Malin Bridge County
Maltby Street County
Manor County
Marlcliffe County
Marlcliffe Secondary Intermediate
Maud Maxfield School for the Deaf
Meersbrook Bank County
Meynell Road County
Meynell Road Secondary Modern
Morley Street County
Myers Grove Secondary Comprehensive

Nether Green County
Netherthorpe County
Newfield Secondary Modern Boys
Newfield Secondary' Modern Girls
Newhall County
Norfolk Secondary Modern
Norton County
Norton Free

Oakes Park Special (P.H.)
Owler Lane County
Owler Lane Secondary Modern

Park County
Park House Secondary Modern
Parson Cross
Philadelphia County
Phillimore Road County
Pipworth Road County
Pipworth Road Secondary Modern
Pomona Street County
Prince Edward County
Prince Edward Secondary Modern
Pye Bank County

Rollestone County
Rowlinson Secondary Technical

Sharrow Lane County
Sheffield Children's Hospital School
Sheffield School for Blind Children
Shirecliffe County
Shirecliffe Secondary Modern
Shiregreen County
Shiregreen Secondary Modern
Silverdale Secondary Modern
Southey Green County
Southey Green Secondary Modern
Springfield County
Springvale House Special, (Del.)
St. Barnabas' C.E. (Cecil Road)
St. Barnabas' C;E. (Alderson Road)
St. Catherine's R.C.
St. Charles' R.C.
St. John's (Cricket Road)
St. John's (School Street)
St. Joseph's R.C.
St. Marie's R.C.
St. Mary's (Walkley)
St. Oswald's R.C.
St. Patrick's R.C.
St. Paul's R.C. Secondary Modern
St. Peter's R.C. Secondary Modern
St. Silas' C.E.
St. Stephen's
St. Theresa's R.C.
St. Vincent's R.C.
St. Wilfrid's R.C.
Stand House County
Stradbroke County

Tapton Secondary Modern
Thornbridge Hall Training College
Tinsley C.E. (School temporarily suspended)
Tinsley County
Totley C.E.
Totley County
Totley Hall Housecraft Training College

Upperthorpe County

Wadsley Bridge Special (Junior R.S.N. Boys)
Wadsley Bridge Special (Senior E.S.N. Boys)
Walkley County Western Road County
Waltheof Secondary Modern
Western Road Secondary Modern
Whitby Road County
Whiteley Wood Special (Del.)
Wincobank County
Wisewood County
Wisewood Secondary Modern
Woodbourn County
Woodhouse County
Woodhouse West County
Woodseats County
Woodside County
Woodthorpe County
Woodthorpe Secondary Modern
Woolley Wood County
Wybourn County
Wybourn Secondary Modern
DescriptionOfficial minutes (not always signed)
Date1903 - 2000
Extent138 items
AccessConditionsFrom 1974 (CA-EDU/73) the volumes include minutes and papers of the Awards Working Party (which may contain information provided in confidence about named students). Under the Data Protection Act, these items are subject to access restrictions for a period of 50 years. For further information, please refer to a member of staff.
RelatedMaterialRelated Material at Sheffield Archives:
For minutes prior to 1902 see Sheffield School Board minutes (SY350)

Related Material at Sheffield Local Studies Library:
Copy minutes 1903/04 - 1979/80 (379.4274 S and 379.4274 SQ) (Committee minutes are also bound in the main Council minutes which are also available at the Local Studies Library up to the present day).
Education Committee Handbooks of Information (these include Education Committee information, staff of Education Department; dates of school openings, reorganisations, etc.; staff at all schools etc. (including date and place of training, date of appointment and salary) and an alphabetical list of teachers), 1903 - 1940, 1942 - 1951/52, 1955/56 - 1964/65 (379.4274 S)
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