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At page 106 (Jun 1919) ‘… it has been arranged in connection with the proposed children’s peace celebrations that gatherings should be held at the Town Hall Square, in the Firth, High Hazels, Hillsborough and Meersbrook Parks and on the Crookesmoor Recreation Ground, when children of Standard II and upwards will assemble for the singing of patriotic songs. There will also be Morris dancers, playing of games, and other entertainments for the children and their parents. The children in Standard I and below will remain in their own schools and have their games and entertainments there. All children will be provided with tea and a medal at an estimated cost of 1 shilling per head.
The Lord Mayor’s Advisory Committee have approved of a sum not exceeding £4,600 being expended in connection with the children’s Festivities for the provision of medals, flags, tea, bands and music etc.'

At page 217 (Sep 1919) ‘Communication had been received from the Sheffield Trades and Labour Council and the Sheffield branch of the Independent Labour Party … protesting against the introduction of any form of military service training or drill into secondary or elementary schools as they cannot regard it as a work of an educational character. Further, urging that the teaching of history in all schools should be in conformity with the facts of history and designed to encourage good feeling between all peoples, irrespective of race, colour or religion.' (See the attached image)

At page 342 reference is made to Armistice Day …’that a short simple service of thanksgiving be held in each Elementary School on 11 Nov 1919 (Armistice Day) … and that a holiday be granted to such schools in the afternoon.'

At pages 597-602 (Feb 1920) there are byelaws for regulating the employment of children and young persons under the Employment of Children Act 1903 and the Education Act 1918.
DateApr 1919 - Mar 1920

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